Hasbro returning back to use of plastic packaging

Back in August 2019, Hasbro made an announcement to phase out plastic from new product packaging beginning of 2020 and we have been seeing toys in cardboard packaging without knowing the quality of the product inside. After close to 3 years with mulitple feedback, Hasbro is going back to use of plastic (recyclable plastic) for their packaging.

Hasbro returning back to use of plastic packaging

An official statement from Hasbro reads:

“We wanted to share an update on packaging for Hasbro’s 6-inch-scale figures. Based on your feedback, we will be re-introducing windows and blisters to our 6-inch fan figures beginning later this year, into 2024 for select products across our portfolio of brands, including, G.I. Joe Classified, Power Rangers Lightning Collection, Star Wars Black Series and Marvel Legends. This will eventually expand to all new 6-inch figure releases.

The new windows and blisters will be made from bio PET or recycled PET helping us achieve our priority of meeting our fans’ expectations for extraordinary packaging and superior design while still developing packaging that minimizes waste and the use of virgin plastic.

Thank you again for being one of our biggest fans and for your continued support of Hasbro.“

So what is wrong with the previous Plastic-free packaging?

1. Cannot see, cannot choose

Regardless of the good looking illustration on the packaging, no one know for certain what is really inside the package. They are times where the quality of the figure defer from the illustration, some parts are missing and on retail some parts seems to be swapped by some other customers. As the package look sealed, no one know certain for sure.

2. Window open without plastic which you can touch

Just like the recent legency line of Transformers especially as deluxe class, there is a window opening to see which allow window shopper to touch the toys. I am certain touching the toys was not their intention which resulting of shopper menace such as removing parts from the figure. 

Hasbro returning back to use of plastic packaging

3. More hands on in packaging time

As you open the recent plastic-free packaging toys, you will see the among of work is more in the packagin as the figures and parts are wrapped with thin sheet of the paper and hand fit into the inner packaging. 

Hasbro returning back to use of plastic packaging

4. Mint in box collector

They are a fair amount of toy collectors who want to display the figure with the box, and having illustration mean nothing to them. So that is enough said.

Hasbro likely made the change after customer feedback as besides making the price more affordable, this is a more easier thing to do, right? 

So are you happy that Hasbro is returning to have plastic windows figure again?


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