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Hasbro Millennium Falcon

Hasbro Millennium Falcon
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Toy Investment Facts
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Gundam Barbatos

Gundam Barbatos
Review on the Bandai 1/100 Gundam Barbatos


From the Weldo Mixels alternate built with instruction

Dragonball Figmes Review

30 April 2016

I remember I shared about Bandai coming out some "LEGO" looking figure and I happen to have a chance to get myself one box of the Figmes Dragonball figures.

This is the first series and they are all in blind box and having 8 characters in this series.

The characters included are Normal Son Goku, Normal Vegeta, Super Saiyan Goku, Super Saiyan Vegeta, Piccolo, Prefect Cell, Frieza and Kuririn ...

I was hoping to get at least Goku or Vegeta but I got a Kuririn .. The figure comes with candy gum and stand that have round peg for figure to stand on.

So anyway decided to Open the Toy to kind of have a feel of this figure and the texture was smooth and having no sharp edges which is good for safety reason. Every detail are printed for this figure

This figure have the same articulation points as LEGO minifigures.

However the bottom of the feet do not have circle holes like LEGO but Square on instead.

Just like in the Manga or anime the back of Kuririn is having a the symbol. They are no circular holes at the back of his legs like LEGO.

However on the top of his head, you will see there's a hole. what is purpose, I don't really know....

The figure can break a part and I think if you have more Figmes, you can get to switch parts.

Since I was mentioning quite a lot of LEGO references, I decided to put a LEGO figure to stand toe to toe for comparision.

You will notice figmes edges are all rounded and the plastic look different from LEGO. Nonetheless, the height seems to be the same....

Both Figmes and LEGO are having c-clip hands in design...

Now let's see if I can swap part between Figmes and LEGO. You will notice the joints are different as well as Figmes are totally round while LEGO was kind of hexagon shape.

Due to the differences, the parts of the leg and body are not interchangeable. Yes I tired.

The only thing that can change was the hair. Now Kuririn look so different like Disney Aladdin with that hair. LOL

So there you have it. Dragonball Figmes figure which to me is strange why Bandai want to venture into this design as it is not like they have other stuff to compliment this figure design such as building or vehicles....

Well I would like to hear from you why do you think why Bandai produce this series of figure?

HI-METAL R MACROSS VF-1A Valkyrie Coming

28 April 2016

Hi-Metal series of Macross have release quite a number of model and finally the normal VF-1A is going to release!

Here is the walker Mode....

And the Jet mode loaded with missiles.

Releasing in September 2016 at price point of 6,800 Yen

Movie Realization Samurai Spider-man Coming

26 April 2016

Since Tamashii Nations was releasing Starwars for Movie Realization, now it move to Marvel universe and the first one was Spider-man make into Samurai design.

To me it was not a big surprise that the Japanese would pick Spider-man to be first for the Marvel as back in the 70s, Japanese have their own spider-man story on TV.

However I have a bone to pick that if they want to make a Samurai era of Spider-man, he would be fitting to be a Shinobi (Ninja) than a samurai due to his dexterity nature.

Yet they have to make Spider-man as a Samurai....

Nonetheless, they include the crawl and other range weapon as Spider-man would choose...

The weapon would be more like a hook that flew from his wrist just like a spider web.

This figure is schedule to release on August 2016 at the list price of 8,800 yen

What do you think of this version of Movie Realization Samurai Spiderman figure?

Preview of LEGO Mixels Series 9

24 April 2016

LEGO Mixels fans, these are some first look of the characters.

There are 3 new Tribes.

The Newzer Tribe which is much like reporter equipment or vehicle in nature.

 Myke (41580) which is like reporter Microphone, Camsta (41579) which is a heli-camera and Screeno (41578) which is like TV screen with a microphone.

Next is the Nndjas tribe which consist of Mysto (41577) a ninja with a hat looking like a old grand master, Cobrax (41575) which is snake-like in nature with sai weapons and Spinza (41576) a spinning ninja with 2 katana sword.

Finally the Trashoz tribe which is more garbage related keeping everything clean. Gobbol (41572) which is  trash bin looking. Sweepz (41573) a road sweeper and Compax (41574) a cleaning machine like brushes hand (unique parts).

No official date yet but we shall wait shall we?

Saitama DXF Figure One Punch Man Coming

23 April 2016

One Punch Man fans rejoice as there will be a good looking Saitama display figure coming our way!!

It comes with a good looking box with illustration of the figure. 

Here is an sample of the display toy that is said to be 19cm in height.

One Punch would be a hot figure at UFO machine in Japan for sure.

This is in my opinion the best look Saitama so far.

Okay maybe the cap fly too high...what do you think?

This Saitama will be release on July 2016...

The priced around $38 USD... Will you still want to get this?

One Punch!!!

S.H.Figuarts Captain America: Civil War Black Panther Coming

21 April 2016

While we are awaiting Civil War to begin next week, S.H.Figuarts have release news of the coming figure Blank Panther in Captain America : Civil War.

Not too sure of the origin of the movie version but the costume look quite modern and smart.

It has the necklace of the raw claw or tooth giving it the essence of the Black Panther character in the older comics.

In some way the mask of Black Panther give a look of Iron Man to me.

The figure is set to release in November 2016 at the listed price of 6,480 yen.

No claw was shown in this figure tho. LOL

Oh this seems to be a web exclusive too!

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