28 September 2016

S.H.Figuarts Star Wars: A New Hope Han Solo

It should be about time for S.H.Figuarts to release a Han Solo and like what most expected, it is the young Han Solo from Starwars Episode IV A New Hope version.

Like many S.H.Figuarts, this version only come with one expression of the head but in detail thanks to 3D printing, the likeness was well capture.

Even the hair chest seems to be in the detail!.

One of the complication was his webbing where he put his blaster and it was well capture as well.

You can put him in his signature pose of Starwars like the movie poster.

This Han Solo will be releasing in February 2017 at 5,500Yen.

21 September 2016

Miracle Action Figure EX No.036 Starwars Rey

They are not much Rey figure around unless you are getting from Hasbro or Hottoys but now Medicom will releasing also another figure of Rey in March 2017.

This Rey is based on Episode VII The Force Awaken starting version.

This is a 1/12 figures and these are her accessories which include a Helmet, Head dress with goggles, backpack, blaster from Han Solo, her own fighting stick and Luke Skywalker lightsaber.

Here is Rey with the head dress and backpack up.  It also having exchangeable hands as you can see she have glove hands.

The figure look good with the lightsaber and blaster.

Even the pilot helmet will fit on her well.

This figure is priced at closed to 75 USD.

Look out for it releasing in March 2017.

19 September 2016

LEGO Minifigures Series 16 Agent Hunt

Now this name Agent Hunt is my own naming convention and not officially LEGO as this figure remind me Agent Ethan Hunt from the movie Mission Impossible.

I have to say LEGO cannot name that due to licensing but one can only assume and see the resemblance in some way.

It comes with a few accessories such as night goggle, rob and a gun of a sort.

When he all suited up he look great with imprint of others pockets and belt on his body

On thing special was there is a imprint of a watch on his left arm. Such are quite rare in LEGO figures.

It also comes with a backpack on it back. It could be a parachute.

Overall this is a cool mini-figure that remind me very much like Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible.

What do you think? Is it him?

17 September 2016

Thunderbirds are GO Supersize Thunderbird 2 & 4

Today I am going to review this supersize Thunderbird 2 and 4 from Vivid. This come in a supersize box and I got this because I personally like Thunderbird 2.

Although the box is big, the content inside is pretty light as it is pure plastic which is suppose to be suitable for kids to lift up to play with it. The feature was it suppose to come with sound.

The Thunderbird 2 comes with a wide range of feature like unload the central pod to deploy Thunderbird 4, cock pit open and fold-able wings.

While Thunderbird 4 small as it is, it has quite a number of features of it's own too!

Out of box, there is no assembly need for Thunderbird 2. However there are quite a number of stickers that the user have to apply on our own. This can be fun or not really fun depend on you enjoying it or not.

With the stickers on, Thunderbird 2 are really ready to go!

At the back view, there is zero stickers. LOL

On the top of Thunderbird 2, you can open the round hatch.

Or you can open the whole Cockpit which look great after you apply all the stickers in it.

Time to put the two pilots (included in the set) in it to look better!

The wings of Thunderbird 2 can be folded.

Okay time to deplay Thunderbird 4 by pressing a button on the top back of the Thunderbird 2 and it will deploy the center pod.

All you need to do is open the door of the pod.

Once the door is open, you can see Thunderbird 4 inside. You can choose to push both side of the pod to eject Thunderbird 4 to roll out.

Thunderbird 4 look exactly the same in the series with it's iconic look.

The cockpit can be open and it can fit a pilot inside.

Even the back of Thunderbird 4 doors can be open to place some cargo. Neat!

Overall this is a good Thunderbird 2 and 4 set fitting for the fans and I was glad to get this play set while I was oversea. Cool isn't it?

Meanwhile this is my child favourite set for now. Hehehe

16 September 2016

GameStart 2016 Coming

GameStart Asia is back for its third year. Acting on fan feedback from its inaugural convention which welcomed 12,000 gamers and GameStart 2015 which saw 17,000 gamers, GameStart 2016 brings back favourites and introduces new exciting content to provide a diverse and fun-filled three days of non-stop gaming action.

Occupying 4,000sqm of space in Suntec Convention Centre from October 7 to 9, GameStart 2016 will bring gaming enthusiasts three days of game-related fun, including showcases and previews,
international guests, cosplay, and visitor favourites like Retro DNA, harkening back the popular arcade and early-generation console games for free-play and purchase. This year, fans will see a stronger focus on eSports, or competitive gaming, with multiple tournaments happening that visitors can register for.

There are also special offers on games, peripherals, hardware and merchandise from
popular game franchises for those who would hate to head home empty-handed.
In-line with GameStart’s goal of bringing together all aspects of gaming in a single venue, this year’s
exhibitor list includes heavyweights like PlayStation, Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia and FunPlus, as well as a strong showing of local and indie game developers and companies, such as Witching Hour Studios, collectible statue-makers Kinetiquettes and Singapore gaming peripheral brand, Armaggeddon.

Date: 7 – 9 Oct 2016
Where: Suntec Convention Centre, Hall 405 and 406, Singapore
Ticket Prices:
 One day Standard - S$12
 Three day standard - S$30
 VIP Passes - S$70 (includes three days entry passes, Priority Queue Passes and more)
 Free Entry for Cosplayers


Visitors to GameStart 2016 can get their hands on all kinds of games - from retro to indie, triple A and even card games, with a key highlight of the event being preview demos of yet-to-be-released games. The list of games will be announced nearer the show.

Fans of Japanese game Touken Ranbu, will get to meet Yuta Hanazawa from DMM Games, with this
being the first time the company has come to Singapore for any promotional activity. A special music
performance by Malaysian guitarist, Az Samad, who has performed with Distant Worlds: Music from
Final Fantasy, will see him play selected tracks from popular titles.

Cosplay is a big part of any gaming convention, and GameStart 2016 is bringing in two renowned
cosplayers, Miu (Vietnam) and Okageo (USA), who will judge the GameStart Cosplay Runway, meet
fans and sell merchandise. Cosplayers also enjoy free entry to GameStart 2016.

eSports, or competitive gaming, is taking the world by storm, as the explosion of live streaming and
video sharing platforms has resulted in gaming becoming a spectator sport that commands millions of
viewers and billions in sponsorship and advertising spend globally. PlayStation returns as a major
exhibitor this year with a new focus on supporting the growth of eSports in Singapore and the region.
PlayStation will once again have the largest booth at the event, as the Presenting Sponsor for South
East Asia Major 2016, the largest console tournament in Southeast Asia, which will be hosted at
GameStart for the very first time.

Visitors can expect an action-packed weekend of professional-tier eSports as top and celebrity Street
Fighter players from around the world travel to Singapore to compete for a coveted spot in the official

Capcom Cup 2016 Finals - the finale of a year-long worldwide league that offers a prize pool of USD
500,000. Other notable tournaments are for Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-, BlazBlue Central Fiction and the highly anticipated King of Fighters XIV, most of which are qualifiers to regional tournament finals in Japan and China.

Notable personalities who will be present include Daigo “The Beast” Umehara, Gootecks and Mike
Ross from Cross Counter TV, Mark “Markman” Julio and Singaporean Street Fighter prodigy, Ho Kun Xian, who is a professional gamer, sponsored by Razer.

MyRepublic is the Official Fibre Broadband Partner for GameStart 2016, and also the Presenting
Sponsor for the Overwatch Champions Singapore tournament, which will see some of the best teams
in Singapore battle it out at their booth for over $5,000 worth of cash, and prizes from co-sponsor
Armaggeddon. GameStart’s annual FIFA tournament, the Gamestart Championship Cup, is also
making a comeback with support from Xbox Singapore, and over $4,000 in cash and prizes sponsored by GameStart, Xbox and Monitor Sponsor, ViewSonic.

Taiwanese games by hosting a number of companies from each country at their respective shows. A
number of indie studios from Taiwan will exhibit at Founders Base under the Taipei Game Show
umbrella. The inaugural GameStart Indie Awards will see GameStart 2016 visitors vote for their
favourite indie game at the convention, and the top-voted indie will win a trip to exhibit at Taipei
Game Show 2017.

Doujin Market is the largest amateur artist event in Singapore that focuses on Japanese content, and
as a new collaboration for 2016, Doujin Market @ GameStart will bring 24 amateur artists to
GameStart 2016, curated by Cosplay Partner and Doujin Market organiser, Neo Tokyo Project (Doujin - Japanese term for self-published works and artwork by amateur artists).
“GameStart Asia’s collaboration with Doujin Market provides great opportunities for upcoming artists to showcase their works, as we want to help shine a spotlight on the immense pool of talent that exists in Singapore and the region,” Elicia Lee, Director of Eliphant Pte. Ltd, said.

In GameStart tradition, the first 300 visitors per day will receive a ‘Random Loot’ goodie bag, which
could contain t-shirts or prints from Xmashed Gear, gaming peripherals, high-end storage devices from Seagate or special merchandise from other sponsors. The Quest, Powered by Armaggeddon, will send visitors on a quest to complete specific tasks around the venue for swag, as well as more chances to win prizes in the GameStart Lucky Draw, which includes an ergonomic gaming chair by Secret Lab and gaming notebook from Official Notebook Sponsor MSI. For those looking to offload old laptops, game consoles, games (except PC platform) and mobile devices, bring them down to the Gadget Solution booth to trade them in for GameStart vouchers, which can be spent anywhere in the venue, including purchasing and pre-ordering new consoles, games, merchandise and more at the many sales booths,such as local retailer TOG (Toy or Game), Secret Lab, Armaggeddon, Liongeeks and Xmashed Gear.

“We’re excited to bring Southeast Asia’s Premier Gaming Convention back for its third year. Gamers
from Singapore and all around the region can expect a bigger variety of content, activities and allthings-gaming over the three days,” Elicia added.

15 September 2016

1/7 Fate/EXTRA CCC Saber Bride

Good Smile company will be releasing the coming week this good looking Saber from Fate/Extra as a Bride.

This figure is on the scale of 1/7 made out of PVC and she will comes with her own stand.

The look of Saber is impressive.

There are more details on her saber with metallic effect.

At her back, you can see her sexy cutting on close to her butt area.

Personally I like this view as she look really cute

This Saber will be released on 27th September 2016 at the listed price of 15,800 Yen.

Look out for it!

14 September 2016

LEGO Minifigures Series 16 Champion Dog Owner

The next LEGO minifigure under series 16 is the Champion Dog Owner.

To be totally honest, I didn't really intend to pick it up but because it was blind pack, I may have guess wrongly what I actually get.

Nonetheless this figure kind of grow on me as the Dog is really good looking. It look like Snowy from Tintin which is Wire Fox Terrier.

There's no articulation on the dog tho. It just standing there on all four with it's tongue sticking out.

I have no idea how dog show grading tho but somehow the medal was on the owner rather than the Dog. Also the cup is silver rather than Gold even tho the award was number 1.

Anyway I bet many would want this figure just for the Dog rather than the minifigure or the silver cup. Am I right?

Okay other mini-figure review later.

13 September 2016

LEGO Minifigures Series 16 Penguin Boy

The next figure that I will review is Penguin boy.

By looking at the photo below and you maybe wondering is it an original LEGO minifigure, I understand your doubt as this is the same question I have been asking myself when I open up the package and I saw the paint job.

Rest assure the minifigure was real deal of LEGO but somehow the quality of the paint job seems to be off. Maybe that is just my luck but the lemon is really sour here.

That being said, the Penguin boy still is cute because of it's height and costume. It come with option to take out the penguin head and his skates

To install the skates just plug the circle in the bottom of  his feet.

His hands are in flippers and I am not sure why he was in a Penguin costume. For product promotion or Halloween no one can be sure of that.

Overall the Penguin boy is a unique piece of minifigure.

Do you want to go with him to ice skate?

11 September 2016

STGCC 2016 Bandai

Here are some of what is at STGCC 2016 under Bandai.

One of the display that stood out was Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and S.H.Figuarts had just release 2 of them. 

Now these are actually the classic cartoon TMNT version in the 90s and they make it with good articulation. Each was selling over SGD$120 at the event.  Not too sure if the Pizza come with it tho...

On the cuter note, Figuarts Zero will be rounding out Gudetama egg. Hello Kitty and My Melody.

S.H.Figuarts Ultraman was on display with special effect that is great for display.

Dragonball have some display for Figarts Zero as well...

It also show case the coming Chogokin series figure

At the event the latest Dragonball model kit Figure-rise of Frieza and Super Saiyan Goku are on display and on sale.

Gundam Robot damashi was also on display.

Woody mecha was also on display of both Combine Mecha and individual unit as well

Buzz lightyears are also previewing his own version...

The Dragon has return with the coming Bruce Lee in yellow suit.

Bruce look pretty impressive of it's likeness..

Another line of release and that is from Suicide squad...

One pieces also have his own merchandise...

Not forgetting there's Pokemon in the series... Pikachu!!

Charizard with fire effect!!

Finally something that caught my eye, the Voltron and these are the Chogokin

Here's the combine mode of the Voltron Mecha!!

Last but not least, Starwars model kit of various model kit are on display and sale too!

That's so far I have seen. More of these on my next post. Later!

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