Quiz: Who's that Toy #3 Answer: Chun-Li

Did you guess Chun-Li?

Yes it is Chun-Li from the Classic Street Fighter.

Congrats to the winners:
KazeTora, Joshua, Little Plastic Man, Juliana, desmond, Mario, Jcee, Dennis aka Katsuden and Sei.

This fine looking toy is manufactured by Medicom and it did Chun-Li justice. She stand 12" in heights and with real fabric costume and above all, it is highly poseable.

Unfortunately (or Fortunately), I don't have a budget or space for 12" toy (okay...it is more to the budget part). If not I will BUY! :P Anyone want to sponsor and give to me also can...

Do you know there will be a feature film on Chun-Li coming? Yep. It is called Street Fighter The Legend of Chun-Li. Here is the movie poster that didn't make it to the cut.

Exclusively Here!

Why the poster didn't make it? Well it recieved complain that the poster look very much like another Asian KungFu movie, Ip Man... :P

Okay jokes a side, the movie version up coming movie, Chun-Li will not be wearing her signature costume. It got to be real and like Real world, "Street Fighters" look more like a street gang fighting. Will it be any good? We have to wait and see...

Congratulation once again to the winners. You guys are Hardcore video gamers... (like me)!


Anonymous said…
Aiyo you missed me out, I also got the correct answer! :P
LEon said…
Sorry Juliana. Missed you out just now. Added you back. :P
RiP666 said…
wow...Chun-li looks great.
but it is too expensive hehe
LEon said…
Yes it look great and like you, she is over my budget.
To value-add, they should add in more clothings. Maybe white and pink outfit.
LEon said…
That will mean they will increase the price also.

Perhaps they can do variant version...okay we should not give them ideas. :P
Anonymous said…
Leon, I like the effect you added on your poster..Simple and Nice :)
LEon said…
thanks desmond. I saw that photo and think of Ip man poster. LOL

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