30 January 2016

Metal Die cast Batman Vs Superman

As the movie is drawing near, it is about time to have some toys to spot on retail in Singapore.

Here are some Metals Die cast Batman vs Superman toys by Jada toys found on Singapore retail.
There are various sizes with basic articulation. It offer a 4 inches Armored Batman...

4 inches normal Batman...

And also 4 inches Superman. Do note there are some metal die cast in the figure so they are of certain weight.

Here are various models that this series offers like twin packed and Wonder Woman.

There deluxe figure which include armouring Batman up and the price is higher at SGD$59.00

At the back of the box show how to add the armour up on Batman .

There is a button to press to have LED lights on his eyes. This will be great when Batman armoured up.

Good news for Batmobile lovers, there is a Metal Die cast Batmobile!

However you are require to kind of put the part up from the box. Kind of self-assemble.

The new Batmobile look sleek!

Well watch out for more Batman Vs Superman toys!!

27 January 2016

S.H.Figuarts Captain America Civil War Iron Man

The coming summer movie Captain America The Civil War, Iron man will be having his new Mark 46 armor. As S.H.Figuarts is releasing civil war Captain America, it make sense to do Iron Man too.

The color theme is still in Red and Gold and to much many people the armor look kinda the same generally.

But if you look closely even the faceplate of this Ironman there are additional details of the grove on it's forehead.

The figure allow many articulation and some effect of flight and his blasters.

If you put the S.H.Figuarts figure together you can be ready to start the Civil War!

This figure is schedule for release in June 2016 at the price point of 6,264 Yen.

25 January 2016

1/6 Fallout 4 TT-45 Power Armour Coming

I have been playing Fallout 4 since December and now there is going to be a release of a 1/6th scale Fallout 4 T-45 Power Armour Collectible Figure!

This figure is release by Threezero and it is open for pre-order on January 28th. The listed price is USD$398 with worldwide shipping included in that price.

Collectible figure come with 35 points of articulation. This is the endoskeleton with amazing attention to every detail where you can later add on the armour pieces on it.

The helmet comes with light-up LED function that require AG1 X 3 Button Cell Batteries to light-up. (Batteries Not Included).

All outer-armor pieces are detachable and interchangeable with upcoming FO4 Power Armor figures;

The basic figure includes highly detailed weapon AER-9 Laser Rifle.

Just like the game, the fusion core can be remove or inserted.

There is a exclusive edition that include the Minigun if yoi purchased from Threezerostore.

If you have the budget, this is probably the best action figure of the Fallout 4 out that currently.

Meanwhile, I am still playing Fallout 4. :D

23 January 2016

LEGO MOC The Monkey King

I saw this good looking custom LEGO figures that was created by Cid who was in the mood of Chinese lunar new year. And since it was year of the Monkey, he did the Monkey King for #‎legochinesezodiac‬.

This was a mix of System bricks, Hero Factory and Chima LEGO.

The best part is that some of the accessories are removable.

Here's how The Monkey King look like without the backpack and his staff.

Here's the different feel with all accessories included. The fire theme is there for this Monkey king.

I have instantly felt in love with this MOC that very much in line with the classic look of the Monkey King.

Yes this is the same Monkey King from the "journey to the West".

Cid also have his own flickr

22 January 2016

Wonder Fest 2016 Miku Hatsune Snow Owl Version

With the Wonder Festival 2016, Maxfactory is rolling out 2,000 pieces of Figma Snow Owl version Miku Hatsune.

This is the 7th anniversary and I am digging this ‘Winter Sports’design by Kotatsu Otogi

This figure comes with Rabbit Yukine with matching accessories like Miku!

Both Rabbit Yukine and Miku can go skiing with their accessories.

It also come with snowboard exclusive to Miku only.

This item will be on sales on 7th February 2016 but will be on sales after the event on the online website.

I love this figma Snow Miku: Snow Owl ver but this could be proven hard to get.

So loyal fans, do be more hardworking to get this figure if you like.

19 January 2016

S.H.Figuarts CAPTAIN AMERICA: Civil War Captain America

This summer, many will be looking out Captain America  Civil war movie where Ironman and Captain America will have some crashes. So it is high time for S.H.Figuarts to show off the Civil War Captain America  preview photos.

The figure is movie more accurate to the coming movie The Civil War .

The shield can be stick on his back like the movie too.

It come with 2 head with one mask off. I mean for a 5" figure the look has some resemblance is good enough.

S.H.Figuarts do offer good articulation for collectors to do various decent pose.

This figure is schedule to release in May 2016 at a retail price of 5,800Yen.

The question is which side are you on?

17 January 2016

MOC LEGO Mixel Dino 01

I have been spending some of my time playing LEGO with my kid and now and then I will pull apart something and make something to surprise my kid.

One of the request I got was to make some Dinosaurs.

For that I decided to pull off some Mixel which is from Series 6 Weldos and make into one Dino.

Surprising many love this design. So I decided to make a video of the instruction to share this with others who happen to have the same part of LEGO Mixel.

So here it is.

If you like this design, feel free to share it.

16 January 2016

MOC: LEGO Godzilla Rampage

Recently I read on social media there's a  4 x 4 challenge for LEGO My Whole Creation or aka MOC built. I saw some interesting entries and I try to take on that challenge and this is what I made.

Godzilla Rampage!!

If you are a LEGO minifigures collector you would know where this Godzilla comes from.but if you do not know. You can read here. LOL .

I was going for the burning cities effect....

I hoped I nailed it tho...

It is indeed challenging to have such a small area to build something that look good or creative.

Most importantly is to have fun with what you have and use your creativity to make it work.

If you are into custom creation which most call it "My Own Creation" you can do join Open Brick Happy page and share with everyone your creations.

More of LEGO playing and sharing later.

14 January 2016

LEGO Batman™ Classic TV Series Batcave Coming

Remember the old classic TV Batman show in the 1960s? No? You are still young but if you are old enough to watch that in your childhood.

Fans of that Batman classic Tv series would be happy to know LEGO will be releasing 76052 Batman™ Classic TV Series – Batcave.

This set contain 2,526 pieces and you will get to build featuring not only the Batcave but part of the Wayne Manor!

For vehicles it come with Batcycle, Batcopter and classic Batmobile.

One part of the structure comes with landing pad for Batcopter that is actually Robin color theme and Bat Lab with Batcomputer.

The Wayne Manor is a part of Bruce Wayne’s study featuring the iconic Batphone and a false bookcase that slides open to reveal the secret entrance to the Batcave. The heroes can slide down the Batpoles into the Batcave and also allow then to hook and climb up on the other end.

This set is full of Minifigure like Bruce Wayne™ and Dick Grayson™ , Batman and Robin.

There's also Alfred Pennyworth™ and Catwoman™ ....

Together with the villains, The Penguin™, The Riddler™ and The Joker™ .

Personally I find this set really fun that come with good number of mini figures and vehicles.

Personally I like the classic Batmobile as it was one of the kind.

If you are a fan of Classic Batman in the 1960s, then you do not need any convincing to get this set to play.

The retail price is set to be US $269.99 and schedule to release in March 2016.

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