21 March 2017

Megahouse Dragon Ball Gals Android 1 Ver. II

Megahouse has been releasing Dragon ball gals series for sometime and this is another version of their redesign Android 18 they call it version 2.

Now this may upset some Dragonball's fan as they make Android 18 a bit over sexy in some way.

Of course they are targeting on certain adult collector.

Here is the previous version of Android 18 from Megahouse and this version for comparison.

If you are interested, this version, this figure will be releasing in June 2017 at the price of 9,250 Yen

Does this version appeal to you? For me I still like Android 18 the way she is in the manga and anime.

18 March 2017

Star Wars 40th Anniversary 6" The Black Series Wave 1

Believe or not, Starwars is in the 40th years and on this 40th anniversary, Hasbro has gone retro to remake some of the characters in old vintage Kenner card design.

As the figure collection goes, these toys are recommended to keep in card in order to preserved that look for some toy collectors.

The first wave of the new 6" Black series will be releasing in April 2017 and there are 5 of them.

Here is a closer look on the packaging of the figure.
Luke Skywalker (Tatooine)


Han Solo

Princess Leia Organa

Obi-Wan Kenobi from the New Hope

The whole carton will be 8 figures so that mean some are short packed.

The short pack as I understand is Han Solo and R2-D2.

So look out for these if you are into MISC collector.

16 March 2017

S.H.Figuarts POKÉMON Ash Coming

It's about time to have a articulation figure for the series of Pokemon...I mean it is about time to have the human in the Pokemon series. Now this maybe a bit risky but some popular human characters I believe do make the justification from the fan.

First of would be Ash Ketchum or also known as Satoshi in Japan version.

Of course this figure will not really amount much without his Pikachu right? So this figure will come with just that to his scale. Not to forget a Pokeball as well!

Ash also come with hat off version and also different way to wear his cap.

From the photo, he comes with 2 different facial expression. For his Pikachu, there seems only articulation of his head and ears.

This figure is schedule to release in July 2017 at listed price of 4,500 Yen.

Will you get the this Ash and is it what you are waiting for?

15 March 2017

Premium BANDAI Metal Build Gundam Astray Red Frame KAI

One of the popular Gundam mobile suit that will be having release the kai version in Metal build is Red Astray.

This is set to be a P-Bandai product that will be releasing in March 2017.

The whole set comes like this.

Here are some of the pose this figure can be display or pose.

Here are some of the pose this figure can be display or pose.

The upgrade for this set was the Tactical arms II and Tigher pierce Option set.

For those who may have the last metal build Red Astray, you can order this set just for that at P-Bandai website.

14 March 2017

Figure-rise Standard Android 18 Coming

It is about time for the Bandai model Figure-rise series to release Android 18.

Here is the front and back of her in the model kit form.

You can also remove her vest.

You can even get to see her inner energy core which I find it is rather uncalled for.

Anyway it is good to have Android 18 figure opinion as so far she is rather rare.

She is schedule to release in April 2017 at 2,500 Yen.

12 March 2017

Playmobil Ghostbusters Toys Coming

It is a sure confirmation that Playmobil will be releasing Ghostbusters series that keep it true to the 1980s look!

In fact these series will be out in retail in May 2017.

Here are what to expect.

First off, Set No 9224 where Egon set with Ghost Trap with a ghost

Peter Venkman is in the set No 9223 where it come with 2 x Terror Dog and the possessing Dana

If you are into Slimer, this set No 9222 is for you. It include Hot Dog Stand and the poor hotdog seller

No 9221 is the Stay Puft  which Stay Puft Marshmallow Man was in good scale and Ray is included as well.

No 9220 is the must have Ecto-1 set which include Winston and Janine.

Finally the biggest set which is No 9219 The HQ Firehouse set which include Janine (Receptionist), Ray, a Ghost of Vinz Clortho possessing Louis and Egon in Lab coat.

Believe me these series is a worthwhile and durable toy with affordable pricing.

It is a must have for Ghostbusters fan.

Look out for it in May!!

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