A Playmobil named Zorro

Before you asking me if this Playmobil officially named Zorro, I have say that I am not sure about that, however he certainly look like one. Since I have to named this Playmobil, the name Zorro fit him best. Hi Zorro or should I say hola senor Zorro?

Now this Zorro has something spiky on his boot. The purpose of these spikes are for the rider signal the horse to move fast. Yes it was a cruel method in a cruel times.

You can do away with guns but Zorro need a sword. And the sword can be sheathed in his belt.

You can see more the compartment clearly when the sword is drawn.

Every hero need a cape. Zorro is no different. For his era, having a nice looking hat is a fashion statement.

Now this figure facial look does have something that is different from the Zorro we know. Firstly Zorro has a nice looking mustache but for this figure, it only have unshaven beard.

Zorro is a master of his sword fighting. If you are facing against him, try to use a gun. You will have more odds than taking him on with a sword.

Now all that is missing for this Zorro was his faithful black Stallone. If I have the time, I will get one black Playmobil horse for him.

Now if you are wondering why Zorro wore scarlet colored gloves rather than black ones, it is possible the glove was stained with blood or to prevent displaying blood even from far.

What do you think?


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