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Nissin Cup Noodle Car

Nissin Cup Noodle Car
See Nissin Cup Noodle car from Tomica Dream

LEGO General Grevious

LEGO General Grevious
Review on LEGO Buildable Figure General Gervious

SSGSS Son Gokou

SSGSS Son Gokou
Review on the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan version of Son Gokou

GameStart 2015 Preview

GameStart 2015 Preview
Media Preview on what happening at GameStart 2015

Square Enix Static Arts Mini Figure – Gollum

24 November 2015

The Hobbit series have ended but the toy is still keep on coming.
Square Enix is going to release a cute SD Gollum for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Static Arts Mini Figure series. It does look Cute!

The height is around 5.1". Gollum look great on display.

Gollum is schedule to release in March 2016 with a retail price of USD$57.99.

Come Precious...buy this cute Gollum home!

TAKARATOMY STAR WARS Diorama Death Star Coming

19 November 2015

Have you ever want a DeathStar? Well if you do collect TakaraTomy Starwars figures and vehicles, this playset would be ideal for you to display.

First you have a good looking Deathstar and you can attached the Tie-fighter or X-Wings on it. Do note both of the vehicles sold separately.

You can then open the DeathStar for further playing or displaying which look like this with others Starwars Figure and vehicles that sold separately.

Let's look at the detail on the right which is more like a hanger with a canon blaster that come with the playset. Others figures and vehicle are sold separately tho.

On the left is the communication room which you can only put the figures there like C3P0 and R2D2 and some stormtroopers to make the classic scene in Starwars Episode IV. Do note that the figures are not included.

Now you maybe wondering if there are any figure included. Well the answer is Yes. You get the exclusive Emperor Palpatine sitting on his throne room waiting for you to strike him down with all of your hate and anger.

You can display him on the top of the Deathstar with Darth Vader (sold separately on his side) and other figures to display at the bottom.

Overall this is one good looking Diorama for Starwars fan and none of other toy maker do a Deathstar on sale now.

This set is schedule on December 2015 (subject to changes) at listed price of 7,400 yen.

Look Good indeed.

PREMIUM BANDAI limited edition DRAGONBALL Styling ChiChi

17 November 2015

For Dragonball figures, Chichi always seem to be one those being left out. So it is timely to release the child Chi Chi!

The first appearance of Chi Chi when she wore a Ultra Seven helmet!

In the Dragonball Styling Chi Chi will have 2 facial expression, helmet and a fan accessory.

This figure of Chi Chi show off the young child which for not apparent reason dress in such bikini-type costume....

If you are wondering about the fan, it is a fan that suppose to blow out the fire in the mountain but somehow in the Dragonball comic that never happen.

She make a good match with the earlier release of Child Son Gokun.

This is a limited edition so out of Japan you may have to find your source to get it.

GameStart 2015 Has Begun

13 November 2015

Finally the Game show or convention in Singapore I waited for 2015 (actually is the only Game show in Singapore), GameStart 2015 has started!!

For this year, it was promised to be bigger and better. Sony Playstation sure bring in lot of goodies after the Tokyo Game show and it has bigger floor space.

During the opening, I was eyeing on having a experience with the Playstation VR as this is the first time open to public to have a try out in South East Asia.

While I saw it on display, I cannot wait to try it and because of the limited set and time, we have to reserve a time slot to experience it. 

There are 6 titles to choose from and one of it was Miku Hatsune concert! Without any hesitation I jump on that although there was also a virtual dating title.... But I am glad I choose Miku Concert as it is really 3D and it was a AWESOME experience.

Ps: Above is not me but some other guy

I have to see what other title will Sony do with this VR experience and if the price is right and the title is good, then surely I will get it.

At the Playstation booth there are lot of preview game to try it out. One of the major attention would be Starwars Battle front which will be releasing in a week time but gamers can have a real hands on.

Of course the Starwars edition PS4 also one that many wanted to get.

Gamers also can fight on the preview edition of StreetFighters V and take on the challengers whoever that maybe...but I kinda getting too old for this as I got trash is some battles with players. LOL.

There are also M18 titles in a restricted zone for adult gamers to try some titles like the Call of Duty Black Ops III and Fallout 4.

There are also preview of additional swap-able PS4 casing in different color for customization.

There are also a couple of PS Vita titles for hands-on.

Bandai Namco Entertainment also have a booth to showcase their games preview like the Dark Soul III.

Naruto fan's need to try out the preview game of the Storm 4 that will release really soon.

Blizzard also there and showcase their Warcraft and Starcraft games. Fans can buy some Blizzard wear at the show too!

I also get to know and try some Singapore game like Building the Lion which is Monopoly like in Singapore setting.

Also a fun local game called KAN-CHEONG:Kopitiam which you can challenge different players in real time. Really fun!

One of the booth for Starwars fan which really need to visit would be Geek Culture booth where for just SGD$2 you can try close to real experience of Starwars X-wing battle! It's the Starwars Pod!

For older gamers like me, I see some console game that I totally forgotten and when I see it again really bring me back to my childhood days.There are still fully functional!!

And also King of Fighter 98 that you can play for FREE!!!

There are various station that host contest which pro-gamers can really knock themselves out!

Oh there are close to real car racing experience too for you to try out!

What is a game show without good pricing to get good games. Here are some of the great deal at GameStart2015 for Playstation fans!

Finally here are the Playstation girls with Deputy President!

If you are into game, this is one show you should not missed. Go get the ticket and try out the games for yourself and it is more fun to bring a friend along who are into game so you can play 2 players game there. LOL

The show is happening now till this Sunday 15 November 2015 at Suntec Convention Centre Hall 401 and 402

You can get the ticket there or at their website

Good job GameStart!

LEGO GHOSTBUSTERS 75827 - Firehouse Headquarters Preview

12 November 2015

Following the last time I posted some preview shot of the LEGO The Ghostbusters HQ, LEGO finally release some official photo of what is inside the HQ!

Here is the official box cover and it is big!!

At the back of the box showing some of the features of the box.

Here is how it look like internally!

if you are wondering what is the blue thingy on top of the roof, it is one of the blue ghost that escape in the movie.

Let's go into the details. First the door! It comes with stickers for the signs...I foresee there will be some amount of stickers which mean you have to paste it yourself.

The Pantry area for the Ghostbusters to hang out and have Pizza!

Egon got his own lab table for testing his gadgets...Don't play with fire!!

There is a toilet but beware of Slimer coming out of the towel bowl!

The classic scene when Egon do testing with Louis...

There is a pool table for recreation. They really know how to enjoy.

This set is for Ages 16+ and having 4,634 pieces.

It is price at US $349.99 at target to release in January 2016.

Hasbro Singapore 2015 Christmas Promotion

11 November 2015

From the 1st November 2015 to 31st December 2015, Hasbro products are having Christmas promotion in Singapore. Here are some of them for your consideration of what to buy for your kids with good offers for Christmas.

Transformers Generations Leader Class Figure Assortment Retail Price: S$99.90 but now S$69.90 each

Transformers Robots in Disguise Warrior Class Assorted  Retail Price: $29.90 but now S$21.90

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Legends Class Figure Assortment Retail price each Price: S$19.90 but now 2 for S$30.00

Transformers Robots in Disguise Mini-Con Figure Assorted Retail Price: $9.90 each now 2 for S$15.00

Buy Play-Doh Pizza Party Set and ANY 1 of Play-Doh Playset Assorted at S$29.90.

Play-Doh Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shoppe Set Retail Price: $34.90 but now S$26.90

Cutie Mark Magic Rarity Booktique Retail Price: S$59.90, Now S$39.90 Exclusively at Toys’R’Us Singapore only.

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Sunset Shimmer Time to Shine Doll Retail Price: $49.90 but now S$19.90

For Board game, MasterMind and Monopoly Junior at S$39.90

Monopoly Classic Retail Price: $46.90 but now S$34.90

Receive a free Nerf Zombie Strike Doublestrike Blaster (worth $19.90) with purchase of Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator Blaster for S$79.90

So now we have better choices of what to buy for our children for Christmas.

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