S.H.Figuart Piccolo Review

The first of the Dragonball series from S.H.Figuarts from Bandai and it seems to me my last collection for Dragonball of this series. Find out what I meant by that later in the review. Now it is time to review Piccolo.

For the first of it's kind, the package was a good look. It took me some time to finally got my hands on these as I was waiting for another version of Piccolo which comes with special effect but somehow I think it will not release and if it does, it will be another web exclusive. Therefore when the price is right, I got this Piccolo.

Truth to be told, there ain't much Piccolo action figure and beside the Saiyan, a large part of the Dragonball race in term of screen time would be the Namekians. Without him, there will be no Dragonball.

As a Namekians, Piccolo is a warrior class. I would not want to go into Piccolo history in great details but the point I want to point out that Piccolo used to be Evil but later on Saiyan invasion, joined in the earth alliances to fight the threats.

As Piccolo move around on earth, he will put on a cape and a turban just to cover up himself as much as possible not to allow the general public to know he was the former Evil Piccolo. The cape in the comic not only served as stylish fashion but a training cape as it has weight on it.

The Namekian has odd fashion especially their shoes. However odd the fashion looks, this rub off to Son Gohan who wore such fashion as to pay tribute to Piccolo.

In many scene in the manga, Piccolo always like to pose this folding of arms and at such Bandai did great to include a folding arms just for him.

If you are talking about comic accuracy, this Piccolo is everything of that. Even on the side view, it so Piccolo!!

Time for Piccolo to do some action! first he lose the heavy cape.

Next the turban.

Close up on Piccolo and his feature. Awesome!

Now in the history of Piccolo fights, they were a few occasions his lost one of his limb.

Piccolo did some amazing thing like regenerate that missing arm.This move is only exclusive to all Namekian but apparently in the Manga, Cell has that ability too as he was a product of having Namekian DNA.

Nonetheless such move do take quite a lot of stamina for Piccolo.

One of the deadly move of Piccolo was Makankōsappō 魔貫光殺砲 which the only weakness the charging time.

But all this is worth it as it can kill off enemies a few time stronger than him should the enemies got hit.

Overall this Piccolo figure did the character justice and it is a great figure to have. The only thing I would complain would be the scaling is too short as Piccolo standing beside Goku and Gohan of the same series.

Why I said in the starting of this review that this could be my last collection? Apparently Bandai is releasing the Dragonball series in Web exclusive which is only available in Japan and in this promixity, it will cost easily 50% of the regular pricing. So if this Piccolo cost about SGD$ 50, the web exclusive will be SGD$100.

Personally it is not worth to get it for that pricing. If I do, I will be endorsing them to say that collectors like me is willing to pay such pricing and in the future they will increase the pricing even more. So enough of such madness.  If they are not doing toys in affordable rates, I will not play on their terms.There are other toys more worth it for that pricing anyway.

Anyway the good news for those who have missed this, there will be a re-released in April 2012 for this figure as a regular pricing.


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