Some of the younger generation may not know what is Twin bee but it was a cute shooting game back in the 80s in the Nintendo era. Finally after close to 30 years, a Twin Bee figure is about to release.

This is from the PLUM toy maker and the height is estimated at 205mm

The figure comes with full details of the Twin bee both back and front.

The cockpit can be open up but there isn't any pilot. The game do not show any pilot I remember too.

This figure is packed with accessories like extra hands with guns and hammer. Also there is a changeable mouth piece.

The accessories will be a Star hammer and 2 guns.

The mouth piece can be change and it look really cute and cheerful.

This figure is priced at 4,000 Yen releasing in October 2017.


chrismandesign said…
It looks like I’m younger than what I expected because I have no idea about this classic game HEHEHE... The figure is very nice in my opinion, I thought it was a model kit, surely it has the 80’s style !!!... =D

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