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Mono Eye Group Build

Mono Eye Group Build
See how Monoeye Gundam Builder did for this group build

Re-ment Skeleton

Re-ment Skeleton
A fun review of what this Skeleton can do

Legendary Mega Zord

Legendary Mega Zord
From the Power Ranger Super Mega Force the Mega Zord review

Neca Pacific Rim

Neca Pacific Rim
Neca improve version of Gipsy Danger and it's awesome

Project Diva Arcade Megurine Luka Sega Premium Figure

24 May 2015

Megurine Luka is another female vocaloid that I fancy. She is one of the mature Vocaloid in the gang.
Since she have it's own Premium Figure as SEGA prize, I decided to get her.

In the illustration of the box, Luka look rather young but I am glad for once the figure look different from packaging.  

Megurine Luka is the more mature lady in the whole vocaloid gang. To me I will consider her as a woman rather than a girl.

Pink hair hardly works on mature ladies but to her it fit her really well.

You can see that her dressing are more classy with gold and brown theme. Much of the brown would make me think it is leather of some kind. She is the Number 3 vocaloid created.

The pose really bring out her figure on the whole...

Even her back pose she look sweet because of her pink hair.

Unlike Miku, she only wear one side of her arm warmer or control pad.

There is a huge golden pendant on her costume and it seems to work rather well for her style.

Next is her golden high boots. That really works for her.

Over all the wind effect and pose score for the figure and that is the reason I get this figure for display.

In short I do like Megurine Luka. She one of those few vocaloid that I like.

Do you like Megurine Luka?

S.H.Figuarts Starwars Darth Maul Coming

18 May 2015

In September 2015, S.H.Figuarts will be releasing Darth Maul for Starwars series.

This is quite a good pose able figure.

Making some side kicks...

Jumping pose...

Swing around pose...

It comes with 2 heads with different expressions.

It does not seems it give him the hood on mode tho. If they have that it would be rather perfect.
The selling at listed price for 5,500 Yen. Look out for it in September people.

The DC Justice League Run 2015 Singapore

16 May 2015

Race with your DC heroes in Singapore!!

Calling all DC fans! There will be The DC Justice League Run 2015 on ​Sunday​, ​30 August, 2015 at 7AM to 10AM at Sentosa, Interim Carpark

The DC Justice League Run will feature a 5kilometre timed fun run around the Sentosa Island. Participants get to represent their favourite Super Heroes and race to get their team labelled as the Fastest Hero of the Year.

The core line-up of the race features: Superman, the most powerful hero in the world; Batman, the apex of physical and mental human achievement; Wonder Woman, the Amazon’s princess and greatest warrior; Green Lantern, an intergalactic cop armed with his own power ring; and the super-fast Flash.

In addition to the run, there will be post-race fringe activities for participants to look forward to, as well as a merchandise booth of collectibles.

Registration will be at  SGD $55 (Pre-registration) $60 (Early Bird) $70 (Normal).

More detail can be found at ​ http://www.dcjusticeleaguerun.com.sg/ ​or ​ https://www.facebook.com/dcjusticeleaguerunsg​.

Think you can run like super heroes? Join the fun!!

I am Groot! Bootleg

13 May 2015

Perhaps the most popular Guardian of the Galaxy would be Groot and it is rather rare to get the toy in the market and when I saw him, I know I got to get him.

Yes this is actually not a LEGO official Groot because I don't think Official LEGO have this version.

You can call this a bootleg so Decool is the name.

Let's Open the Toy!

This is how Groot toy look like and he look quite good as I remember in the movie.

I think they even improvise some details like the roots or vines on his legs to the chest...

The face they give him a normal expression which is alright as he look the same cool most of the time.

Here is the size comparison between the Rocket who is not the official LEGO too....

I decided to put the bootleg Hulk into the picture to give a scale look. It seems Groot is right with it scale as a tall guy.

As you know the popular ones in Guardians of the Galaxy would be Rocket and Groot. You know they are a great team...

Okay.... but what is seen cannot be unseen.

It is a good thing to have these 2 toys together.

Ya these are bootlegs while some called it LEGO inspire as officially LEGO do not have this design and look they said...

Play Arts Variant Spider-Man Coming

11 May 2015

Here comes your friendly Neighborhood Spider-man by Square Enix this time round. Here is the preview of the figure.

If you know Play arts series style it is rather armor type and I have to say this suit design is something refreshing for Spidey.

The front and back have a lot of good detail of web and muscles.

It is pose able even to do his usual pose like shooting his web.

Here are the list of accessories for playability.

This Spidey will be swinging to you in August 2015 at 12,000 Yen .

So get ready to catch this Spider!

Project Diva Arcade Meiko Sega Premium Figure

09 May 2015

There are only a handful of Vocaloid that I like beside Miku Hatsune. One of them is Meiko and when I saw the SEGA premium figure, I know I got to have one my hands on one of them.

This is how Meiko look like in Project Diva Arcade version.

And here is how the actual Premium figure looks. She is tall and sunny!

The quality of a good figure is the fact that it need to look great by all sides and this figure met that requirement to me.

The detail was there with her headphone with logo of her name on it. Unfortunately the painting was not that idea for the one that I get... Nonetheless the plastic glossy looks was actually how her costume look like in the game.

You can see the highlights of her brown hair too.

The figure actually paint the detail on her nails which she always like red nail paints.

For Meiko, she wear boots and in this pose she did a tip toe.... You maybe wondering why. The reason one a girl tip toe, the butt will look firmer and better. That is why they wear high heels.

You can see her define figure on her pose at the back but no underwear for you to look as she is wearing cycling shorts like her look in the game. 

For the down looking up, this Meiko figure still look good. Nice tummy.

Regardless the lack of good paint job, this figure still look amazing as she look just like in the game and her MV.

She seems like extending her hands to you. Would you take it?

I know I would.


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