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Mono Eye Group Build

Mono Eye Group Build
See how Monoeye Gundam Builder did for this group build

Re-ment Skeleton

Re-ment Skeleton
A fun review of what this Skeleton can do

Legendary Mega Zord

Legendary Mega Zord
From the Power Ranger Super Mega Force the Mega Zord review

Neca Pacific Rim

Neca Pacific Rim
Neca improve version of Gipsy Danger and it's awesome

RE-MENT Pose Skeleton Dinosaur Series Coming

22 April 2015

Coming in July 2015, Re-ment is releasing the Dinosaur series.  Yes it is dino bones with great articulation.

Here is Poseable Skeleton Dinosaur Series 101 - Tyrannosaurus Rex going for 1,650 Yen

Poseable Skeleton Dinosaur Series 102 - Triceratops at 1,650 Yen

Poseable Skeleton Dinosaur Series 103 - Stegosaurus at 1,650 Yen

Poseable Skeleton Dinosaur Series 104 - Brontosaurus at 2,000 Yen

Poseable Skeleton Dinosaur Series 105 - Pteranodon for 1,350 Yen

Poseable Skeleton Dinosaur Series 106 - Ankyrosaurus at 1,350 Yen

Poseable Skeleton Dinosaur Series 107 - Pachycephalosaurus at 1,350 Yen

I would take that some of these are different in height but the same scale. It would certainly be interesting to see how it turn out.

The down side would be how the public will response as these quite hard to go with the same theme with the human skeleton unlike the dog skeleton.

What do you think?

Tsum Tsum Elsa Plush

20 April 2015

Everyone Tsum Tsum player have their own favorite character and mine is Elsa with her frozen power help me to achieve over a million in score. Since I love it so much, I got Elsa as a Tsum Tsum plush!

This is from Disney Store (which I hope it is since there is no Disney Store in Singapore that I have to get from third party).

This was priced at 500 Yen but I paid double for that... How I wished I was in Japan to get this at that price....

Elsa have her "Let it go" dress and her pigtail.

As a Tsum Tsum, Elsa look good as the color theme. Cooling effect.

As  for the front look, the plush have likeness of the Tsum Tsum Elsa just this is more furry as it is a real plush.

My child also like Tsum Tsum and he like to stack it on his head pretending he is a Tsum Tsum. Hehehe

I have thoughts of getting more of Elsa so I can do the link of more than 3 like in the game but that is quite an investment... Let's see how.

Which Tsum Tsum character is your favorite?

Power Ranger Wild Force Red Lion

18 April 2015

This is one of the Super Mega Force add on that I love. It is the Wild Force Red Lion! ROAR!!

The Key figure for this Zord is the Red Wild Force Red Ranger.

This Lion allow 2 form of add on to the Basic Mega Zord from the Super Mega Force.

Out of the box I simply love the Lion shape and features. Here is the scale of the Ranger and the Lion.

The mouth of the Lion allow you to insert a projectile missile.

Here I inserted the projectile missile and it look like this. Next the Ranger will turn into the key and insert on the top of it's head to release the projectile.

It will look like the following...

It allow a further upgrade on the Lion which look more fierce some like the following...

It has a weapon of the following...

It can bite on this weapon on it mouth and look real good.

Mega Zord can mount on this Lion and I love this version. Kind of make him like a Centaur...

But the ultimate is the Lion full form add on to Mega Zord. He will have a new helmet which look way grand.

Basically the Lion was broken into parts and its both front leg become the Legs of Mega zord.While the both hide legs become shoulder blade on the front. The Spine and the tail became the Grand sword which look like the following.

The head was in the chest and it allow missile projectile when turn the key at the back.

Here is the back view of the Lion Mega Zord.

You can choose to use the original sword to form a double blade staff.

I personally love the grand sword. This samurai form look much better with the Lion on his chest.

This is the best form I find so far. Maybe I am bias as I love Lions. LOL

What about you?

S.H. Figuarts Luke Skywalker (Episode VI) Coming

16 April 2015

Since Japanese now have Starwars license, they are releasing toys for that in anyway they can.

This is from Bandai S.H.Figuarts series on Starwars Return of the Jedi, Luke Skywalker

These version gave 4 expression or head for Luke. (1 expression photo come later below)

I find this expression with flowing hair look cool

This is the iconic Luke pose in Return of the Jedi photo.

Now with this you can pose with the earlier release  Darth Vader

Not if you get Luke Skywalker, it comes with Darth Vader unmasked head!! Well played Bandi. Now people have to get Luke or Darth Vader together.

This Luke Skywalker figure to be release in August 2015 at 5,500 Yen

HGUC 1/144 RX-77-2 Gun Cannon REVIVE Coming

14 April 2015

Gun Cannon has been one of the few Gunpla that I consider at the beginning era way back in the 70s. It is good after RX-78-2 being release so many time in the last decade to finally to release one of his gang gunpla, RX-77-2 Gun Cannon in the new HGUC version.

As classic as the design many feature retain as it is.

I think this is a good idea as now it is rare for new collector who missed out years ago.

Being Gun Canon, what it must have is the Cannon on the shoulders with this pose.

Releasing in June 2015 at 1,200 Yen.

Mystic Dragon Zord and Green Ranger

11 April 2015

Power Ranger Mega Zord have more option in Super Mega Force series and one of them is this Mystic Dragon Zord!

Beside a big Green Ranger, ths key for this Zord is the Red Mystic Ranger.

There is a big Green Ranger which has no articulation was included to stand on the Mystic Dragon. The feature includes using the key to push down to flap the wing of the Dragon.

Here is what I will focus. The upgrade of Mega Zord with this Mystic Dragon Zord.

The Mystic Dragon look decent with movable wings, hands and horns. Too bad the jaw is not moveable.

The body of the Dragon are made of various separate parts which allow to disassemble and combine with Mega Zord.

Two of the legs were upgraded on both feet of the Mega zord.

While each of the wings combine on each side Mega Zord to form up this look.

The Dragon body can be fitted in the Skyship body to give this head from the chest.

Overall this upgrade is fun and look good. My kid love it but I find the wings should fit more to the back and bigger to make it more majestic.

Well the important thing is my kid like it so he can spend more time playing in this form of Mystic Dragon Mega Zord form.

How do you find this add on? Is it good?


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