SD Gundam World Sangoku Soketsuden Guan Yu Yun Chang Review

All right, the new series of Sangoku Soketsuden model kit is out this month and this is my Out of Box built for most favorite character Guan Yu of the new series.

Hopefully this built would give you some honest review of the kit.

Most of the color parts were already there and this kit require some stickers which is still rather to apply on as this is more to kids.

There is a number of clear parts and the clear parts of Green really give the character of Guan Yu.

Here is the head of it building and with the beard, the whole Guan Yu look is there!

The build is rather simple and it took about less than an hour. Compare to the older series, it look way better in design and the parts are full in details. Did some basic paneling and it is good to go.

This is how the green translucent part that look awesome under some light! See how it glow!

Even the shadow will give you that green effect!!

If you want to make it more complete, you can use Golden marker to paint some parts. Here is for your reference.

Here is the back view of Guan Yu.

At the back you can put the weapon on it.

Guan Yu is model with Nu Gundam and with the dragon head on each side really make it outstanding as a kit.

So far this is Guan Yu Yun Chang. Guess who coming next?

It's Zhang Fei! Continue to read the review here!

Update: See the new Liu Bei as Unicorn Gundam as well!!


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