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Tomica Godzilla Car

Tomica Godzilla Car
Tomica has done justice to Godzilla for this car. Read more!

TMNT Leonardo

TMNT Leonardo
From the movie in 2007 comes the TMNT.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons
Meet the Simpsons Family in LEGO!


The first Official Ghostbusters from LEGO, Ecto-1 review

Transformers: Robots in Disguise Toys preview

19 August 2014

Do you know there will be a new animated series from the Transformers series and it is called Transformers: Robots in Disguise.

Here are some of the preview of the toys in the series.

Bumblebee has been redesign and this is the Warrior class.

Another Bumblebee from the Transformers Robots in Disguise Hyperchange as this version should be a easy change toy...

Transformers Robots in Disguise Legion class Strongarm...

Transformers Robots in Disguise One-Step Changer Sideswipe and you may have notice there is a Chinese wording "SPEED" on the chest of this toy.

The only Decepticon that was expose was this Transformers Robots in Disguise One-Step Changer Underbite

There is a Transformers Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime in Legion scale...

Hope there will be more to share in time to come. Are you excited for the new Tranformers animation TV series?

LEGO Ghostbusters Logo add-on

18 August 2014

While I enjoy my LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 toys, it kinda bother me that the uniform of the Ghostbusters lack of more Ghostbusters' logo.

You can see the whole uniform of all 4 Ghostbusters do not have the Ghostbuster's logo. Why is there such lack of details. I am not the only one that is being bother by the way. At such some third party have done a solution to resolve this issue.

Here is four right arms of Ghostbusters arms that have the Ghostbusters logo on it. 

Like you, I am concern that this third party add on do the color scheme of the replacement hands look different in shades.  Here is a comparison of the Original without logo arms and the one which does from the third party.  

The toning was good. You can see in the close up the logo is much like a sticker.

Here are all four of them with the change of the arms with the Logo.

Did you see the effect of the Ghostbusters?

I still couldn't understand why such detail were left out. You know fans are buying this series and if they want to honor the franchise, such minuet details will not slip through fans. And to complete the look, collectors will buy more just to have the better effect.

What do you think? Does it look better now?

TMNT 2007 movie Donatello

16 August 2014

My final review of the TMNT 2007 movie figure is Donatello.

Here is the Bio card that talk about some facts of Donatello in the movie...

Out of box, Donatello look good and lean.

His weapon the Bo hang nicely at his back. This however is the first time I see this weapon hanging straight down as the usual are much diagonal.

This Donnie look angry and more serious that I imagine him to be...

With his weapon on his hands, he really mean business even when striking a pose...

Don't joke around, he is a Bo master. 

He comes with the most gadgets in terms of all four turtles. Just see what he has!

One of which was this goggle that suppose to help him to see better but when he wear it, just make me think otherwise... 

Actually No... I will keep the comment to myself then. :P

He was also given a swing hook for him to reach places high or far I suppose...

One of his gadget then was having a Mobile device...do note that in the year 2007, smart phone was not even on the market and all were using buttons...

There we have it. All four Turtles of the 2007 movie reviewed! They look awesome standing together...

What took me so long to review them? Guess I kept them some place out of sight, out of mind until the recent movie release that I went look for this figures. LOL

I have yet to see the latest TMNT but do you think this version of TMNT toys are better than the current ones?

1:4 Enterbay Mr Bean

15 August 2014

Many excitement is generated with the news of a life like picture of Mr. Bean 1:4 toys to be produced. It was from Enterbay.

It comes with many accessories that fans of the TV series will remember like his favorite Teddybear

But the scale of this Teddy seems to be much smaller in the series....

There was also a steering wheel.

Not to mention a brown suit case for his travel...

The suit case can fill up with the Steering wheel and the Teddy bear!

The bonus was the Turkey that stuck on his head when he tried to cook for Christmas or Thanksgiving.

It comes with 2 heads, under pants, shorts, few pair of hands and even a air ticket!

This is one of his signature look for Mr Bean.

Many now request for a 1:6 with is a 12" figure release. Nonetheless on the product photo Enterbay did a good job on bring Mr. Bean to the collector world.

TMNT 2007 Movie Michelangelo

13 August 2014

Michelangelo is one of the TMNT that everyone loves. I mean who would say he/she hate Mikey right? So among the series I was excited for Mikey but this was one that destroy this series of figure.

Here is the packaging of the Michelangelo...Notice anything outstanding?

Why you may asked? Because of his eyes that determine the expression. Here's a comparison of the Mikey in the movie and the actual toy... See his eyes?

Now you may say maybe I was unlucky to grab one of this (thankfully this was a gift for my birthday some years back) but No, all of the Mikey was painted in this way!! I wonder what was the intention of the maker of these toys.....

The card stated the Bio of Mikey and even the toy photo of Mikey look kind of the same...

Out of box, Mikey look good (except the face)...

The back look really awesome (because cannot see the silly look of it's face) and the Nunchakus look great hanging at the back of his shell.

With out much effect, the Nunchaku can put of Mikey's hands and he is off in action.With that look and Nunchas, really let the enemies to think twice as it is like a mad man swing those Nunchas away. LOL

Another accessories that comes with this figure was a skateboard which Mikey love to travel with.

This is one plain Skateboard which to me I think Mikey would have decorate it even a little....

At the bottom was as plain as the top. If you must know, the wheels do roll but not as smooth as you expect it to be.

Okay time to get Mikey up on this skateboard!

The figure balance well on this skateboard but as I mention, the wheels are not so smooth to roll in particular but allow good balance when standing.,.

I wish there were more good features I can talk about Mikey but still the painted eyes really bother me. I guess this is what Mikey would say...

Yes he is not silly nor crazy. So why did this happen to him?

More on my final review on Donatello later.

Deluxe Thunderbird 2 by Bandai Europe (2004)

11 August 2014

"Have you heard of International Rescue?"; "Sure, but no one knows who runs the outfit. Where do they come from?"

When people are in danger of disaster proportions, they know they can count on International Rescue to send their Thunderbirds rescue vehicles to the disaster site and save the day. This was the idea of Gerry Anderson who created the original Thunderbirds TV show in the 1960s.

Fast forward to year 2004, a “Thunderbirds” live-action movie was made to reboot the franchise. Bandai Europe made a series of toys based on this movie and the Deluxe Thunderbird 2 (now discontinued) is one of them

This is the Deluxe Thunderbird 2 toy based on the “Thunderbirds” movie released in 2004. The toy is 11 inches long is size and comes with all three rescue vehicles featured in the same movie. The toy also comes with lights and sounds effects.

The Thunderbird 2 is International Rescue’s heavy transport aircraft. Its function is to send smaller rescue vehicles directly to the disaster site. The toy is nicely packed in a bubble plastic glued onto the cardboard.

The Thunderbird 2 toy is painted in gloss green, yellow and red and modeled just like the same rescue vehicle featured in the 2004 movie. You can use the provided bubble to prop the Thunderbird 2 in flight mode or extend the “legs” to stand the aircraft in landing mode.

The highlight of Thunderbird 2 has to be the unloading of the rescue vehicles via the pods it carries. This toy allows you to release the respective three pods as seen in the movie.

This Thunderbird 2 toy is carries all three rescue vehicles (clockwise from top left), Mole, Firefly and Thunderbird 4.

I love the fact that Bandai included all three rescue vehicles featured in the movie. (Clockwise from top left) The Firefly is a fire rescue vehicle which can bulldoze its way to the source of a fire and extinguish the fire via the pressurized water and foam delivered from its turrets. The Mole is an underground rescue vehicle which can excavate great depths to reach under underground disaster zone. The Thunderbird 4 is International Rescue’s underwater rescue vehicle

Last but not least, the Deluxe Thunderbird 2 can built-in lights and sounds effects. You operate the lights and sounds by pressing the rectangular button nearest to the rear lights.

I think the Deluxe Thunderbird 2 toy by Bandai Europe is beautifully made. Although the 2004 “Thunderbirds” movie is much hated by critics, this 11 inch size toy is a joy to handle and looks impressive on its own. All the buttons I needed to operate the toy are cleverly designed on the Thunderbird 2 body itself. The supplementary rescue vehicles, Firefly, Mole and Thunderbird 4 included in this set are nicely painted and they make Thunderbird 2 complete.

In my opinion, I would say “Thunderbirds Are Go!”

Thank you Yeetat for your personal review of this collection.


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