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Model kit from the Yo-Kai Watch series review

Re-ment Skeleton

Re-ment Skeleton
A fun review of what this Skeleton can do

Legendary Mega Zord

Legendary Mega Zord
From the Power Ranger Super Mega Force the Mega Zord review

Seeker Squadron

Seeker Squadron
Transformers Platinum Edition Seeker Squadron 3-Pack Review

Hot Toys MMS307 T-800 Guardian Terminator: Genisys

04 July 2015

With the release of Terminator Genisys, it make logical assumption that fans who collect 1/6 figures would want to have the latest Terminator. So again Hot toys is giving that to you but this figure would only be out in the first quarter of 2016.

Here are the preview shot of Arnold Schwarzenegger (or a much older toward senior years) still wearing the evergreen look of black leather jacket.

Just look at the figure make you think you are in the movie.

With the sunglass it is so iconic!!

The figure will come with additional head with the special effect of exposing the exoskeleton on one side of his face.

All he need is a shotgun and everything will be terminated.

You can put the sunglasses on this head too. No glowing eye effect tho....

This figure offer simple accessories but don't expect this to be cheap because it will not be.

If T-800 of  Terminator: Genisys is out, you can imagine which other characters will be following... ;)

Project BUILD BCA with LEGO

02 July 2015

There's a new project in town that uses LEGO in Singapore.

It is project build Universal Design by using LEGO pieces. This mean you must build something for everyone including different society, ages group and having in mind for the limited mobility personnel. You may read more of the Universal Design at the http://projectbuild.sg/#menu-universal

This contest are more for adults to put on thinking cap to design and build good design.

To enter this contest, you have to form a team from 2 to 4 person. You will need to register with a fee of $25 per team and you will get a LEGO® Starter Kit worth over $40 as shown below.

* Photo credit to Kelvin

You are also entitle a free workshop for a free LEGO Education Workshop on 4, 5 and 8 JULY (you may see more detail here)

The Registration closes 31 July 2015 and Submission closes 14 Aug 2015.
You may read more of the term and condition at http://projectbuild.sg/term-conditions/

Here are the prizes
1st prize : $5,000 + Trophy + LEGO Education set
2nd Prize : $3,000 + Trophy + LEGO Education set
3rd Prize : $2,000 + Trophy + LEGO Education set
4th Prize : $1,000 + Certificate
5th Prize : $800 + Certificate
15 Merit Prizes : $500 + Certificate each

You may go to here to register!  Do note this is open to to all Singapore citizens and residents only.

S.H.Figuarts 1st Appearance of Super Saiyan Gokun

30 June 2015

It took sometime or maybe running out of idea for Bandai to release the first appearance of Super Saiyan Son Gokun when he was battling Freiza in the S.H.Figuarts version.

Thanks to Freiza for triggering the anger of Gokun to achieve that stage where he shouting at Freiza!

Particularly I love the broken shirt effect but I find the body is too clean to be manga accurate. If it is battle damage it should have some wounds. Who knows that effect will be another version for some SDCC exclusive in years to come as same mold just repaint.

I have to say the design seem like good improvement but how many version of Goku do you think the fan can actually afford??

Releasing in November 2015 with the listed price of 5,200Yen.

Here is the official advertisement

Are you willing to get this version?

McDonalds Lava Shooting Kevin Minion

28 June 2015

Well Well Well... The release of the new Minion movie has mcdonald releasing new series of Minions toys and this is the second week. I manage to get the Kevin as in the new movie he got his cool Lava gun!

The instruction of the packaging is clear. It will not shoot lava but it will light up the gun giving it Lava effect. It need batteries which already included, switch and trigger to activate this feature.

The look of Kevin is good just like the movie. Even to scale among this collectible series, Kevin remain as the tallest one.  He is the inspiration of all minions...

Now to turn on the Lava effect you got to do two steps. First move the switch to 1 from 0...

Next pull the trigger back and you should see the lava gun lighting up. Does it look like Lava effect??

Here is one in full darkness...I find it is fun for kids if they put on some imagination. You have to remain pulling the trigger to achieve this Lava effect tho. 

Okay Play time!! Let's put the lava to work to see if it can melt this butter. Go Kevin!!!!!

OMG!! the butter is melting!!!  That's awesome!!!

Kids at home do not try this. Kevin is a train professional. 

Keep the imagination going kids and have fun!!

My Visit to Imperial Studio Singapore Toy shop

26 June 2015

I was invited to a new toy shop opening focusing on 1:6 Hot toys figures and customization. It was done by a group of young Toys collectors who have a passion for toys. They are Imperial Studio Singapore.

They have good display on Iron man with a animated display (which I failed in capturing but it is best you go down in person to take a look)...but there are lots of display....

They provide services for:
- Pre-orders of collectible toys
- Customisation of your collectible toys
- Restoration of old collectible toys

Here are some of their customised works...
Robocop repaint to Robocop 2 in shade of blue...

Steampunk Tony Stark which is custom

I love the helmet!!

You can see much of love of 1/6 figures in the shop as the owners proudly display their own collections...

Apparently they have point system for members to pre-order with them. Something for collectors to consider.

They are situated at 111 North Bridge Road Peninsula Plaza #04-32, Singapore 179098 and opening daily.

You can visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/imperialstudiosingapore
or visit their webpage at http://www.imperialstudio.com.sg/

If you have the time, do visit them.

SDCC 2015 Transformers Combiner Wars Devastator Coming

25 June 2015

Talking about the SDCC 2015 on 9–12 July 2015, HASBRO will be releasing the special edition Transformers Combiner Wars Devastator for the SDCC.

Now there are a regular Transformers Combiner Wars Devastator  but that will be releasing in the Fall of  2015 at USD $149.99.  You can see the color scheme is a bit different. The regular release is more close to G1 color.

Here are some of the close up of each of the deluxe class Constructicon.

For Devastator, Size does matter. Here is how it is combine with the SDCC color theme edition.

This piece will be selling at listed price of USD $179.99 and only exclusive to that event.

Now the choice is very much up to you but one thing for sure, this could be the best Devastator from Hasbro.


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