31 March 2012

S.H.Figuart Piccolo Review

The first of the Dragonball series from S.H.Figuarts from Bandai and it seems to me my last collection for Dragonball of this series. Find out what I meant by that later in the review. Now it is time to review Piccolo.

For the first of it's kind, the package was a good look. It took me some time to finally got my hands on these as I was waiting for another version of Piccolo which comes with special effect but somehow I think it will not release and if it does, it will be another web exclusive. Therefore when the price is right, I got this Piccolo.

Truth to be told, there ain't much Piccolo action figure and beside the Saiyan, a large part of the Dragonball race in term of screen time would be the Namekians. Without him, there will be no Dragonball.

As a Namekians, Piccolo is a warrior class. I would not want to go into Piccolo history in great details but the point I want to point out that Piccolo used to be Evil but later on Saiyan invasion, joined in the earth alliances to fight the threats.

As Piccolo move around on earth, he will put on a cape and a turban just to cover up himself as much as possible not to allow the general public to know he was the former Evil Piccolo. The cape in the comic not only served as stylish fashion but a training cape as it has weight on it.

The Namekian has odd fashion especially their shoes. However odd the fashion looks, this rub off to Son Gohan who wore such fashion as to pay tribute to Piccolo.

In many scene in the manga, Piccolo always like to pose this folding of arms and at such Bandai did great to include a folding arms just for him.

If you are talking about comic accuracy, this Piccolo is everything of that. Even on the side view, it so Piccolo!!

Time for Piccolo to do some action! first he lose the heavy cape.

Next the turban.

Close up on Piccolo and his feature. Awesome!

Now in the history of Piccolo fights, they were a few occasions his lost one of his limb.

Piccolo did some amazing thing like regenerate that missing arm.This move is only exclusive to all Namekian but apparently in the Manga, Cell has that ability too as he was a product of having Namekian DNA.

Nonetheless such move do take quite a lot of stamina for Piccolo.

One of the deadly move of Piccolo was Makankōsappō 魔貫光殺砲 which the only weakness the charging time.

But all this is worth it as it can kill off enemies a few time stronger than him should the enemies got hit.

Overall this Piccolo figure did the character justice and it is a great figure to have. The only thing I would complain would be the scaling is too short as Piccolo standing beside Goku and Gohan of the same series.

Why I said in the starting of this review that this could be my last collection? Apparently Bandai is releasing the Dragonball series in Web exclusive which is only available in Japan and in this promixity, it will cost easily 50% of the regular pricing. So if this Piccolo cost about SGD$ 50, the web exclusive will be SGD$100.

Personally it is not worth to get it for that pricing. If I do, I will be endorsing them to say that collectors like me is willing to pay such pricing and in the future they will increase the pricing even more. So enough of such madness.  If they are not doing toys in affordable rates, I will not play on their terms.There are other toys more worth it for that pricing anyway.

Anyway the good news for those who have missed this, there will be a re-released in April 2012 for this figure as a regular pricing.

29 March 2012

Smart Pet iPhone from Bandai

If you are a Tamagotchi fan and you happened to be a iPhone user, you are in for a treat.

Introducing Smartpet uses your iPhone and the iPhone app that turned your mobile phone to interaction robot pet.

The apps is free in iTune store but you need to pay for the robot dog body. The body will allow movement of the pet.

Smartpet will react to touchscreen gestures, visual sensor and voice command for tricks. The apps will provide 100 facial expressions of the pet. As you interact more with the pet, you can teach more new tricks and reaction such as getting the pet to come to you or move to the direction to your location.

If you play music, the pet will react to it. You can use Bluetooth connection to interact with other smart pet. Smartpet provide functions such as alarm clock and handsfree phone.

You can also use it to re-charge your iPhone.

Just like Tamagotchi, you can get items and feed your pet through the screen. You can even check of it's status and play some screen game with smart pet.

This smart pet work well with iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch.

The pet comes with 2 colors. Basically it is in White and Black. Both release date is in April 2012 for 7,800 Yen each.

So iPhone fans, get this toy for greater use of your mobile phone. LoL

Will you consider to get this toy iPhone user?

27 March 2012

Hot Toys The Avengers Exhibition in Hong Kong

If you are a Marvel fan and a Hot toys collector in HongKong, there is a movie promotion of the coming marvel movie "The Avengers" from 8th of March 2012 to 13th of May 2012. This is in line with the promotion event for the coming movie. Fans would get to see some of the Avenger masterpieces from Hot Toys.

Date: From now on to 13 May
Time: 12pm to 10pm
Venue: 100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Military base from the movie scene is landed at The ONE UG2. Over 20 limited edition collectible figurines are showcased at the exhibition. Apart from these, a giant 5-meter-high Iron Man Mark VII statue from The Avengers movie will be firstly unveiled at The ONE's Open Piazza on 28 Mar!

Exhibits include:
1. The latest Hot Toys 1/6th scale The Avengers Limited Edition Collectible Figurine
2. Classic Marvel Superhero 1/6th scale Limited Edition Collectible Figurines
3. 1/1th scale Life-size Superhero Statues

* Photo credit to Hottoys 

You can see more of the photo of Hot toys figures at the exhibition here by MGBB.

At another mall, there was another Hot toys promotion but this time is cosbaby!

* Photo credit to Hottoys 

Causeway Place
Date: From now on to 13 May
Venue: Causeway Place, 2-10 Great George Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

The mall has been specially decorated with the movie theme of The Avengers. Three 1.5 meter tall Cosbaby statues (Iron Man Mark VI, Captain America and Thor), designed based on Hot Toys' Cosbaby form, are showcased at the entrance. Moreover, to match with The Avengers theme, large billboards near the mall on the Hot Toys Cosbabies and in-mall deco are also promoting this exhibition. Fans, please join our Avengers journey there!

* Photo credit to Hottoys 

So if you are visiting Hong Kong now till 13th of May 2012, you can plan your visit at these two malls and if you spend certain amount in the mall, you can redeem the cosbaby Avenger while stock last!!

Sound good to visit Hongkong....

26 March 2012

Lego minifigure 6 Skater Girl

Lego minifigure series 6 have a couple of interesting characters which I wanted for my collection such as Roman soldier or the Lady Liberty. I was kinda on a rush when I saw some blind pack on sales and without figuring much, I simply wanted to test my luck for getting what I have desire.

Most of those in the series isn't that bad. Lot of action heroes figures in this series. So what are the changes to not get what I wanted right?

Behold. I got the punky skater girl. Not really what I wanted but I can't complain.

Now her dye fringe remind me very much of Rogue in the movie X-men.

Another thing that cracked me up was the skull looking shirt that she wore. Did you see the bow ribbon on the skull. That make it look sweet rather than deadly. So wrong.

At the back of her shirt was a hood. She has no problem balancing on the skate.

There are a couple of Punk decals on the roller skate too such as the bat wing heart and the star lego Skull. Great attraction for bad boys.

For play, you can push the skate and she will roll away.

Now looking at it as a whole, I would think the skate to be pink would be better than being white as it doesn't match her style and clothing.

What do you think?

24 March 2012

Tranformers Animated Deluxe Ironhide

After some waiting and thanks to a fellow toy blogger from Toys N' more, I finally got another Transformers Animated figure which I am looking for some time.

Meet the Autobot Ironhide from Cybertron

Now many who have not seen the series maybe wondering how odd Ironhide vehicle mode should be. The truth is this Cybertronian Minibus model is from Cybertron and apparently this is a popular model as even Ratchet in Cybertron version was in this vehicle model .

Here is the proof as the instruction of Ironhide was actually having picture of Ratchet which gave me a shocked thinking it was a packaging error. However after some examination, Hasbro actually reuse the instruction sheet as the body of Ratchet and Ironhide were the same just different color scheme and head.They bother to change the name but not the photo of the vehicle....*face palm*..

Ironhide wore the Autobot logo proudly in the front of the vehicle.

Ironhide is driven by tracker belt on all fours in animated series. This gave him a good grip while traveling in various terrains.

As a toy, the movement was actually run by the small wheels hidden at the tracker.

At the back of the Ironhide, there are two plate which can be remove off his back. The usage of these plates will be explained later.

Let's get it Transform first. :)

The transformation was moderate but it take shorter time for sure from Vehicle to Robot mode than Robot to Vehicle mode.

Here is Ironhide in his robot mode which he look bulky for having a big top.

Regardless of having thin legs, the figure in robot mode balance pretty well.

Now here is a closed up on Ironhide head and facial expression which was one of the kind. See his grim?

From the side view of Ironhide's head, it was centenarian looking.

Remember about the Metal plates earlier in the review? The purpose of these plates were to give Ironhide more damage with his pure arm to arm combat.

When both hands are mounted with "Iron" plates, beware of Ironhide's punches which will be damaging.

Since this Ironhide share the same body mold of Cybertron Ratchet, he too has a opening on his left arm.

For that, you can fit in the electromagnetic pulse from Lockdown.

See how well it fits?

Regardless of having electromagnetic pulse, Ironhide still enjoyed best with his Iron plates punches.

Ironhide staying true to his motto: "High tech circuitry is no replacement for guts!"

I am thankful to have this Ironhide in my collection since I am a lover of the animated series. :)

Do you like Ironhide in this series too?

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