Grand Ship Collection: Thousand Sunny

I always wanted to build a Ship for a model kit but never had a chance. By ship, I mean really those wooden ship that set sail on the high sea with the sail and all those pulley. When I read there are ships model kit from One Piece comic, I know I got to experience it. To start small, the latest Grand Ship series should be the way to go for beginner.

First in the Grand Ship series, Thousand Sunny!

After Go-Merry went missing, Thousand Sunny took over the duty to be the flag ship for Luffy and his pirates crew. I love the colors and the cute design of this ship. I was told that this kit would look presentable even with the stickers on itself which is the main attraction to me as a lazy and not so good in hands hobby model kit builder.

The runner's parts were well design with great details.

Here are the stickers and decals. There are quite small but with the right tools, it can be applied on the ship.

Here is a snapshot of how the stickers complete the parts to make it look awesome.

With the full stickers applied, the final details were amazing!

Putting up this kit together took me almost 4 to 5 hours with break to complete.I did some paneling too to add depths. If you must know, the rudder is in a fixed position.

All hands on deck!!

Thousand Sunny is unique to have some trees planted on the ship.

Not forgetting Pirate flag from Luffy that fly high and proud in the air.

I cannot get enough of the details on the deck

But the best part would be the figure head, the Lion that often people mistaken that as a Sunflower...

The model kit comes with wave effect to give some reality of the ship is moving. I welcome such effect.

I have good fun putting this together and the finish product wow not only me but my son too. He just love to see such colorful and cute ship. Here is the left side of the ship with the number 1.

On the other side, a number 3.

This is a good looking ship that look presentable with the full stickers applied on.

Thousand Sunny is ready to sail for adventure and treasure now!

For a One Piece fan, this series you should get your hands on! It's fun and will not take up most of your time. :)

Would you like to get this Grand ship Thousand Sunny?

PS: If you must know, I often mistaken to call the ship as Thousand Island more than Thousand Sunny. LOL


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