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The Dark Knight Joker

The Dark Knight Joker
For a capsule toy, this is first class

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6
Meet this Baymax toy from Bandai

Shell V-Power LEGO®

Shell V-Power LEGO®
The first LEGO Shell station

Super Saiyan Vegeta

Super Saiyan Vegeta
The prince of Saiyan in Super Saiyan mode. Magnificent.

Mcdonald One Piece Roronoa Zoro

22 November 2014

In this first week of McDonalds One Piece release with Nico Robin is Roronoa Zoro. He is another wanted Pirates...

Honestly this figure really trigger me to have an instant purchase due to his cute expression.

The base was one part in the middle right center piece of the Thousand Sunny.

Zoro like in the Manga and Anime arms with 3 swords. One on the mouth and another on each hands. It is one of his signature move as a swordman.

You may notice this is a much earlier Zoro as the figure as he had not have a scar on his left eye.

At the back of Zoro was a button but this actually trigger some action of this Zoro toy.

You can see the figure in action through this link to our Instagram in Video! See this Zoro in action here!

Among the Robin and Zoro, this Zoro seems to be the popular one this week. Do you agree this Zoro is cooler than Robin?

Mcdonald One Piece Nico Robin

21 November 2014

The wanted One Piece collectible has been found in McDonald Singapore.

Nico Robin was one of the main character in that series and she's lovely yet quite powerful.

This figure was more toward the earlier Robin although the toy figure was more toward SD mode...

Nico Robin dressed in the theme of purple. She don't just have a pretty face or hot body, but she is an archaeologist with a vast knowledge of history and cultures.

Close up of Nico Robin and you will notice she is rather fair like the Anime version.

This toy provide a base for the figure to stand on as the leg would be too thin to balance the whole figure. The base has the ability to combine and it would form the shape of the Thousand Sunny Ship. Nico was the top left of that combine base. You can see part of the Straw hat pirate logo on the sail.

Here is the full display of McDonalds Nico Robin standing well on the base thanks to the short peg from the base that fit into one of her leg.

The toy offer the action of her "Hana Hana no Mi" ability by pressing the button at the back of her head.

Once you keep the button pressed from the back, her many arms "Hana Hana no Mi" ability will be displayed. Some commented the figure of this pose resemble some Chinese deity pose.

The figure has a string on top of the head for collectors to hang her on bags or other accessories.

Fans of Nico Robin should consider getting her although this version do not show her sexy body in the anime.

Somehow when I look at this Nico Robin figure, it always give me an impression she is saying Hi and accepting all the fans applause...

This figure currently are selling at Singapore McDonalds till 23th of November 2014 while stock last.

What do you think of this figure?

PLAYMOBIL 3911 Porsche 911 Carrera S

20 November 2014

It is exciting that Playmobil will be having a Porsche vehicle in their collection and it is a pretty awesome one.

Meet Playmobil 3911, the Porsche 911 Carrera S in Red!

Here is how the Porsche 911 Playmobil version look like. It comes with light up head lights.

There are rear break lights as well it seems.

Even the dashboard light up!

The light module uses 3 x 1.5V AAA batteries. The Porsche offer changeable with front spoiler, rear spoiler and red rims. The roof is removable too just of the ease to put the figure in.

The box set comes with 2 figures, one customer another mechanic, front desk and back drop. Also the some tires rims and laptop/

This would be available from mid February 2015.

Shodo NEO Dragonball Coming

18 November 2014

More of the Shodo line of Dragonball coming. In March 2015, the second release will be Super Saiyan Son Goku, Bardock father of Goku and Broly the Super Saiyan.

These although in multiple articulation points, they are only 9.5cm

Each of these would be price at 700 Yen in box packaging.

I don't mind getting this if I happen to see it at that price range.

What about you? Watch out in March 2015 then.

One Piece arrived at McDonalds Singapore

17 November 2014

Without we knowing, Singapore McDonalds had surprise us with the popular anime One Piece collectiables for their Happy Extra value Meal purchases.

This should be the first time we see a Japanese Anime figures beside pokemon for McDonalds Singapore.
The Nine figurines will be on sale island-wide starting today 17 November 2014 to 8 December 2014 with the purchase of an Extra Value Meal with additional S$2.95 each. Note only one toy per EXTRA value meal.

From 17 November to 23 November is Zoro and Robin

From 24 November to 30 November is Franky and Chopper

From 1 December to 7 December is Sanji and Brook

From 8 December to 7 December is Nami and Usopp

Also the leader Luffy.

For the “Thousand.Sunny” paper model ship is SGD$3.95 would be only limited to 100 of them in each outlet. So if you really want to get that, you have to be fast.

McDonald’s will be also organizing an Instagram contest from now till 21 November 2014 for top One Piece fans. You just need to post Instagram and hashtag #McDSGOnePiece with another One Piece related (toys, cosplay together with the first week figuries Zoro and Robin).

The top 30 creative images will be invited to an exclusive One Piece Fan Appreciation Party on 28 November.

The top two knowledgable one piece fans will win a 3 day passes to the Anime Festival Asia Singapore in December.

One Piece fans, start collecting now!!

Playmobil White Knight 2013

15 November 2014

I love exclusive and in the year 2013 Playmobil collectors club exclusive was the White Knight.

It was an interesting concept to have a "uncolored" or bare Playmobil. A bold step but depend on what was the design, it could work and for this 2013 exclusive, it totally work!

Out of the simple box, the knight look like a white mable statue with a blank shield.

On the side view you will notice how this knight hold the shield.

Even at the back the feather of the helmet are in white too which look like made of white clay.

The helmet allow you to show the face of the figure. I like it better this way.

Some may consider this figure to be a good figure to custom paint since it is plain but I am not going to accept such challenges. I like it plain white. It's unique.

Here is the close up of the figure and you can see the dark brown eyes and smiling mouth really stood out. If you look long enough, this figure can pass as a Ghost Knight. Hehehe

It is easy to remove the helmet and you can see the Playmobil hair was more of a chain mail hood.

With helmet off at close up, he look better if you asked me.

The belt and the sword is one of the common design but it may look different because it is white out.

Time to draw the sword! Now at this pose, he really look like a statue.

Now the plain white shield really look empty and look like a very good excuse to do some custom design.

Here is a comparison of a fully colored Knight and next to it, the white knight look ghostly.

In short for a playmobil character, this is indeed a special figure that collector need to get in their collection.

Do you like this White Knight?


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