Mcdonald One Piece Nico Robin

The wanted One Piece collectable has been found in McDonald Singapore.

Nico Robin was one of the main character in that series and she's lovely yet quite powerful.

This figure was more toward the earlier Robin although the toy figure was more toward SD mode...

Nico Robin dressed in the theme of purple. She don't just have a pretty face or hot body, but she is an archaeologist with a vast knowledge of history and cultures.

Close up of Nico Robin and you will notice she is rather fair like the Anime version.

This toy provide a base for the figure to stand on as the leg would be too thin to balance the whole figure. The base has the ability to combine and it would form the shape of the Thousand Sunny Ship. Nico was the top left of that combine base. You can see part of the Straw hat pirate logo on the sail.

Here is the full display of McDonalds Nico Robin standing well on the base thanks to the short peg from the base that fit into one of her leg.

The toy offer the action of her "Hana Hana no Mi" ability by pressing the button at the back of her head.

Once you keep the button pressed from the back, her many arms "Hana Hana no Mi" ability will be displayed. Some commented the figure of this pose resemble some Chinese deity pose.

The figure has a string on top of the head for collectors to hang her on bags or other accessories.

Fans of Nico Robin should consider getting her although this version do not show her sexy body in the anime.

Somehow when I look at this Nico Robin figure, it always give me an impression she is saying Hi and accepting all the fans applause...

This figure currently are selling at Singapore McDonalds till 23th of November 2014 while stock last.

What do you think of this figure?

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