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The Dark Knight Joker

The Dark Knight Joker
For a capsule toy, this is first class

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig
She is the most popular pig in town

Shell V-Power LEGO®

Shell V-Power LEGO®
These collection rock in the F1 season in Singapore #ReadySetBuild Event

Son Goku

Son Goku
Review of the Masterstars Piece from Dragonball

Peppa Pig on Grandpa Pig Train Playset

21 October 2014

Here's another review on another Peppa Pig playset for my child and it is Peppa Pig on Grandpa Pig's Train.

Kids love trains and for whatever reason I am not pretty sure. Somehow my kid just spent hours playing this train set by loading Peppa Pig figures up and down and push it along.

Out of the box, there are Grandpa pig as the train driver and 2 carriages.

One is the blue carriage with Peppa Pig sign on it....

another was the Yellow carriage. You can interchange both carriage anyhow you prefer.

This playset comes with Peppa Pig and her little brother George.

This Playset offer a unique Peppa pig in new dress in pink and a heart shape design compare to the plain red dress.

Both carriages offer some shape in the seat to better secure both figures. George on the left and Peppa on the right.

Grandpa pig is fixed figure with the train engine and none of the parts are moveable....

You can interlock the carriages at ease and removable.

Since there are extra space, you can put other figures like Peppa pig's friends but I only have the family so I tried to load them all in which the Papa and Mama pig are out of place actually. LOL

That being said, my kid love this arrangement to have everyone on board.

What do you think of this Peppa Pig playset?

LEGO Custom Wall.E

18 October 2014

Since I have shared EVE, it make prefect sense to share Wall.E... but it is really possible to have a Wall.E with that scale? Here is the answer.

Here's Wall.E discover the plant in the shoe...

He notice something is approaching...

It's EVE!!

EVE came online!

And all 3 of the Wall.E custom LEGO are here!

Since I have a Wall.E toy from thinkway way back, here is a scale comparison between the LEGO custom and official toy.

I have EVE too! See the difference?

A close up of the plant in the shoe... Simple built with LEGO pieces of 4 pieces....

But the real EVE have some additional features of hatch opening to put the plant in like the movie...

This custom LEGO built look good in term of scale and with simple parts, it can capture most of Wall.E iconic characters.

What else can you ask for more correct?

Do you like these custom LEGO built Wall.E?

LEGO Custom EVE from Wall.E

16 October 2014

Today we have a new directive. Today we are going to introduce you a custom EVE from Wall.E.

I know some of you may not really think this is EVE as the head is not rounded enough but to the scale and the mini brick needed this is as good as it gets.

Now let me turn on EVE. 

Now she is operational!

If you must know, the eyes light up due to the light source projection from behind.

Now like EVE in the movie, she can open her wings or some may call it hands...

You may also notice the green button on her chest which suppose to be like light indication that she found the plant in the movie.

The head is rotatable all 360 degree around.

This Eve was built close to scale with the MO that we talk about earlier..

I think I will shut her down until something happen and let MO do the cleaning...

What do you think of this custom EVE?

Dragonball SCultures Young Bulma

14 October 2014

Releasing this month for Dragonball fan would be this young Bulma  in the series of SCulture.

It is wonderful to see this Bulma who once was the look of book cover come into the 3D form.

Here is a front side and back view of the actual figure. The artist capture the young Bulma in the early day of the Dragonball Manga.

The detail of the gun, goggle and the boots is really something.

This should be releasing this month and I will certainly look out for it!

Do you like this Bulma?

Gamestart 2014 Singapore coming

12 October 2014

Attention all Console Gamer Singapore! There will be a coming gaming event, GameStart 2014 happening between October 25 to 26 at Suntec City Convention Centre Hall 403.

The main exhibitor will be Sony Computer Entertainment HK (SCEHK) and will be showcasing exciting titles for the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. There will be hands-on previews games releasing in 2015 such as Bloodborne, The Order 1886, Until Dawn and Guilty Gear Xrd.

Game producer like Masaaki Yamagiwa for Bloodborne, and Junichi Yoshizawa, Producer for Freedom Wars will be there to fans and talk about their games in that event.

Visitors can expect good promotions on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita games.

There will also be exclusive deals at the SCEHK booth which early birds will receive special items like the Xperia Z3 (first three customers) for getting the PS4 console, special Toro PS4 HDD Covers (first 10 customers per day) and PlayStation T-shirts (first 50 customers per day).

There will also be console offers by trading in your old consoles for a $100 discount off to get new PlayStation 4.

2K Asia will be bringing a preview of their highly-anticipated 4v1 game Evolve (developed by creators of Left 4 Dead)  and try out.

There will also be Cosplay competition on the 26 Oct at the  event organised by neoTokyo Project.

To attend this event, you have to buy ticket and the first 300 visitors each day will receive a ‘Random Loot Bag’ which contain anything from limited edition T-shirts to games, posters and other exclusive items.

All ticket holders qualify for a daily lucky draw in which they could win prizes such as consoles, games and gaming accessories. Read more about the prizes here

Many more activities and purchase of the ticket can be found at http://gamestart.asia/#!home.html

Event details:
Start: Saturday, 25 October, 2014 12:00 p.m.
End: Sunday, 26 October, 2014 09:00 p.m.
Venue: Suntec City Convention Centre Hall 403
Country: Singapore
Organize: Eliphant Pte Ltd

The Shell V-Power LEGO® 40193 Ferrari 512 S

10 October 2014

This week for Shell V-Power offers is the LEGO® 40193 Ferrari 512 S.

This review will be done in a short video! If you like it, share it or give us a LIKE. :)

This offer is currently on all Shell Station in Singapore until 23 Oct 2014. All you need to do is to pump at least SGD$60 of petrol and you can top up $5.95/model with Shell V-Power or $8.95/model with Shell FuelSave 98, 95 or Shell Diesel.


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