Thunderbirds are GO Supersize Thunderbird 2 & 4

Today I am going to review this supersize Thunderbird 2 and 4 from Vivid. This come in a supersize box and I got this because I personally like Thunderbird 2.

Although the box is big, the content inside is pretty light as it is pure plastic which is suppose to be suitable for kids to lift up to play with it. The feature was it suppose to come with sound.

The Thunderbird 2 comes with a wide range of feature like unload the central pod to deploy Thunderbird 4, cock pit open and fold-able wings.

While Thunderbird 4 small as it is, it has quite a number of features of it's own too!

Out of box, there is no assembly need for Thunderbird 2. However there are quite a number of stickers that the user have to apply on our own. This can be fun or not really fun depend on you enjoying it or not.

With the stickers on, Thunderbird 2 are really ready to go!

At the back view, there is zero stickers. LOL

On the top of Thunderbird 2, you can open the round hatch.

Or you can open the whole Cockpit which look great after you apply all the stickers in it.

Time to put the two pilots (included in the set) in it to look better!

The wings of Thunderbird 2 can be folded.

Okay time to deplay Thunderbird 4 by pressing a button on the top back of the Thunderbird 2 and it will deploy the center pod.

All you need to do is open the door of the pod.

Once the door is open, you can see Thunderbird 4 inside. You can choose to push both side of the pod to eject Thunderbird 4 to roll out.

Thunderbird 4 look exactly the same in the series with it's iconic look.

The cockpit can be open and it can fit a pilot inside.

Even the back of Thunderbird 4 doors can be open to place some cargo. Neat!

Overall this is a good Thunderbird 2 and 4 set fitting for the fans and I was glad to get this play set while I was oversea. Cool isn't it?

Meanwhile this is my child favourite set for now. Hehehe


Alphonse said…
I wished I could buy this set. Shipping alone will cost at least of half of what this set is selling.

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