24 July 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight Megatron Repaint by Leon Ku

Leon Ku have recently repainted a Hasbro leader class Megatron from Transformers: The Last Knight series and it look awesome!!

* Photo credit to Sam Lim from Hobby Art gallery.

Color paint used was E7 black primer, E7 78 gunmetal warm, citadel gold. vallejo wash. Hobbymate chrome marker used

The Jet or plane mode look awesome too!

Does this make you want to think twice to get this Megatron??

You can see more of this Megatron at Leon Ku Page .

23 July 2017

LEGO MOC Tinker Bell in the Captain Hook's Lamp

Today we are going to feature a LEGO MOC by JAE WON LEE which is Tinker Bell in the Captain Hook's Lamp.

This is one of the part where Tinker bell was capture by Captain Hook. Since she kinda glow, Captain hook lock her up in a lantern or a wooden lamp.

Two things I love about this custom was how the emotion and feature of Tinker bell was captured as she was crying. She comes with wings as well!

The other was the features of the lamp or lantern as you can see the details created by Jae Won lee version. Do note the door can be open too!

You can check out more of Jae Won Lee's work at his Flickr here

21 July 2017


As SDCC 2017 preview trailers of the coming PACIFIC RIM:UPRISING, Bandai also show case 3 of the Jaeger of this series. Here are the preview of the toys to come on January 2018.

GIPSY AVENGER has been redesign to be more human looking as in the first movie it was destroyed.



No pricing at this point of time. How do you find the new design? Does it look better to you?

20 July 2017

EPOCH Passion Music Instrument Coming

If you have been collecting EPOCH figure, there are a new set of accessories and there are the musical instruments which have a Mexican feel.

Two different color of Guitarra.

Two different color of Gonga

Two different color of Bongo

Finally two different color of Sombrero and Maracas. The Sombrero can be wore on the head of the former figure in the series.

Each for 200 Yen. Total 8 different in a set.
Currently release in July 2017.

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