Shanghai Disney Store

You may know there is a new Disneyland in Shanghai but do you know there's official Disney store in Shanghai as well? In fact there seems to be more than 1 that is in Disneyland. Here is one that is opposite the bund in Shanghai that I happen to chance a upon it.

If you are wondering if this is the real Disney then yes this is the real Disney Store as they even design a clock tower in the front of the Disney Store.

At the four side of the Clock tower there are 4 Disney mascots for you to take photo with but it's at night when I was there so never really take photo with it.

As this is more like a unplanned trip, it will be short as I was rushing for other appointment.

In the Disney stores there are toys, apparels and other merchandises.

Here's some from recent Zootopia....

Equal stuff for the girls like Minnie Mouse toys and Frozen.

There are also Disney Store exclusive which suppose to be more accurate and details such as these Beauty and the Beast.

Disney Stores even put all the Princess package!!! I guess many girls will go crazy. It's a dream come true...Elsa not included tho....cos she is a Queen. :D

Okay focus on the boys stuff now...

There are certainly a fair share of Boys apparel such as Marvel Spider-man.

Some Disney Store exclusive like Mask and figures including Hottoys products too!

There are TsumTsum and it has Starwars too!

There are also Starwars 6" figures and what is the different is that Disney Stores version include Diecast metal part which is heavy. The articulation is still there tho.

There are other merchandises like the K-250 Notebook and BB-8 cup which I find it interesting.

If you happen to be in Shanghai, then travel to the LuJiazui subway that is near Oriental Pearl TV tower which is near the bay. You will not missed it when you are outside the LuJiazui subway looking at the Oriental Pearl TV tower.

Here is Chinese address is 上海市浦东新区丰和路180号



Cool merchandises like those Star Wars stuffs! Shanghai is a very development city! Very Advance!

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