DragonBall World Collector Figures

Following on from my last entry regarding DragonBall...

Dragonball have been around for more than 2 decades and if you think that every character in the comic book has been made into a toy, think again.

From Jan to Sept, a series of Dragonball's characters will be release in batches by Bandai. I guess it make sense in line with the Dragonball movie.

Starting of January, you have this series (Most never release before in figures)

You want more of Dragonball? Here they are in respect in month release.

If you like the DragonBall Z era, you can collect these.

A number of interesting one include 2 Space frogs, Goku's father-in-law and the baby Trunk.

All look very interesting and really cute. Guess you would have to get the whole set from some local toy seller. So Dragonball's fan, stand by!


Jcee said…
Who is the maker of this line? I am very interested in this!
LEon said…
Sorry didn't add... It is from Bandai!
I luv Dragonball Z. From little Goku till he came mature. Classic comic and animation of all time. These figurines are cute.
Spök-spök said…
Wow! I want them all!
Unknown said…
I live with 'Goku era' for years..hehehe..
Dora said…
I'm not a fan of Dragonball but the pig in the army uniform looks cute! :)
I have been a fan of Dragon Ball.
LEon said…
You can consider to get some. :P

Get from Bandai!

That make many of our childhood...

The pig is Wu Long... Suppose to be Zhu Ba Jie...

Ya. DB is really cool.

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