STGCC 2016 XM Studio

Beside the Hottoys exclusive that had people queuing, XM studio would be another booth that have a long queue in people ordering their figures. Looking at the display, it is simple to understand why. Here are just a couple of them.

Here's Bruce Wayne in his alternative Batman suit. 

Cable with his guns...

King Ping playing chess that having Superheroes in it.

Spider-man and Mary Jane swinging!

Darkness and his fiends

Witchblade in her glory...

The beauty of Catwoman...

Grand battle between Sentinel and the X-men

Salute from Captain America

There a lots more displaying that would be too much to take all photo of it. Head down and look at it yourself at STGCC before it end!

Move to see what Bandai Showcase at STGCC 2016 here!


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