Wonder Fest 2016 Miku Hatsune Snow Owl Version

With the Wonder Festival 2016, Maxfactory is rolling out 2,000 pieces of Figma Snow Owl version Miku Hatsune.

This is the 7th anniversary and I am digging this ‘Winter Sports’design by Kotatsu Otogi

This figure comes with Rabbit Yukine with matching accessories like Miku!

Both Rabbit Yukine and Miku can go skiing with their accessories.

It also come with snowboard exclusive to Miku only.

This item will be on sales on 7th February 2016 but will be on sales after the event on the online website.

I love this figma Snow Miku: Snow Owl ver but this could be proven hard to get.

So loyal fans, do be more hardworking to get this figure if you like.


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