McDonalds One Piece Franky

This week the character on sales at McDonalds Singapore are Franky and Chopper. So I will review Franky the funky one first.

Franky has a base and it is the top hatch of the Thousand Sunny as that was his creation being a Ship builder.

You can see the pattern of the top hatch.

As the figure, Franky is in his element of showman ship. .

When you pull the out reached right hands, the shades will move down and he will give the I am cool smile.

This is the early Franky where he is wearing Speedo shorts and Hawaii shirt.

The figure that I got do have some gap and misalignment as the star on his hand did not match up....

Nonetheless this Franky figure has his own charm of looking cool and stood up in his group. Nonetheless, the base is quite small for him...

Still it is a good looking figure with funny cool action.

Do you like Franky?

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