LEGO MOC The Monkey King

I saw this good looking custom LEGO figures that was created by Cid who was in the mood of Chinese lunar new year. And since it was year of the Monkey, he did the Monkey King for #‎legochinesezodiac‬.

This was a mix of System bricks, Hero Factory and Chima LEGO.

The best part is that some of the accessories are removable.

Here's how The Monkey King look like without the backpack and his staff.

Here's the different feel with all accessories included. The fire theme is there for this Monkey king.

I have instantly felt in love with this MOC that very much in line with the classic look of the Monkey King.

Yes this is the same Monkey King from the "journey to the West".

Cid also have his own flickr


That's a nice looking one. Looks very robotic as well.
Damn I love it. Would pay for this model.
Damn I love it. Would you disclose the instructions?

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