Takashimaya 15th Crazy Toy Sale

It has began, Singapore Takashimaya Shopping Centre 15th Crazy Toy Sales is here!

I managed to pop by the first day of the crazy sale. There were loads of good toys on great discount. I have to tell you such toy sales are always better than the some warehouse sales (at least not so much obvious scaplers as there are better governance by organizer).

So what is on sales there? Here are 20% of the snapshots that I took which interested me.

Hasbro's 3.75 inches Ironman toy are on sale for 80% OFF!! Cheap right?

Characters from DC like Batman and Joker are on sale too. 3 for SGD$10.00. Yes it's a sale so why so serious?

If you are a Kamen Rider fan, this Sales is for you. Just look at the Kamen rider offers. These for SGD$3.00 and loads of Kamen Riders soft Vinyl.

Not to mention the Kamen Rider gadgets. Memories

And also some S.I.C series less than SGD$50

If you are a Chogokin collectors, there were EVA Chogokin going for just SGD$50.00

And some SDX Gundam less than SGD$50

One of the usual regular sales is these StikFas who was a Singapore creation but somehow somewhere got less popular... This version is going for SGD $5.

Here are some interesting finds. If you have Ultraman or Godzillia figure especially the soft Vinyl, you can get these building for playing rampage in the city.

Remember the last few post I complaint about S.H.Figuarts Super Saiyan 3 Goku having funny hair and some said they can't do a better job? Here is a Super Saiyan 3 Goku by Bandai with much better job but for the size of 3.75 inches. Super articulated and going just for SGD $5! HA! Keep your web exclusive!

The most happening place of the toy sales are at one corner where the true bargain was. Got photo to prove. Look at the crowd.

Why so happening? For just SGD$10, you can get as many as you can squeeze into a clear plastic bag. One capsule normally cost SGD$3 and you can take your time to choose if somebody don't squeeze you out. LOL

If you are free these two weeks, pop by Takashimaya and look around. As for me I bought some good toys for my younger ones there that day.

Disclaimer: What I posted today is what I saw it there. Some of the items maybe sold out or replaced by new toys on offer. The prices and goods may change anything.

Enjoy yourself there. If I have time, I will pop by again this two weeks. :D

Updated on 29 Sept 2011: Latest field report of the crazy toy sales.


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