SD Gundam World Sangoku Soketsuden Liu Bei Review

Finally the last brother Liu Bei's turn for his review. A Unicorn Gundam.

This is the Liu Bei that seems to be youngest of in all Sangokuden series before. Look at the head and you will notice he does not have any beard.

The built of the head is really unique as the golden part is inserted in like Sparta helmet look.

When fully assembled, you will notice the youthful look as a character with the unicorn destroyer mode body.

The back view is simple which you can mount the weapon on him.

In term of translucent parts among the brothers, Liu bei is the least.

Here is the fully painted form.

In the story, the weapon and accessories of the brothers can combine  to form a stronger weapon.

Here is the combine weapon on Liu Bei. Look pretty awesome I must say...

Under the light, all 3 brothers glow!

The assemble of the brotherhood is strong and the bond is hard to break!

All 3 of these version is certainly improvement in term of design and look.

Can't wait to see the whole series! Go and get it if you are into Sangokuden!!

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