STGCC 2016 Bandai

Here are some of what is at STGCC 2016 under Bandai.

One of the display that stood out was Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and S.H.Figuarts had just release 2 of them. 

Now these are actually the classic cartoon TMNT version in the 90s and they make it with good articulation. Each was selling over SGD$120 at the event.  Not too sure if the Pizza come with it tho...

On the cuter note, Figuarts Zero will be rounding out Gudetama egg. Hello Kitty and My Melody.

S.H.Figuarts Ultraman was on display with special effect that is great for display.

Dragonball have some display for Figarts Zero as well...

It also show case the coming Chogokin series figure

At the event the latest Dragonball model kit Figure-rise of Frieza and Super Saiyan Goku are on display and on sale.

Gundam Robot damashi was also on display.

Woody mecha was also on display of both Combine Mecha and individual unit as well

Buzz lightyears are also previewing his own version...

The Dragon has return with the coming Bruce Lee in yellow suit.

Bruce look pretty impressive of it's likeness..

Another line of release and that is from Suicide squad...

One pieces also have his own merchandise...

Not forgetting there's Pokemon in the series... Pikachu!!

Charizard with fire effect!!

Finally something that caught my eye, the Voltron and these are the Chogokin

Here's the combine mode of the Voltron Mecha!!

Last but not least, Starwars model kit of various model kit are on display and sale too!

That's so far I have seen. More of these on my next post. Later!


I didn't noticed the Buzzlight year bot. Good balance, not too much of Gundam. The Star Wars kits display was previously shown at Chara Expo as well I think..

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