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Re-ment Skeleton
A fun review of what this Skeleton can do

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LUGSing Extravaganza
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Tomica Baymax
This diecast vehicle is as white and cute as Baymax

How do I score over a million in Disney Tsum Tsum? Part 2

01 March 2015

In Disney Tsum Tsum, it is all Math. You can even the odds by understanding how little by little add up. Here is how I achieve over 1 million without using any bonus special (like using ruby to add more 10 seconds) but just by leveling up my Tsum Tsum faithfully.

In a normal match, you will be having 5 random Tsum Tsum characters. If you have any of that Tsum Tsum in your collection, it will take on your that Tsum Tsum score.

Look at the chart below, you will see the score of each of my Tsum Tsum

When you level up by playing more times, your Tsum Tsum will automatically level up and result your score of each Tsum Tsum will be higher.

Take a look at my Elsa and you will notice it is at 546. This mean that each Elsa I burst, I will get 546 points. Minimum burst of each Tsum Tsum is 3. That means if I form 3 to a burst, I will get 546 x 3 which is 1638. If I level up my Elsa, the basic score will go higher and that level up my basic score in the time I am playing.

Each match is only 60 seconds and if each of my character having higher score, I can get more points.

That is why it is important to get as many different Tsum Tsum as you can by buying the White boxes at 10K coins as early as possible so you can get those character and level up.

In the match if you do not have that Tsum Tsum, not only you cannot level him up, you will be stuck at the default points which is the level 1 of that characters.

Do not worry about getting premium box which is 30,000 as the game is design in the way that if you do not have any of those Premium box Tsum Tsum in your collection, they will not appear.

Do note that the basic Tsum Tsum (white box) generally have much lower score compare to the premium Tsum Tsum (Red box) even if the level is the same. It was just work out that way.

The sad thing about the game is that you have no control what the game assign you the Tsum Tsum when you purchase a White box. So you are very much at the mercy of the game but it is risk you got to take.

In cases you got the same character again, it will add to your skill which help for your Tsum Tsum special.

Keep in mind that your Tsum Tsum reached to any 5 level, you have to pay some coins to unlock the next level for them to keep leveling up.

With that you should have by now a better understanding of your Tsum Tsum and with proper training and leveling up your Tsum Tsum, you will have no issue to get your first 1 million point high score.

You may read more about how to spend your hearts of my first post in case you missed it.

Please comment and let me know if you have something to share in what was shared here.

Mobile Suit Gundam Origin 1: Blue-Eyed Casval Review

28 February 2015

I cannot help it but when I heard there was a screening, I paid to get the ticket just to catch it on the big screen since this is the origin. And I did with a company of Dennis a Gundam lover.

If you are wondering if there are any gift for this screening, it is just one poster.

I decided to pen down my thoughts of this Origin series and if you have not watched the episode, you may not want to continue reading as it contain SPOILER ALERTS in this review as I would be as frank as possible to give you my opinion.

I went into this movie with low expectation as I did not even catch the promotional 7 minutes of the preview. I was told however the animation would have some 3D and that I do expect some.

The starting of the show was true and exciting. There was smooth 3D animation of warship and attack of the Zakus. Char was there with his red comet that as usual moving 3 x of speed. The flight and fight sequence was fantastic. The action end when the flash back happen and everything move to a slow pace and back to 2D.

Char father was emo-ing about his speech and making way too much noise in the middle of the night waking little Char up. Oh if you must know, he is in his 11 years of age when the flash back happen.

The scene move on slowly that his father before giving his speech had a heart attack and went dead on the spot. That throw the whole city in chaos. Fingers are pointing on who is the murder.

*Who is the murder? I saw someone familiar here.

Char and his family seems to take it well and everyone was calm.

I know the plot would be more politic stuff now as there are more talking and some comic relief along the way. Two parties wanted to get hold of Char and his family as bait.

* Not 50 shade of Grey

Oh by the way this movie was rated as having nudity and there was one where someone (I don't want to name who) sleeping naked alone. Hint, not so attractive ladies in this movie.

From here onward until the end of the movie, you only get to see one mobile suit which is a Guntank.

Char and his sister were rescue by one of this and Char somehow start to display his gift in piloting this Guntank. He took out 4 other Guntank single handedly until his sister asked him to stop.

With some help, he and his sister manage to smuggle to earth and the show ended on that note.

Actually no. The show roll into credits scene and a very nice song just start singing while Char start to point out the Sun, the moon and the earth to his little sister since they never seen one with their own eyes.

Minus off the first few minutes of grown up Char attack with his Red Zaku, there isn't much action. I felt they should develop these character more as I still feel not connected to Char or another characters in this movie.

Maybe they did not do so as many Gundam fans already know most of these characters and start looking back in this Origin series to know more about the past like Char. However I still feel if in time to come anyone want to know the UC series would look into this series first and may felt a bit off with the lack of character connection.

The only thing get me looking forward to the next release to see how Char will be growing up to be who we remember him by.

As me and Dennis left the cinema, I asked him if he would want to catch the next series on big screen  and we both have second thoughts if we would.

Nonetheless that does not mean I won't watch the next origin. I would but is just the matter when and where.

How do I score over a million in Disney Tsum Tsum? Part 1

27 February 2015

I have been playing Disney Tsum Tsum game on my mobile device (Android version) for the past 1 month and I finally score over 1 million in points. It is not really an easy journey and I decided to share what I learned as a guide so that you who want to reached that scores can save some heart pain.

For you to practice and level up your Tsum Tsum, you must first have enough heart. 1 Heart is equal to 1 game. Hearts are regenerating over time and you only have maximum 5 hearts in capacity. However you have more hearts if your friends give you hearts during the day.

To have more hearts is to :
  • Have more chance during those time to practice more
  • To earn more gold coins to buy more TsumTsum
  • To level up your Tsum Tsum

So the important is how to earn and spend your heart. To do that you must first understand the following.

This is your own level. more like a show-off achievement. However every time to earn a level, your Heart capacity of 5 will be fully restored and you earn 1 Ruby that if you have enough to exchange gold coins so to buy more Tsum Tsum.

Note: It is important to know that when you level up, all your additional heart you redeemed will be wipe off clean. I will explain more at the heart timer / redeem heart storage section
Gift messages section
This section will indicate the amount of messages by the system or the gift from your friends.

When you click on the section it will have pop-up window to show you the messages.

First to note that this messages will only disappear when you claim the message by clicking on Check or after 30 days.

If the message was sent less than 1 hour ago you would see a bonus bubble on the Check button like the first 2 messages on top. The bonus is not only 1 heart but some coins as well.

As much as you are excited to check all messages, I would advise on the strategy on how ot maximize these  to your advantage when you read further below.

I do not recommend you claiming all your message gift at one shot as if you happen to claim all and you have extra, it will be lost when you level up or exit the game for a period of time. That mean it will not carry over. However if you did not claim in the messages, it will still be there till 30 days. So plan well.

Heart Timer / Redeem heart storage
This section served to purpose.

When you have an empty heart slot, a count down timer will be display on the next timing you will achieve a given heart by the system.

This section also will be a redeemed heart storage system when you redeem your hearts given by your friends from the gift message section. So if you happen to claim more than your 5 capacity will hold, it will appear to be a positive number of the remaining hearts you have.

Do note that in cases you level up, this section will be reset which mean all your extra hearts will be wipe back to zero.

Therefore I recommend only claim your gift messages when you have  at least 2 empty slot and claim one at a time so the countdown timing will not reset and as you can therefore play longer. You will get the heart refill without you claiming your friends gift messages to you. Isn't that great?

Active Line Friends
The next thing you need is to have addicted active Line friends that play this game to constantly send you heart. Sending heart is always a good thing to do as when the other party when claim the heart would sent you one back one at the same time.

Therefore more active friends means more chances for you to play and practice.

I will be sharing more on how to level the odds to get more than 1,000,000 in the following post.

If you are benefited from this post sharing, Like it, comment or shared with your friends.


Continue to Part 2 on how to train and maximise your score!

Hot Toys Avengers: Age of Ultron: 1/6 Ultron Prime Preview

25 February 2015

From The Avengers 2, come the Age of Ultron in 1/6 figures  MMS28 preview.

It sure look good.

It is quite pose-able but I cannot really see his mouth being open wide...

It does open but only a bit and it seems it has glowing Red LED in him and also apply to the base too.

It should be re-releasing in Q4 2015 to Q1 2016 with price unlisted yet.


22 February 2015

Bandai have been doing some Egg series and since now Starwars license was open to Japan and Bandai did a Starwars Eggs which will be releasing in March 2015 at 1000 Yen.

You have Egg Darth Vader.

Egg Stormtroopers

Egg R2-D2

and Egg C3-P0 in Gold!

What do you think of these egg? Is it something you would buy?

NECA Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger 2.0 Hong Kong Brawl

15 February 2015

When NECA first release the Pacific Rim figures, I waited out because the look wasn't that good and I wasn't so much into it. However after my child watched the movie, he was so impress with the visual effect that he started to request to have one.

By then it was quite rare to find them in the market and so we waited until NECA release the second release with a new articulation design. That mean a new mold. I finally got it and he was happy. So here is the review before he play with it.

Gipsy Danger version 2.0

Now many will take this as really version 2 because it was NECA re-design but in the movie, this same Gipsy Danger was version 2 after the first time it lost one of the pilot.

This was the Hong Kong Brawl where you see him use a ship to wrack the living daylight out of the kaiju. So this playset give him that ship.

It is worth to note that this ship do fit well with this figure in term of posing.

It really can pose like a baseball bat. :P

Or even a bazooka. Hehehe

The best pose is still the both hands holding it as a bat really to strike!

Quietly if you can to have a sneak attack!

Another weapon includes the last minute notice weapon, the sword. If they have used that earlier, they will cut down the property damages in Hongkong.  

Now with that it can strike some good looking action pose (but you need time to stable it).

As much as articulation is concern, it is a double edge sword for this figures. Because this part of the moveable feet make the figure easy to fail over.

However if patience and care, you still able to get it pose on some action but I cannot guarantee how long that will stand.

Nonetheless, this is still the best Gipsy Danger figure out in the market and it is worth getting it for a collection if you really want to have a Pacific Rim figure like my kid.

What do you think of this figure?


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