TakaraTomy ANIA Gorilla Action Figure

Today I am going to review TakaraTomy ANIA Gorilla figure one of those animals I have some liking.

If I would ask you what do you think about Gorilla, I bet many of you would relate them to KingKong. That is true as most people first encounter on TV or movie for Gorilla was KingKong.

Strangely, I do not really fancy the movie King Kong as I don't really like the story. However if you asked me to see a real Gorilla or even documentary, I would not mind. I find that they are a magnificent animal.

In many ways Gorilla remind us of ourselves but they look better as they are better build with strength.

The version of Gorilla in ANIA series was a Silverback. Why it called silverback? Isn't it obvious that the back was silver in color rather than all black?

Gorilla are only found in Africa. They always walk with their knuckles. They genetically close to Chimpanzee and humans.

They do stand on their back legs sometime.

Due to their size, human hardly dare to use them like experiment like the Chimpanzee. In fact, they were study often in their own habitat. 

I think the Gorilla as the figure may not be to scale with the Chimpanzee but nonetheless, it capture in all angle how a Gorilla should be.
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In planet of the Ape the movie, Gorilla are often the warrior and leader kind as generally Silverback are more commanding in their social circles.

The last thing you ever want to see is a Gorilla getting worked up and start beating it's chest and showing their fangs.

If you are into animals, this could be the best figure to get as it has articulation on both it's arms and feet.


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