Mattel Filmation He-Man Review

The following review is by Larry Ho 

Following the announcements in 2015, Mattel has finally decided to launch their own "animated" MOTU series in 2016 correct to the Filmation cartoons~☆

Dubbed as MOTUC 2.0, they started shipping last week and instead of the mailer box, it comes with a beautifully printed slip-case with Filmation Grayskull box art and windowed sockets on the chamfered top.

The slip-case is a little flimsy but this is how the back and the actual product packaging look. Mattel has wittingly re-used the cartoon title wordings giving it a nostalgically charming look.
Here is the product packaging back and the actual product out of its packaging bubble.
You cannot really make out the in-lay without removing the bubble but it totally compliments the Grayskull box-art.

The creative team at Mattel absolutely saved no efforts on this product line~☆

Many fans had plenty to say and alot of reservations on these "rock & roll" ankles but let me be the first to say this about the actual product: THEY ROCK!!!

Filmation He-man also comes with new "twist-wrists", one per direction on each hand.
Forward-back on his right hand and sideways on the left.

The headsculpt pretty much took the whole cake. It is as accurate to the beloved Filamtion cartoon as it will ever get!

Feels as if this charming fella jumped straight outta your TV set~☆

The Filmation Power-sword is slim also correct to the cartoon and here comes the punch:

Either the wielding hand are made too wide apart or the hilt not thick enough making the grip quite loose altogether...

The other accessory it came with is this stepped block with two swords slots. It may be meant as an addition inside the throne room of the Castle Grayskull playset.

I would be truly torn if I had to choose between them as both of them looks absolutely ☆FANTASTIC☆

You may see more pictures of Larry review at this link


Wow, I like the box, the sword stand and background card!

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