Metal Die cast Batman Vs Superman

As the movie is drawing near, it is about time to have some toys to spot on retail in Singapore.

Here are some Metals Die cast Batman vs Superman toys by Jada toys found on Singapore retail.
There are various sizes with basic articulation. It offer a 4 inches Armored Batman...

4 inches normal Batman...

And also 4 inches Superman. Do note there are some metal die cast in the figure so they are of certain weight.

Here are various models that this series offers like twin packed and Wonder Woman.

There deluxe figure which include armouring Batman up and the price is higher at SGD$59.00

At the back of the box show how to add the armour up on Batman .

There is a button to press to have LED lights on his eyes. This will be great when Batman armoured up.

Good news for Batmobile lovers, there is a Metal Die cast Batmobile!

However you are require to kind of put the part up from the box. Kind of self-assemble.

The new Batmobile look sleek!

Well watch out for more Batman Vs Superman toys!!


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