SD Gundam World Sangoku Soketsuden Zhang Fei Review

The second of my Out of Box review on SD Gundam World Sangoku Soketsuden would be the other brother which is Zhang Fei!

Zhang Fei is model with God Gundam and it look totally awesome as kit.

First a close up on Zhang Fei. You can see the beard was more neat and having God Gundam look.  I have to say this is to date the most Handsome Zhang Fei. LOL

The fire effect was awesome as a character. The red translucent parts give the fire effect of the character.

As for the lower design is classic feel. The outline and color is indeed outstanding.

At the back of Zhang Fei you can put his spear on him.

Under the light, the full fire effect of Zhang Fei being a God Gundam really fly off the screen!

Can you feel the fire? To date this could be the best looking Zhang Fei. If you want to fully paint it, it could look like this.

But I find even at how it look out of box without color it look awesome effect. What do you think?

Don't forget his swored brother Guan yu review here

Update: See the new Liu Bei as Unicorn Gundam as well!!


I haven't touch GunPla for quite a long time now but you certainly did a great job on this one. That photo with Zhang Fei under the light is brilliant!!!
LEon said…
Thanks David! Those translucent parts are great under the sun for photography. Hehehe

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