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Tomica Godzilla Car

Tomica Godzilla Car
Tomica has done justice to Godzilla for this car. Read more!

Senshi Sengoku Astray

Senshi Sengoku Astray
The BB version of Gundam Bulid Fighters Gunpla review

The Simpsons

The Simpsons
Meet the Simpsons Family in LEGO!


The first Official Ghostbusters from LEGO, Ecto-1 review

The new Shell V-Power LEGO® Collection

16 September 2014

Since Singapore is having the F1 race this month, Shell is having Shell V-Power LEGO collection!

Ferrari F138 (29 Aug - 11 Sept 2014)

Finish Line and Podium (12 Sept - 25 Sept 2014)

Ferrari 250 GTO (26 Sept - 9 Oct 2014)

Ferrari 512 S (10 Oct - 23 Oct 2014)

Shell Station and LEGO Minifigure (24 Oct - 6 Nov 2014)

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (7 Nov - 20 Nov 2014)

Shell Tanker Limited Edition which is only on sale at a limited time only.

In order for you to purchase these toys, you are entitled to buy maximum 2 pieces for every $60 of Shell Fuel*.
$5.95/model with Shell V-Power
$8.95/model with Shell FuelSave 98, 95 or Shell Diesel

More information can be found at Shell Singapore

Heath Ledger The Dark Knight Joker Capsule Review

14 September 2014

It's my pleasure to get these set of Capsule toys that I shared a couple of months ago. It's Heath Ledger as The Joker series!

There are total of 5 in this series and each of them have so much detail and likeness of the Heath Ledger as The Joker. Let's Open the Toy and review it!

First in the list, The Joker at the street of Gotham in the middle of night challenging Batman.

He stood his ground provoking Batman to hit him with his bike...

The maddest in him was obvious and you can see that passion on this toy as well!

Next, the scene when the Joker introducing himself to the gang of Gotham. Being all prepared and walk out of that gang unharmed.

He left them a card. Just look at the detail of the card and be mindful this is a toy not taller than 5cm!

Even from the back, you can see the detail of the card.

Next you guess it...

Remember the part when Joker is among the bank robber?

He disguised himself as a regular person as you can see he dye his hair brown for that.

Remember kids, Whatever that does not kill you makes you.....Stranger. Hehehe

If happiness is of anything, he when the Joker drove in a stolen police car sticking his head out to enjoy the sensation of the Gotham night.  You will notice the GPD details on the police car which mean Gotham Police Department.

Maybe he is smelling the fears and feeding himself with it.

He even stick his tongue out behaving like a dog enjoying the ride.

For this toy, you can see the watermark of the maker at the bottom of the Police vehicle. Don't expect the wheels to roll tho.

Last but not least the famous scene when he was capture by Batman hanging upside down.

This toy even work on the back of the Joker with those hidden details...

The Gold was the accuracy of the expression capture in that scene when his master plan was to turn Gotham white knight to be a mad villain like him.

His joy was to see the world burn! What will Batman do with such evil and madness?

If you are a fan like I am for The Dark Knight, these are one series you got to get hold of.

I am glad I never missed this series. If you do, do not worry as there will be another release in November due to popular demand.

Do you think you want these set of Joker?

GBWC 2014 @ Gundam Expo Singapore 2014

11 September 2014

Trust me when I say this year the GBWC entries is good. Partly because the event now provide suitable lighting and enough space for the model kit entries to display.

As there are quite a lot of entries, here are just a couple I want to share for now...

The details....

I love this vegetation and composure. Zakus!!


Guntank and troopers!

One of my favorite! Love the Axe and colors.

This pose is good! Floating feel!

I enjoyed this one the best! Why? Look at the details!!

Can you spot someone?

No matter how many photo can be taken, nothing beats looking at the details with your own eyes. So if you can and you are able to go down, see for yourself and enjoy them as contestants put in hardwork for these entries.

Remember if you are there, do join our Giveaway for winning some Model kits!!

Updated: More entires can be seen at our facebook album here

Gundam Expo 2014 Begins

10 September 2014

Today is the first day of the Singapore Gundam Expo 2014 and this time is in a new location in the central of the town, Bugis+ (former known as illuma).

The year the topic was the Gundam mobile suit 35th Anniversary tribute!

There was a event section on it with various Gundam!

There's also Gundam Build Fighters section as one of the good anime series this year.

The two BB Gundam in this series so far.

Load of HG accessories add-ons...

And of course the Gunpla!

The MG of this series so far...

There was also a corner where there is a 3D show where it is a dark window beside Gundam Build Fighters Try!

Oh yes the new series that follow 7 years after Gundam Build Fighters, Gundam Build Fighters Try

Here are the preview kits! HG Lightning Gundam!

HG Powered Arms Powerder...

HG Powered GM Cardigan

HG Winning Gundam...

HG Burning Gundam!

There was a section for the coming movie Gundam Origin and also another series Gundam Reconguista in G.

HG Gundam G-Self



Gundam G Arukein

Not forgetting there are also a section for Gundam Duel Company games!

At the event for 2 weeks, there are various activities happening on the stage and also Gunpla caravan where children can learn to build a Gunpla in the weekdays.

Remember if you make purchase over SGD$50 during the Gundam Expo, you can enter a lucky draw to win some prizes!

This report only cover minimal of what is happening at Gundam Expo. Best if you have time tomorrow to drop by to take a look for yourself.

That being said, Open the Toy will be having a Gundam giveaway of Gundam model kit happening at our facebook page which is open to all in Singapore. You may read more on the detail here.

Before I end, here's the Bandai Girl for the opening of the event!

This event will be on from 10 to 21 September 2014 at Bugis+ Atrium from 10am to 10pm.

Continue to GBWC2014 at Gundam Expo!


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