Activator Bumblebee Transformers Animated Toy

Have I told you that I have a fancy on Bumblebee even when I was a kid? Anyway I finally got hold of another Bumblebee in Activator Class. He is small (not too small compare to Legend class) and flexible, just how Bumblebee is.

The front and the side look good.

Only the back look a bit off with the 2 black panel at each side.

What make this Bumblebee tick was that it can transform himself at a push of a button. In this case, it is the siren on top of the hood.

Once pressed, both hands will popped to the side and the hood will become the chest and the head of Bumblebee appear.

At this point I would like to point out that I have touch up the head with a black marker, so he looked more define now.

Compare with the Deluxe class Bumblebee, you can tell the difference.

Look odd? Well looked again when he is with Voyager Optimus Prime. It still not so obvious in robot mode.

But in Vehicle mode, You can see the difference for yourself. Activator Bumblebee would be more to scale in both mode.

That make Activator Bumblebee very popular among the collectors. Okay, that all for me today. :D

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KazeTora said…
Hmm... now that's a good point to point out, L. Thanks for the info! Hmm... what about the Samurai Prowl case?
LEon said…
Good to hear from you bro. I would very much like to review Samurai Prowl but I still have not manage to get my hands on one... When I had that, I will review it for scale! LOL
Anonymous said…
wow! What a cool bumblebee that can transform at will. I'm still waiting for the second installment of the movie this summer.
J@n!ce said…
Thanks for your visit. Those are splendid toys. Where did you get it? :)
LEon said…
Thank you for visiting also. I got these at SG retails, specialize toy store and weekend flea market. :)
LEon said…
Thanks! I am waiting for the movie as well. :D
Dora said…
Like the toy in the vehicle mode. :)
LEon said…
Agree with you. For activator Bumblebee, vehicle mode is nicer than the robot mode. :)
Spök-spök said…
Ohhh, that's sweet! I always wanted to design something that could transform!
LEon said…
Spök-spök, if I have a idea for a plush to transform you interested? :P
Monica said…
that is a very nice bumblebee! ;-)
LEon said…
Yes it is. :)
Anonymous said…
Bumble Bee is the only "Cutest" Autobots.
LEon said…
Amen to that! :D
J@n!ce said…
Leon, thanks for your reply :)
LEon said…
You are most welcome. :)

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