28 February 2009

Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekidou

Hurray for Haruhi Suzumiya fans! Haruhi Suzumiya game is out on Wii! It is about dancing. It is called Wii 'Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekidou and it is out since 22 Jan 2009!

Join the SOS brigade and dance to your heart's desire. After the airing of the TV series, numerous people have learned to dance the steps to the song and demonstrated their talents in both small and large events. This is the reason why everyone is crazy about them.

Anyway you can join them in Wii! Just follow the cues on the screen and wave your Wii-remote control accordingly. If you manage to catch the cues properly, Haruhi, in full Hirano Aya glory, will pay you compliments, and if you did badly, she will scold you.

Here's the demo!

Look fun right?

Wait there is more! If you happen to get the exclusive Wii game, you can get a Haruhi toy from Revoltech - Fraulein.

I don't have a Wii yet...I want to get a Wii and PLAY Already! Anybody want to sponsor? :P

26 February 2009

Gundam BB Zhaoyun Gundam Hieisen BB-311 Part 2

Previously on Heroes...of the three kingdom. :P General Zhao Yun is patiently waiting for his body...

Finally LEon defeated his Procrastination monster and after much hardwork (and Time), it is finished.

Thanks for your understanding Zhao Yun.

Yes, your horse had been done a week plus before your body is completed with painting.

Ah...Regarding your weapon...the paint maybe still wet, so...

Okay, since you insists. No need to raise your voice...Geez...

Just watch out for wet paint...

Is he even listening? >_>||

Good for you. However a thank you from you would be nice...

You and your Master Lui Bei...Sigh...

There! I've done it. Any comments?

It has been sometime since I do full scale painting and I did it. Kinda enjoyed it but it was rather tiring. I still have some model kit in my shelves, Untouched! I guess I will do it again when I find the time. Hehehe

Talking about time, this week quiz had be postpone to next week due to TIME. I will do a Photohunt next week!

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24 February 2009

Gundam BB Zhaoyun Gundam Hieisen BB-311 Part 1

It has been more than a year since I purchase a Gundam Model kit (Keroro model kit not counted as it is not Gundam). However this Gundam BB ZhaoYun is not my first BB. My first BB was Gundam F91. Now what left of it was his weapons....but that is another story.

Among most of the general in The Three Kingdom period, the one I fancy most is ZhaoYun. With his legendary white horse and spear, he rush thru thick enemy line just to save his lord's son. Such loyal and heroic action will never be forgotten. Just for the sake of history, he is the only general of the 5 who die naturally of sickness due to old age.

With the purchase of this model kit, I figure out that it require some painting. I am not very experience or good in painting. At such I bought the Gundam marker that is just for painting this series.

Look at the parts.... It look rather overwhelming right?

And to think the finish product need to be like these with painting...

The instruction Sheets are easy to understand even if you do not understand Japanese language.

On the flip side of the sheet is a short comic which part of it was translated in English.

I decided to start with the easy one which is the horse.

Here horsey horsey...

I carefully break it part by part and assemble it into position...

Somehow the head remind me of "Golden Horse" Award.

After a period of painting (few weeks due to procrastination), this is what I got. Okay I did not follow exactly. :P

Next would be Zhao Yun.

I will continue on the next entry! So far so good? :P

Continue Part 2 here.

23 February 2009

Patapon 2 on PSP

Call me slow but Patapon 2 Japanese game is out!

The story continues from the previous Patapon game where the boat was completed and they have set sail for new lands. However as they are on their way, there they were attacked by a kraken and washed Patapon to a new land. On that new island, the Patapon were attacked by the local tribe, the Kamepon. That open a new story and conquest. Interesting enough?

This new game includes over 90 new missions and over 500 items. As the stages increases, it also mean the number of bosses has increased as well. As the game is played much with rhythm, 2 more new rhythm was added making it to a total of 8 rhythm commands instead on 6 on the first game. The number of units also increases to 9 instead of 6. As for mini game, they added 2 more making it to 7 instead of 5.

If you have the saved game from the Patapon 1, you can transfer it to Patapon 2. The US or English version, it is expected to release on 05 May 2009.

22 February 2009

Activator Cliffjumper Transformers Animated Toy

I know there are a sizable Bumblebee Fans, but are they any Cliffjumper fans? I like Cliffjumper during Generation one period. Back then, Bumblebee and CliffJumper looked different from each other. However the toy maker just do a lazy job by repainting Bumblebee and named it as Cliffjumper.

CliffJumper had yet to appear in the animated Series or the movie. The transformation is just the same as Bumblebee by pressing the siren on the hood.

Thankfully some justice was done to CliffJumper in animated series toy. They design a unique head for him.

That made the robot mode look so different.

Maybe CliffJumper would like to introduce himself.

As sad as I want to admit, CliffJumper in animated series only came out in Activator mode. That was one reason I bought him. To me, Bumblebee and CliffJumper are inseparable in my childhood memory. Buddy buddy?

So are you a CliffJumper fan too?

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21 February 2009

Quiz: Who's that Toy #3 Answer: Chun-Li

Did you guess Chun-Li?

Yes it is Chun-Li from the Classic Street Fighter.

Congrats to the winners:
KazeTora, Joshua, Little Plastic Man, Juliana, desmond, Mario, Jcee, Dennis aka Katsuden and Sei.

This fine looking toy is manufactured by Medicom and it did Chun-Li justice. She stand 12" in heights and with real fabric costume and above all, it is highly poseable.

Unfortunately (or Fortunately), I don't have a budget or space for 12" toy (okay...it is more to the budget part). If not I will BUY! :P Anyone want to sponsor and give to me also can...

Do you know there will be a feature film on Chun-Li coming? Yep. It is called Street Fighter The Legend of Chun-Li. Here is the movie poster that didn't make it to the cut.

Exclusively Here!

Why the poster didn't make it? Well it recieved complain that the poster look very much like another Asian KungFu movie, Ip Man... :P

Okay jokes a side, the movie version up coming movie, Chun-Li will not be wearing her signature costume. It got to be real and like Real world, "Street Fighters" look more like a street gang fighting. Will it be any good? We have to wait and see...

Congratulation once again to the winners. You guys are Hardcore video gamers... (like me)!

19 February 2009

Quiz: Who's that Toy #3

It is time for another Quiz.

Since it has been sometime, I come back to toys again. So here it is.

This should be easy since this character have been around for more than a decade.

Yes a movie is coming this year but I think you won't see her dressing like that.

Log in your answer and the answer will be announce in the weekend. :)

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18 February 2009

DragonBall Evolution Toy Figure @ Toy Fair 2009

Dragonball fan (especially the toy collector), hold on to your seat.

A sneak preview of Dragonball Evolution movie toys is out at Toy fair 2009 and MTV provided a coverage of it.

These figures are 4 inches which offer quite decent articulations. Following the style of Marvel and the latest Starwars toy, if you collect all 7 figures, you can build a bigger Oozaru the Big Monkey and also a Dragon ball. Good strategy to hook dragonball fan for the dragonballs.

The seven 4" figures are
- Goku
- Yamcha
- Roshi (Chou Yun-Fatt)
- Piccolo
- Bulma
- Goku with Fangs
- Fulum

If 4" is too small for you, there are 6" figure but only Goku and Yamcha are in it so far.

Do these figures excite you? LOL

16 February 2009

Activator Bumblebee Transformers Animated Toy

Have I told you that I have a fancy on Bumblebee even when I was a kid? Anyway I finally got hold of another Bumblebee in Activator Class. He is small (not too small compare to Legend class) and flexible, just how Bumblebee is.

The front and the side look good.

Only the back look a bit off with the 2 black panel at each side.

What make this Bumblebee tick was that it can transform himself at a push of a button. In this case, it is the siren on top of the hood.

Once pressed, both hands will popped to the side and the hood will become the chest and the head of Bumblebee appear.

At this point I would like to point out that I have touch up the head with a black marker, so he looked more define now.

Compare with the Deluxe class Bumblebee, you can tell the difference.

Look odd? Well looked again when he is with Voyager Optimus Prime. It still not so obvious in robot mode.

But in Vehicle mode, You can see the difference for yourself. Activator Bumblebee would be more to scale in both mode.

That make Activator Bumblebee very popular among the collectors. Okay, that all for me today. :D

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15 February 2009

Quiz: PhotoHut #1 Answer

Okay here is the answer. Click to see bigger picture.

Did you get all 5? Easy or hard? Let me know. :)

Btw thanks for Spök-spök for the usage of the picture. Those are really cute Plush toys and hopeful they will be out in S.E.Asia soon. :)

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