ZOIDS Group Build 2013 @ HAW

A couple of months ago, I was invited to Zoids Group Build event by Toymaker. I was excited as Zoid model making is rare in Singapore. It is refreshing to see what model kit builder in Singapore would do. I head down to Hobby Art Workshop and I was not disappointed with all the entries.

The turn out was good mainly the room was packed with model kit fans. Everyone present get to vote their favorites entries and I had mine. Well I will talk about who I have voted but now let me show you various entries for Zoids Group Build 2013.

There are some GIANT Zoids too but they did not join in the contest as they are seasoned Modeller. Here is Waylander with his King Gojulas

I love the vibrant colors but it was very big!

Organizer Toymaker and his Iron Kong!

Leon Ku also have his contribution and it is a funny one with Kong go Banana!

Kong was chasing Yotsuba who carrying bananas!

Now let's look into the actual entries.

Here is Edwin Lin with the color theme of Iron Man Red and Gold on Zoids HMM Gun Sniper Leena.

Also with weapons like Iron Man Warmachine and the paint job is good and very tidy!

Close up on this zoid.

This Buster Tortoise is from Reginald Ho

This is the only entry that has weathering effect and to me I like it as the effect is just nice.

Close up on details

There are some smaller scale Zoid like this one from Jhay-ar Guansing.

Here is another smaller scale Zoid but it has fine details. The mini-scale Liger in Schneider.

Here are the fine details and I heard this is hand painted

I am quite impressed

Now this is Werewolf from Ng Chern Liang and I love this one for the good color theme, base and pose.

It was so alive and the base is just enough to make the impression. Simplicity at it's best.

Now if you are a Tiger lover, you would love this entry by Reeve Tan which is from Liger zero Jager.

It is fearsome! Hear it's roar?

Details of the hand paint tiger stripes.

Here is a white version of Saber Tiger Schwalz

Look like a Snow Sabertooth!

I love the tooth?

Now for Wolf. White, Gold and Red by Jeong Fok's Konig Wolf.

Look like Dire Wolf.

Details on the metallic effects.

This entry is from Stanley Lim.

Many do not know this entry has some special effect during display and they thought it is just a chrome looking purple and orange.

However if it was under UV lighting, it has a life of it own.

Too bad many only notice that after the vote as there were no UV lightnings until later. It glows with fire effect!!

Now here are the 3 winners.

At 3rd position is from Francis Jordan a Liger zero

The leaping action in the mid air properly capture.

The runner up is from Choco Falcon which have two piece ZOIDS of Geno Breaker & Shadow Fox

One end a Shadow Fox

It was painted by Matt paint.

The other end painted in metallic Red.

Two different style ZOIDS at one presentation.

For the First place is one massive active base of ZOIDS hanger "Maintenance dio" by Simon . This has lot of details.

Guiding ZOIDS to park?

The other side also the same but different ZOIDS.

Top Hanger activities.

Hanger activities at bridge.

Base hanger activities.

The base was having Lighting from bottom and side and the whole hanger look so alive and busy.

The event ended with price presentation by Sam from HAG.

Hobby Art Workshop is a workshop from Hobby Art Gallery and although part of it was a workshop for modeller to learn and do model kit, it do sell Model kits and it has many different type mainly mecha.

Beside model kit, there are lots of tools and paints that modeller need.

Everyone at the event were enjoying themselves and I have to say this event is a success. Hope to see more ZOIDS model kits in time to come.

Which is your favorite entry??


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