Classic Thundercats Lion-O from Bandai

I totally missed having owned a Thundercats figure especially Lion-O of the first generation in the late 1980s. After waited for 20 years, finally I owned a classic Lion-O which is a reborn all thanks to Bandai.

The card packaging is simple but awesome. It showcase the full view of the figure and the accessories leaving little space for anything else.That should be the way even great for Mint in Seal Card collectors to display the toy. It is very tempting to keep it mint in card but I opened my Toys still.

On the lower end of the side package was a good looking comic version of the Lion-O. Hooo!!

Time to Open the Toy!!

Out of package, this classic Lion-O look better and very much do justice of the vintage release. It was taller and the figure is better looking in proportion. 

The facial feature of Lion-O was there. The only thing I don't really like was the hair sway to one side which at certain angle don't make the figure look good.

On this side view, Lion-O looked fine.

Did I mention that this action figure Lion-O has 18 articulated joints on the body which make him able to do some good pose. 

One of the feature of Lion-O was the belt which as the logo of Thundercats. Back in the younger days, I saw this belt very much like some wrestling title belt.It was a design that depict the era of fashion then. Yes Thundera's fashion.

In terms of accessories, this new classic Lion-O comes with 2 swords and one claw. 

I will touched on the Claw first as it give a good golden look with 3 ruby gems as the knuckles

The short sword of Omen can be slotted in the claw hidden storage.

Once the sword is completely slotted in, it look remarkable.

The claw with the sword can then slotted unto the belt. You can see the holes in the claw.

With the claw and sword hanging at the side of "Lion-O".

The claw with the sword can be wore on the left hand of Lion-O giving it a dangerous look.

In the cartoon, Lion-O can draw the sword which was sheathed on claw.

One of the signature move for Lion-O. The Eye of Thundera, give me sight beyond sight...

And now the time we all have been waiting for....wait for it....

Thunder! *First swing....

Thunder! *Second swing....

Thundercats.... (changed it to the long sword now)

HOooooo!!  Meow!! Okay just joking...

For the full length sword of Omen, you can see the Thundercats logo nicely printed. 

With the long sword, it allow the character to do more action pose.

One thing I don't like about the sword was it is very much rubber sword.That was done for children safety but since Bandai is doing this for vintage lover, I don't think it make sense as the young kids will only know the younger or remake Lion-O. So if they are doing something for collectors, safety for child should not be a concern.

If you want to see the scale, here is a comparison shot of Mattel latest He-man and Lion-O. On contrast, Lion-O looked much taller.

This classic Lion-O look good for pose and for lover of classic Thundercats, this is one figure that you should have. All could be prefect if they would make the long sword less rubbery as the sword itself tend not to hold the weight itself and the blade bend after a period of time posing.

On the whole, Bandai did a good job to redo the classic Thundercats and I am very glad to see the size. pricing and improvement. If it is not for Bandai, we would not have the pleasure to have classic Lion-O to be alive again.

Are you a classic Thundercats fan too?


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