Takashimaya 15th Crazy Toy Sales Part 2

Since I drop by to Takashimaya 15th crazy toy sales again, I decided to do another field report of some of the rare and interesting toy on sale.

PS: Please note that some of these toys in this post may not be there when you drop by as some of the toys sell like hot cakes while they replenished with new toys now and then.

First off I will talk about the Bandai toys there. Soft Vinyl Kamen riders are selling 2 for SGD$5 and they look pretty decent to me and great for desk display.

One of the Robot Dahmasu caught my eye which is from the Gundam F91 series,DEN'AN GEI. The mobile suit is great with German WWII armor and gas mask which was selling at SGD$25.

SDX Ryuso Ryub which I reviewed sometime ago was selling at discount price SGD$30.00

There were some S.H.Figuarts series as well too. This is pretty cool selling at SGD$40.00

While there is another female character selling SGD$25.00. Somehow female character, HANA doesn't look good with S.H.Figuarts design...

Another interesting find was this Tamagotchi looking toy but at closer look, it is not Tamagotchi. I have no idea what is it.

And if you are looking for Gundam Model kits, then the only ones selling there are the Sangokuden BB type.

There are loads of Pokemon trains there when I was there. If you read my review on this toy and love it, you can head down to grab one. The price has dropped from SGD$12 to SGD$10. I have no regret as this toy is fun for my kid and me.

As for western toy makers, there was some DC pack figure selling for 2 boxes for SGD$9. If you are Justice League collector, this is a good time to grab some.

For Hasbros or Marvel, there was Wolverine and Sabertooth twin pack which was going for just SGD$7.Love the motorbike.

THere were some My Little Pony on sale too!

Here are some of the rare gem which I consider these as vintage.

VIntage No.1 : G.I.Joe 12" figure
These are the original G.I.Joe which have no cartoon story but more to war theme. Just look at the packaging and you have a feel how old it is. However the figure inside is still mint (by looking at it).

Beside the figure, there were some accessories on sales too which is equally old. One of the leather jacket is cracking.

Vintage No.2: Destro G.I.Joe
A bit younger G.I.Joe line which some of us are familiar with, Destro and the package was in Korean.

Vintage No.3: BB/SD Gundam
Some BB or SD Gundam selling at SGD$2. These are really old Gunpla from early 1990s I suppose.

So much for vintage.

Lastly I finally saw Handy Manny toys in Singapore. My son love this animation but he is still too young to know how to play with this. Will wait for another time then

That conclude my report on my third visit to the sales. Hope it is informational to you guys.


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