Star Man - MS-008 - 1/6 Female Fighter Coming

 If you are a 1/6 toy collector who are into the 90s arcade game, you should be interested in this female fighter from Star man toy maker.

Star Man - MS-008 - 1/6 Female Fighter

If you are wondering why they did not put the name of the character is not difficult to understand that the name is likely trademarked.
This verison of the 1/6 figure comes with silicone body is specially treated, the surface is smooth that you will not see any joint line on the figure. The figure body also condition for the ease of wearing the chothing smoothly.
This Version will come with 2 set of the chlothing design from the Original appearance

The other chlothing is the "Alpha" timeline where she was younger.

Here is the close up of the face scrupt of the Female Fighter and it look amazing.

This figure is set to release in Q4 of 2023 around US$165.50.


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