DragonBall Evolution Toy Figure @ Toy Fair 2009

Dragonball fan (especially the toy collector), hold on to your seat.

A sneak preview of Dragonball Evolution movie toys is out at Toy fair 2009 and MTV provided a coverage of it.

These figures are 4 inches which offer quite decent articulations. Following the style of Marvel and the latest Starwars toy, if you collect all 7 figures, you can build a bigger Oozaru the Big Monkey and also a Dragon ball. Good strategy to hook dragonball fan for the dragonballs.

The seven 4" figures are
- Goku
- Yamcha
- Roshi (Chou Yun-Fatt)
- Piccolo
- Bulma
- Goku with Fangs
- Fulum

If 4" is too small for you, there are 6" figure but only Goku and Yamcha are in it so far.

Do these figures excite you? LOL


Yikes!! I would not even touch these toys with a 15 foot pole...LOL
they have good articulation?
Jcee said…
The leg joints on the Chow Yun Fat figure is HIDEOUS!!!

I don't know about these figures either, since they are their human counterparts instead of the traditional anime style figures. Like that green guy I assume to be Piccolo. Piccolo doesn't look like that...lol
LEon said…
LOL. I feel you man.

I'm not that sure but apparently they would have some simple articulation.

The Green guy is Piccolo and they remove his two testicles on his head. As for the joints you mention, it remind me of the old G.I Joe... I guess the movie toy will have their fans...I guess...
Anonymous said…
These human like figure doesn't appeal to me. I like the anime style better.
I seconded Tommy said...
LEon said…
I guess most Dragonball fan like us had hard time accepting the movie and the movie toy...
RiP666 said…
just wait for the movie, if it is great, people will search the toys hehehe
Dora said…
The toy on the top right reminds me of pineapple tarts. ;p
LEon said…
Yes we should wait and see.

LOL that one way of looking at it. :P

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