21 July 2017


As SDCC 2017 preview trailers of the coming PACIFIC RIM:UPRISING, Bandai also show case 3 of the Jaeger of this series. Here are the preview of the toys to come on January 2018.

GIPSY AVENGER has been redesign to be more human looking as in the first movie it was destroyed.



No pricing at this point of time. How do you find the new design? Does it look better to you?

20 July 2017

EPOCH Passion Music Instrument Coming

If you have been collecting EPOCH figure, there are a new set of accessories and there are the musical instruments which have a Mexican feel.

Two different color of Guitarra.

Two different color of Gonga

Two different color of Bongo

Finally two different color of Sombrero and Maracas. The Sombrero can be wore on the head of the former figure in the series.

Each for 200 Yen. Total 8 different in a set.
Currently release in July 2017.

18 July 2017

Bandai Figure-rise Dragon Ball ANDROID 18 Model Kit

I have been waiting for sometime to get my hands on Dragonball Android 18 model kit ever since I heard about her and finally I got my hands on it.

Time to Open the Toy and build my Android!!

This was my first time to build the Figure-rise series and I bought it as it does not need much paint on it.

Let's look at the runners. I first notice the good looking shape of Android 18 faces that comes in 3.

There are other colors of the runners as we have yellow for hair and blue for her dressing. The skirt of hers was even made of soft silicon blue to make it having texture of mini-skirt.

For other parts that you can paint, they offer stickers such the eyes and the belt parts..

First I have to make her face and when I assemble it, I realised I am making it's own eyes!!

Next to fit the parts to her face...

Once inserted, Android 18 feature is complete!! Awesome right?

Here are all the 3 expressions and she really look good! Well done Bandai!

For her hair, that is equally challenging. It comes with various pieces.

But when you put it together Android 18 looks complete!!

The body do come with her Android core where her energy comes from...

When put it all together after coming to the third hours, Android 18 is formed. This is what they call sketch built. Without panelling, sanding and painting

I have to say this model kit within my expectation and this is my first Android 18 character!! More of her later when I do some work on this kit.

Watch this space people!

16 July 2017

LEGO MOC Stormtroopers Temple

What if Stormtrooper is a religion?

Ever wonder that? Well it would look like this. It's the Stormtrooper Temple...at least that what I will call it. :)

This is Minigray creation of his take of a Japanese Temple X Stormtroopers.

The color theme is clean and the temple design is simplify yet it give the feel of the temple.

The Stormtrooper as a big statue would give a Buddha feel and his followers paying respect to him.

Overall I love the simple design yet the theme is so obvious and clean cut.

You may see more of Minigray photos of this temple at his Flickr here

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