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Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping
We have made a list of what to buy for toys for this Christmas

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6
Meet this Baymax toy from Bandai

LUGSing Extravaganza

LUGSing Extravaganza
The Singapore LEGO® fans building their community event

McDonalds One Piece

McDonalds One Piece
See the whole set of McDonalds One Piece figures review

Transformers Powerglide Combiner Wars

21 December 2014

Transformers fan are mostly old school and when I chance on the new remake Autobots Powerglide from the new Combiner Wars series, I know I have to have him in my collection.

It has great articulations and I love it. So much so I did a simple video review on this Powerglide by Hasbro.

Do you like this figure? Do comment, subscribe and let me know if you enjoy the video review.

White PS4 Season Greeting Pack

20 December 2014

What's under my Christmas tree?!

It's a PS4 and is something I got for myself this Christmas after much consideration and price seem to be lower now. Plus it look quite a good deal.

I did a video on this review. Hope you guys like it!

I am still new to PS4 and exploring the possibility and fun of it. Comment and subscribe if you like to see more video on the gaming or more video review in time to come.

BANDAI Movie Realization Stormtrooper coming

18 December 2014

Not too long ago, in the galaxy here, Bandai release a Movie realization version of Samurai Shogan Darth Vader and following that success, they are releasing the Samurai Storm troopers!!

Instead of giving them a pure white dress code, they did a good thing to give a Ivory color that make it more authentic.

As it was in the age of Samurai, even the blaster look more to that era of steampunk with wood handle and metal barrel.

Look good holding both weapon although I still love them holding the samurai sword...

With Darth vader and 2 of the Stormtroppers on the side, they really look awesome!

Each of these Storm trooper will be releasing in May 2015 at 7,800Yen. If you want them, better save up!

Hottoys Little Groot at Toy Soul 2014

17 December 2014

It is a surprised to know that Hot toys will be selling the Guardians of the Galaxy little Groot at Toy Soul 2014 a Toy show in Hongkong from 19 to 21 December 2014.

This 1/4 Hot Toys Little Groot comes with 3 interchangeable head sculpts, special paint application to reflect his distinctive appearance, and bendable arms and body to recreate Little Groot’s dancing scene to your liking.

The actual height is about 12cm due to the 1/4 scale. It will be pricing at HKD $260 at the event.

That being said, why not make a 1:1 Little Groot Hot toys?!

Also will it throw in the MP3 and make it dance too! :P

Transformers Combiner Wars in Singapore Now

Great news Transformers fan, the original 2015 line from Hasbro Transformers Combiner wars was spotted at Singapore retail! How that happen I don't know but just hit them if you can now Transformers fan!

You will have voyager class like Optimus Prime and Silverbolt for the main body of the combiner mode.

The Deluxe class are more for the arms and legs of the Combiner mode. On retail these deluxe was selling at $31.90 SGD. Yes the price went up.

Here is an example of the Conbimer mode. You need the following to form the Ultra Prime with Optimus prime as a chest.

If you have Silverbolt, it would be another choice., you may notice the deluxe figure can be both arm or leg to this two Combiners. Interesting right?

There are some interesting G1 Transformers which I delighted to see. Like Powerglide and Bombshell! There are the Legends class but they are not as tiny as the previous Legends line. There are sold at retail for SGD$19.90 tho...

Interesting line indeed that get some G1 Transformers fan like me excited.

Do you agree?

3A Transformers Movie Bumblebee Coming

15 December 2014

3A has been doing some big robot figure which is above 12" like their Real Steel series. Now 3A obtained the license of the movie Transformers and they will be releasing 17" figures of the Bumblebee in this month!

I have to say the details and scale look amazing from the movie series.

They even include the battle mask of Bumblebee/.

Regardless of the details, I doubt this series Transformers will not be able to transform as much as we wished it should be.

Here are the others Transformers Movie figure to come like Optimus Prime in January 2015 while
Megatron and Starscream in February 2015.

If you are a big fan of the movie, why not get this version?


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