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Transformers 4 Toy Launch

Transformers 4 Toy Launch
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DC Super Heroes

DC Super Heroes
Singapore Philatelic Museum and The League Against Evil A DC Super Heroes Exhibition

KRE-O Transformers

KRE-O Transformers
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The first Official Ghostbusters from LEGO, Ecto-1 review

Hottoys 1/6 Marty McFly Back to the Future Preview

25 July 2014

We are coming close to the 30th Anniversary of Back to the Future in 2015 and Hottoys has just release preview of Marty McFly (Actor Michael J Fox) 1/6 figure.

This is the Marty from Back to the Future 1 when he will skate around with his skateboard listening to his walkman.

Not forgetting he was the camera man for Dr Brown.

Marty was a teenager and Hottoys manage to capture the likeness of teen Michael J Fox in some ways.

If I am not wrong, it was suggested there will be another Exclusive special edition that should come with the Guitar in 1965 when he played "Johnny be good".

How can the character not comes with the Time Machine? Hot toys do make the Delorean time machine but it won't come affordable.

These are for hardcore (loaded) collector and for the fans like me, it is quite a pull to buy this figure or not. Will you?

LEGO Dark Knight UCS Tumbler (76023) start at SDCC 2014

23 July 2014

The news is out that LEGO is releasing The Dark Knight Tumbler at SDCC 2014.
Some of you may said they did saw the LEGO tumbler around for sometime in various size but this time this Tumbler is huge in scale.

Not only it is huge, it is full of details with the construct of 1,869 pieces.

With all good looking tires, suspensions and the Jet after burner.

Even the interior is movie accurate with Batman fitted inside.

How can LEGO comes without mini figure? These set comes with The Dark Knight Batman and The Joker.

They are many who would want the Joker, not too sure about Batman tho. LOL.

If you are going to SDCC 2014, go to booth #2829 and get this first release at USD $199.

Fear not, because the actual release will be in September and good things goes to those who wait. So wait for it and start saving your money.

LEGO is very much like gravity...all you need is a little push. Hahahaha Hohoho Wahahaha

Why so serious?

Playmobil Dragons

22 July 2014

Today I am going to review one of the set from Playmobil Dragons series. Particularly on this Red Dragons 5463 set.

This Dragon set come with an armored human warrior and an armored Dragon.

Let's look at the Dragon without any armored first. This dragon is cover with Red, Yellow as highlight that give a fire effects and silver.

The dragon by itself look bald and quite funny to me.

Although the head do not offer turning, Playmobil did do a good feature of opening the Jaw so you can get to see those sharp teeth.

The wing do allow some articulation but no flapping movement to simulate flight. You can see there is some armor pieces on it chest and it's back.

Talking about armored pieces, here are the number of armor that allow the player to dress the Dragon.

Here's a half dragon with armored on one side. Franky the side with armor look better.

You can see the Playmobil logo was found at the inner side of it's wings. Oh the Dragon is roaring!!

One neat feature was a tail can double as a weapon when you armed him with a double blade axe. Be sure to stay clear of it's tail now!

If that was not enough, the Dragon was given another 2 more weapons that to be does not make sense. A fire staff and a wooden club.

Why was the dragon given a staff? Is he a wizard or sorceress or something? And the wooden club. What good it is? This is a Dragon!! It's claw and it fire breath is good enough to fight any opponent.
Does this picture look weird to you?

Now the human which not many will care in away. Instead of a traditional knight, it was given a oriental warrior. Why Oriental? Because it has oriental from the armor to the face of the human.

His helmet look like a Samurai helmet from Japan.

He has a full body shield which make sense to block the fire.

He was given 3 swords. One Saber and two katana looking swords which can stripe up on his back.

Dressed in it's armored, he is ready to take down the dragon...if he can...

So here is the armored Dragon facing off with the warrior! Who will win?

This is a interesting playset from Playmobil and fit in nicely for those who love dragons. However the size of the dragon may defer from much traditional readers who know about the dragon.

It's loses it sizes and hardly were times when people can accept a mini dragon which walk on two legs and dress in armor and also carry weapons like a staff and club.

One can said the dragon seem like a Dragon x Man.... it is really a weird combination....

Due to curiosity, I bought it for the fun of it. What do you think about this set of Dragon Playmobil? Does it look good?

LEGO Bart Simpsons

20 July 2014

The last of the Simpsons LEGO I want to review is Bart Simpsons. You love him and hate him sometimes...

Bart to many are a kid that has poor up bringing. Many would blame on his father Homer Simpsons which in the beginning of the season you can see how much he did not respect his father in his action. That cannot be help as Homer are many would called it a poor role model. Nonetheless, that should not give Bart excuses to be the reason of his actions.

Bart naturally have spiky hair and LEGO had given him that iconic look.

They even give her slingshot at the back him. This slingshot had put Bart in many trouble situations.

It make sense to give Bart his skateboard which he love traveling around with.

But to some degree the Skateboard look too big when he is holding it.

Kid being kid, Bart is more to be a mischievous kid and he is not as bad as being a Bully in schools. But you do get a sense that he is not those study type.He is more like a outdoor person rather than being a video gamer.

Regardless of his acts, he can be a game changer in many of the episode even in the movie. 

I do feel sometime because of his actions, many pass judgement to him to quickly as he want to prove what people say to be right by rebel more and act more against them. That resulted many remedial session to write words on the blackboard in every episodes.

Well that is all The Simpsons LEGO that I managed to get them as a whole family (except the grandfather). I have to say this is a very good looking set and the accessories given is good enough for collectors. 

Personally I find some of the facial expression is better than the LEGO The Simpsons house where most of the eyes are half opened. But some people may like those expression.

What do you think of this set? Is it better than the LEGO house of Simpsons?

SDCC 2014 Hasbros Kreon Class of 1984 Transformers

19 July 2014

1984 is a very good year...many of which some of you are not even born yet and if you are you should be in your 30s or more.

Anyway it is the year Hasbro releases the first Transformers and to bring Retro back, KRE-O series will be having a SDCC 2014 exclusive, KREON Class of 1984.

What is in this box set? 30 classic G1 Autobots and Decepticons in KRE-O form!

That is not all, there are some accessories that define 1980s such as boom box, floppy disk, cassette tapes and a mullet!

These are only available at SDCC. Not too sure they will release in other region after sometime. A great boxset to have if you want to start KRE-O series collection.

LEGO Maggi Simpsons

How is life to be if a Baby never grow up? Such is the fate of Maggi Simpsons after endless session she still remain a baby in some way.

Actually No. Maggi do grow up in some way if you follow the seasons. Although in her toddler form, she did express some mature attitude and reaction in many situations. Even though she still crawling but her movement is swift and precise. She even is a sharp shooter who can operate a sniper rifle damn it!

Although surrounded by family members, Maggi often was a lonely kid and her own comfort and friend was her worn out teddy bear which could be a handed down toy from her siblings.

Her most time was spending her time with her mother Marge Simpsons. However sometime due to her mum busy schedule to do her housework, she have to find others to play with.

So who will she find? Let's find out.

Her father Homer Simpson who seems to be more interested in other things like food, beer and TV...

Her brother Bart who don't really care to play with babies as boys being boys... Keep a distance Maggi for your own good.

Well maybe her elder sister Lisa would be good but you know Lisa being Lisa may not speak things that make sense or interest in a young toddler. 

That is why I said although Maggi is surrounded by family members, not many will care enough to play with her at her level of understanding. Although in some episode Maggi had a high intelligence but emotionally she is still a toddler and would like to have some fun at her level.

So ending up, she spend most of the time with her teddy bear...

Sad isn't it. I hope not many children got this type of treatment. Sometime as adults, we must speak and understand them to their level.

Don't you agree?


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