Transformers Prime Voyager New Predaking

Ever since I saw Transformers Prime series, the storyline of the Predacon and Predaking never appeal to me as the character in the story seems weaker than I have imagined. When the toys was released early 2013, it also never attract my attention. Only the recent updated version of the Voyager class Predaking started a steering in me to get the toy .

What make me change my mind. See for yourself. Isn't the new Predaking look awesome in size and design? Yes he is a Dragon and this design certainly nailed that to me instantly.

Even the color theme of black and orange was striking enough to give a burning sensation. He make me believe he breathe fire!

He even look great in both Beast and Robot mode!

Time to Open the Toy and review it!

For his sheer size, this figure has no issue in balancing which I though him to be thanks to his leg design.

Even in robot mode, he look great with his magnificent wings! I love the translucent orange as wings.

Spreading out his wings make him look bigger in size!

Let's look at some details on Predaking that I like. First the serious face design. Give me a "not to fool around with him" look. You can see his only Predacon logo on the left side of his chest. Only one on this figure.

One thing that really drawn me was the details of cybertron wording at different parts of his body such as on his wings.


Arms and legs

And even on his inferno sword.

Talking about the sword, it is one giant size fire blade fitting for the beast like him.

You may know later that this sword served as his tail. Beside having a giant sword, he comes with a missile gun which suppose to shoot out using spring action but mine was faulty... The spring was missing in the Predaking that I bought... 

It does not really bother me as range weapon don't really fit him as a beast.

Let's transform him to the beast which is a Dragon.

First would be his hands to claws...

Second put the Beast neck up...

Then transform the legs to be his hind legs and attached the fire sword as his tail.

Some may said the transformation was too simple. Well I am not going to complain  because I don't really fancy challenging design but I do believe if the design is well done, even with minimum steps to transform from beast to robot, it should be convincing in both mode where parts are well hidden. In this case, this Predaking did!

The beast head allow some basic movement of look up..

and down... I was hoping the jaw can be open and close as that would be fun. However it does not have that.

The tail also able to have movement of up and down...

Here is a size comparison of voyager Soundwave from Fall of Cybertron and see how big is this voyager Predaking even in beast mode...

In robot mode, he is much taller than Soundwave!

Okay maybe Soundwave was short so here's another voyager class like Shockwave from the Beast hunger series too. Predaking still the tallest.

Just look at him with a Leader Class Megatron from Transformers animated and Predaking is still taller!

Overall this figure totally every penny of my spending. He look great in both mode for display and it's size was more than I can asked for.

If you are a Transformers lover, this is one that you should not missed out.  Agree?


Didn't know u are such big fan of dragon,apart from Godzilla bro. Nice review of the toy like details such as the Cybertron ancient wordings. The new Predeking looks magnificent in dragon mode. The translucent orange wings suited well and most of all, the inferno sword gave it an awesome touch.
Jcee said…
I am interested in picking this one up too. There were already 2 versions of Prime Predaking before this one, the first voyager one and then a supreme version one, both of which I didn't really like. But I really like this one because of the translucent colors, I think the greyish colors actually make it more screen accurate for this one.
LEon said…
@Dennis I only like this toy because it did justice to the character in the Transformers Prime which I followed. :)

@Jcee I think this is as good as it will get. I got this in discounted price due to year end sale which is a bonus. All thanks to a friend who spotted that.
Unknown said…
Cool looking figure,he really does have a nice design to him.
bluedrakon said…
I need to see if I can find this here in the US. It is freaking awesome and the sword really makes this.

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