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LEGO Syndrome

LEGO Syndrome
Disney Lego minifigures Syndrome villain that look better than the hero

Epoch Capsule Kart

Epoch Capsule Kart
Review on Epoch pose-able capsule kart and figure

Gunpla Expo 2016

Gunpla Expo 2016
Review on Gunpla Expo 2016 & GBWC 2016 Singapore


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Blitzway 1/6 Ghostbusters Preview

27 July 2016

During the SDCC 2016, Blitzway have revile their coming 1/6 inches figures the Original Ghostbusters and the likeness are super!!

From the uniform, head sculpt and right down to the equipements details are amazing.

Here's Peter Valkmen. 

Winston Zeddemore

Ray Stantz

and Egon Spengler

It even comes with proton beam effect and Slimmer with glowing effect it seems...

So far there is no news of releasing dates and it was said there will be 1/6 Ecto-1 with it too.

Also there would be 6" figures version of them. More news on these later!

Stick to Original guys!

Coming Hasbro Starwars 6" Black Series

25 July 2016

During the SDCC 2016, Hasbro has release more of the coming Starwars 6" Black series in plan.

Jedi Master Qui gon jinn from Episode 1. Would have to see the close up of the actual face expression for this.

Tusken Raiders, you need a group of them?

Red Guard which this no fan would also buy only one...

Lando Calrissian from the Empire Strike Back look.

Another characters from The Starwars Rebel series Hera Syndulla.

No release date was announced yet so fans need to saved the money and await for awhile.

More of this later.

Figma Frozen Queen Elsa Coming

23 July 2016

Alas! There is a Ice Queen that did close to justice for Queen Elsa for collectors and she is not alone....

Elsa will come with a translucent plastic ice effect cap which give her the grand look as an Ice Queen.

She will comes with 3 expression face with movable joints in her hair and some ice effect.

Thanks to figma movable joints, she can do some of the movie pose. Notice her vest has glittering?

She will comes with 3 expression face of which one offer the sing expression of "Let it Go!"

She is not alone as Olaf with some articulation in his arms and eyes is with her.  

Figma would be rolling her out in December 2016 for 7,560 yen. You can get her for some Christmas gift!

Let it go I say!! The cold doesn't bother her anyway. Hehehe

Play Toy HK VINART Gatchaman Vinyl Figure

20 July 2016

There are not much Gatchaman figure recently that is why when there are, it would be something exciting to old core fans.

These is a set of Gatchaman Vinyl Figure in retro design which the tallest is 11 inches.

There is an option to get as a set or individually.
So you can get Ken, Joe, Jun, Jinpei and Ryu.

They come with removable helmet and accessories which you can place on their hands.

You can get them at Playtoy official website

Figma FREEing Babies Angels Coming

18 July 2016

The Table Museum under Figma FREEing has been releasing many good looking statue figures. The sixth in the series are a set of two baby angel statues.

You can make them do the flying pose like those painting and even making them kiss!

Both of them having baby wings.

Ya I notice you notice their parts and you can make them pee as one of those famous baby peeing statue.

You can make them do the baby Bruce Lee pose too! Just bring it on!

For accessories, you can turn one as Cupid with a bow and arrow and a baby angel with blowing a trumpet.

These figure will be release in January 2017 at  5,800 Yen.

Ghostbusters 2016 movie review

16 July 2016

Many have their say about the new reboot Ghostbusters movie and here is my review of the movie after I catch it as I think it will be fair to make any statement without watching.

To begin with, some would say it is not fair to compare this with the old version but if they do not want people to compare, they should give it another name rather than using the same name, making reference of the old version and trying so hard to get all the older actors to make cameo.

No I didn't care to watch in 3D.

SPOILER Alert but since you not going to watch who cares right?

The Characters
Being a fair person that I am, I have to give credit where credit is due. All 4 of the actress are funny and it entertained me with their on screen humour.

Now with pleasantry out of the way, let me be frank. Now among 4 of them, 1 or 2 of them trying to play a scientist and for that it really hard for me to buy that idea because on the screen time , it does not come across to me they are smart or intelligent as a scientist. As for the engineer inventor, it did make me believe she can create those gadgets. Good job!

She is my favourite in the movie. 

I don't really get it why they need the character of Chris the beefcake to be in the movie. Is it to bring across the point that we use sexy woman and now replace by Hot guy like Thor. If that is the point, then point taken. However Chris did steal the screen time and attention no doubt especially when he is dancing.

Plot and screenplay
Now remember they use the same logo and tagline but that tag line never really come cross in the movie. It is just like using the same tag line and logo to get the fan to come in? Even the tagline doesn't make sense as the original Ghostbusters they did a advertisement of putting their number to call them and thus "Who you gonna call" make sense

Let's start from the beginning where someone just see the ghost, that very much duplicate the original ghostbusters screenplay which for a momment I thought it was good.  Then one by one you will see reference of the Ghostbusters actor appearing to the Cameo and it got people to be excited.

Now talking about Cameo it was not only the original actor but also the Ghost as well such as Marshmallow man, slimmer and the ghost that got electrocuted.

Unlike the original story where the Ghost appearance was a spiritual planning, this is actually a human planning to open a portal and rule human race. Instead of trying to be original, the ending was a giant Ghost which was the ghost form of the logo. That was a rip off I feel and have no originality.

Yes many fans want to bust you

Gadgets and Ecto-1
Now the Gadgets I have to say is cooler than before which is a good thing and all thanks to her.

Most of the fighting scene you will see the gadgets get into play and it is entertaining.

Final verdict 
So all in all is the movie entertaining? Yes the movie is entertaining if it is not called the Ghostbusters as in the movie even the girls do not really like that name as they originally only want to study Ghost and not solve people haunting issue.

Those original characters cameo at that time make me excited but they don't do much part in the movie and after the movie as I write this review, I asked myself why do they want to do that at all. I mean is it rather meaningless. I would rather these girls learned from the original Ghostbusters and take over the job from there.

Seriously how many girls would want to take a job like wearing overall, work in a dirty environment like slim and carry heavy equipment? Plus these group does not really seems to want to earn money and have endless supplies to build high end gadgets and remodel their car. Not to mention hire a Hot man as a vase sitting in the office to have some eye candy.

So should Ghostbusters fan watched this movie? It is entertaining (thanks to the actress to deliver the humour)  but after watching this movie, you will not remember this movie as related to the Ghostbusters because the story was very much like the original and it is not really scary as it should be. We know there will be a continuation like it or not because they are here to make money. So even if you watch it or not may not make a difference but it is just a waste that they want to touch the original and do a reboot because it was not necessary at all. Ghostbusters exist in the 80s era and that is that.

Please do an original actor for the Ghostbusters since some of them are still alive instead SONY.

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