31 March 2016

S.H. Figuarts Black Widow Coming

S.H. Figuarts has been releasing many character of The Avengers and it is time to include the a female Avengers and it is Black Widow from the Age of Ultron series.

I have to say from far this figure capture the looks of Black widow in the movie.

Like in the movie, her only weapons are 2 batons

She can do the "Super hero landing pose too! Will you clap like Deadpool?LOL

Overall if you are collector of S.H.Figuarts, you will have to get her in your team.

She will be release in September 2016 at the price of 6,264 Yen.

Is this Black Widow good enough for you? Any better you have to get the Hot Toys version. LOL

29 March 2016

Nendoroid One-Punch Man Saitama Coming

If you have not watched the recent Anime One Punch man, you are missing out.

Well since the series is so popular, it should be logical to have a figure of the lead Saitama to have a figure and the first of it's kind is a Nendoroid form!

Now you will be wondering who is this bald guy with a innocent face?  Well he is the lead and he is suppose to be the strongest man alive defeating all kind of enemy just with one Punch.

He is not like other super hero as in the series you can see him walking around buying food to cook in his everyday life.

His transformation is not much. His innocent one punch with this look is just a deception....

But if he get really serious, that is really the end of the bad guys....

This figure is releasing in August 2016 at the price of 4,200 Yen

Not much of choice now but this is a cute form that suit Saitama.

One Punch!!!

26 March 2016

LEGO Custom Sheng Long from Dragonball

Let's summon Sheng Long and make a wish!

I wish to have more LEGO and this is what I think most Dragonball fans who is a LEGO fans would love to have.

Sheng Long in LEGO form!!

This awesome creation is by Cha Mi

This LEGO creation Sheng Long is 60 cm in length with more than 10 back joints!

It comes with 4 legs just like in the Dragonball Manga.

The creator even make some cloud with it but it kinda blend in the white background in photo.

Nonetheless the articulation and the movement correct capture the Sheng long from Dragonball.

You can get to see this Sheng long in higher photo resolution over at Cha Mi account!

It's this Awesome?

I wish to have one!! Make a wish to Sheng Long!!

22 March 2016

FUJIMI Chibi Godzilla No.1 Coming

More Godzilla is coming and this time it is a Chibi version and it's a Model kit!! Roar!

This is from Gujimi and this model kit is great for snap builder as there is no need to use tools, glue or paint! That sound great to me!

There are multiple joints that allow articulations .

One thing that I like is the mouth that allow opening and closing as that is the limited expression of Godzilla as we know.

This Godzilla model kit is price at just 2,000 Yen.

The only accessory is the power blast that fit into the mouth of Godzilla.

Look out for it this week as it should be releasing mid March 2016 officially.

Are you interested in this Godzilla model kit?

21 March 2016

Custom LEGO Centaur Knight Mech

Today we are going to feature another awesome custom LEGO built by LEGO7 from Taiwan.

Using the Nexo Knight theme to build a Centaur Knight Mech with moveable parts and can balance well with it's own feet.

Back view of his armor showing it's wings, Lance and Shield.

It look better if you put a stand so it can pose more movement freezing actions....

The Legs have decent articulation and you can see the hooves...

The look are taken reference on more mediaeval looks and reduce in mechanical looking parts. Parts consist mostly System brick, A small part of the Orange Technic and parts from Nexo Knights.

Centaur Knight in full charging action! Look out for the Calvary!

Personally I am very impress with the proportion of the horse lower body movement and how good looking white Knight....

You may want to check out the creator higher res photos at here.

19 March 2016

1/100 Gundam Barbatos Review

I got this kit when it is out but only got down to finish it couple of months later....Nonetheless, this is my review of the 1/100 Gundam Barbatos.

This is not the Master Grade although this is 1/100 in Bandai Model kit history. This is the start of the "NG" No grade 1/100 and I didn't have much expectation when I got hold of this kit and the hands on did make me doubt as this kit is as good as MG. Not too sure if this only apply to the Iron blooded Orphans series only.

Heck just Open the Toy and review already!
The sight of the runners already speak volume as this is no ordinary No grade kit. This Gundam comes with an inner frame somemore. How can this not be as good as Master Grade?

Look at this part? It may look one part but there are few parts that form this part! It's crazy in details!

The top left was the complete part but look at the number of parts that form that single part! Really worth it for those who like Model kit details.

It took me like an hour to put the upper body inner frame up as it has several joints.

After close to 2 hours, the whole inner frame is done! I called it a day...

With the inner frame done, it look pretty naked and I decided to give it some colors to make it look metallic taking references from the higher grade Barbatos and this is the results.

I did applied the stickers that come with the kit but some parts I decided to use paint marker and see how it will look as I want my Barbatos to be unique or so to say custom. LOL

Gundam Barbatos begin to take shape as pieces of the outer armor was put in place....

As it turn out the details of the different color parts of the inner frame along with the external armor with weathering effect make my Gundam Barbatos with characters.

In regard to his weapons, it is really massive. In fact for Gundam Barbatos, all of his weapons are huge but it look good on him.

Just close in to the details of the legs which I also used the marker to paint. Hehehe

This 1/100 Gundam Barbatos come uniquely with a Katana sword and it is really long!

Between the Gun and the Sword, I always love the sword. 

I really enjoyed taking my own sweet time to do up this kit and I have to say this new 1/100 line isn't any inferior to the Master Grade. The price is more affordable but the details are still there.

I was right to pick this up to build as it met my expectation in building it and the end result.

Do you like this 1/100 Gundam Barbatos?

17 March 2016

1/144 Gundam Kimaris Trooper Coming

You know a good design when you see one and this coming Gundam Kimaris Trooper from the Iron blooded orphans look really good!

Cannot believe this is a Trooper unit as the color theme and it shape look so good!

This figure weapons are Lance, Shield and a short sword.

In many ways the look with it's weapon remind me of  LBX.

The back of this "tail" it is so rebake Gusion...

Additional form was the legs are slit into 4 legs very much like on a cavalry.

The forward charge in this form look awesome!!

This kit is current released in March. You should be able to see this kit now.

Do you want to get this?

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