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Soundwave Fall of Cybertron

16 December 2012

It has been sometime since I get a Transformers review and today I am excited to review the latest Voyager class Soundwave from Hasbro from the Console Game, Fall of Cybertron.

I was glad that this Soundwave retain so many G1 design. The packaging look good and the illustration was great. 

On one side was the different Minions of Soundwaves while on the other side the Deception Logo.

At the back is the data of Soundwave and him in both vehicle and robot mode.

At the bottom of the packaging, are the minions such as Frenzy, Ratbat, Rumble and Ravagewhich sold separately.

Let's open the toy!

First let me review Laserbeak in theme of red and silver. The outlook do look like a bird as it should be while the creator cleverly use the disc as rounded wings and tail.

This is Laserbeak in disc form. It does come with a spring action which will turn instantly this disc form to a bird form.

The down side is this Laserbeak do not have much legs. So you have to rest him on the hands of Soundwave carefully.

Now the main character, Soundwave retaining almost 80% of G1 look in his Blue and silver color theme.

The area of the cassette player is now much of a cockpit with the Decepticon logo.

Also the head and face with G1 look that fan remember.

Now in the illustration of the box, Soundwave should come with his gun but the toy do not have this as an accessory! It gave me a scared when I came home and open the toy to find out it was not there.

Later I found out that this figure itself do not come with this blaster although the box but both the box and instruction sheet indicate this part!! What a let down Hasbro!I felt short changed.

Anyway the place where the cassettte should be is now a Disc player. Just pop out the chest and you see an area to place the disc.

All you need to do is to make sure the disc fit correctly and carefully push it in. The disc should fit inside nicely if you have done carefully. You can close the cover back as how it should be.

Unlike G1 Soundwave which is a cassette player, this Soundwave is much of a tank vehicle. Something new which I welcome as I always find it quite weird that soundwave of his scale will turned into a stereo player. 

So here is the vehicle form in it's full glory.

The vehicle seems to be well-armored and can go for speed. The transformation is quite alright if you follow in the instruction. 

The chest and the arms formed the front part of the vehicle while the legs form the backend of the vehicle.

The chest area still remain open for disc insertion and ejection for action.

Here is a size comparison of Soundwave and Shockwave who is a class smaller in scale for the toy.

On the whole, I am glad to have this Soundwave as it is G1 looking and both size and vehicle is a big plus to me.

If you are a Transformers fan, make sure you get this Soundwave!

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