LEGO MOC by Tung Le9 Gadgets

 Tung Le9 is a Lego mocer from Hong Kong and did some amazing simplify of Lego take of recent gadgets. Here are some of his creations.

One of the thing I personally love is how his uses few simple bricks to create iconic look of the gadgets that many can pick up just by the looks for it. (Easier if you were gadget fans). 

Just look at the Playstation console history below of PS5, PS4, PS3, PS2 and the Original Playstation. 

He did some on Nintendo too with Nintendo Switch and NES.

One of his recent creation is the iPod Nano 1st gen that comes with earphone. At the back of the iPod come with a Apple logo too.

The bonus is the LEGO earphone can even be fit in the ear. 

You can check out Tung Le9 on his Facebook page, Instagram and YouTube!


GIJigsaw said…
Very cool. So simple but brilliant.

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