22 April 2017

LEGO Super Heroes DC Comics Wonder Woman Warrior Battle 76075

As the upcoming Wonder Woman movie is coming, this is the set of LEGO under DC Comics Super Heroes will be selling in 1st of May 2017.

This set has 286 pieces and it include a Giant Ares.  The plane obviously be pilot by the male Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman to fight and take down the Giant by herself.

Wonder Woman will be packed with accessories like a hood, cape, sword and her shield.

The price of this set is at USD $59.90

18 April 2017

MAFEX Wonder Woman Coming

Some of the DC universe fans are waiting for Wonder Woman movie releasing in June 2017. While some fans are awaiting for the toys.

Medicom will be releasing the 6" figure under their MAFEX series of Wonder woman.

The figure view front and back look good!

She come with 2 heads to change of her expression

These are the list of accessories

Some pose shots of the figure with the accessories and expression change.

Looking good isn't it?

This Wonder Woman will be releasing in November 2017 at listed price of 5,400 YEN.

Hope the movie is good.

16 April 2017

S.H.Figuarts Spider-man Home coming

Are you ready for Spider-man: Home coming? Well S.H.Figuarts had just release of product preview of their version of the new coming movie Spider-man.

This new suit look good and this figure is super articulated.

This figure will come with 3 pairs of eyes to swap the expression and 6 type of hands in various poses.

Other accessories will be Bag and a mobilphone.

This figure can do various Spider-man signature pose with stand


And shooting web!

Releasing in August 2017 at listed price of 5,800 yen

Look out for it!!

15 April 2017

Bandai 66ACTION ROCKMAN Coming

If you are a Rockman video game fans, you be happy to know that another Rockman toy figure is release today in Japan under 66 Action series of Bandai.

This is a blind box each selling at 550 yen.

In this series there are total of 5 articulated Rockman character with one of the character a Secret.

Do note that even those this are small figures, the articulation and coloring is pretty decent.

Here's classic Rockman (Rockman)

X (Rockman X)

Rockman (Rockman EXE)

Rock · Wolnatt (Rockman DASH 2)

If you happen to see that in retail try your luck as all of them look good to me.

13 April 2017

Kotobukiya ARTFX 1/6 Wonder Woman Coming

For those who are looking for the Wonder Woman display, here's something you would certain be interested.

The figure is at 29cm in height and she comes with accessories like sword and shield.

There are 2 shields...

The other shield....

She wield 2 sword as well too

And the other sword....

Here is a full close up on Wonder Woman from the coming movie.

This figure will be on sale in July 2017 at the price point of 13,800 Yen. Look out for it!!

11 April 2017

COSPA ZAKU & Gundam Waist Pouch

For Gundam fans, having useful related lifestyle item is something that many asked for. So how about a Waist Pouch?

Well in June 2017, COSPA will be releasing 3 Gundam theme waist pouch for Gundam lover.

A green Zaku, Red Char's Zaku and Gundam MS waist pouch is in order!

You can wear it in the following manner.

Here is a scale to give you what you can fit in the waist pouch.

Each are sold separately at 5,800 YEN. So look out for it at any COSPA retailer at your location.

Which one will you buy?

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