TakaraTomy ANIA Chimpanzee Action Figure

I remember in my childhood, I had some animal toys. Now when I say animals it is not those Mutants but really animals like in the zoo series. Back then those animal are more like a mold casting as there are no articulation.

I was glad that TakaraTomy had ANIA series which focus on animals and there are a couple of animals that attracted me. One of them is a Chimpanzee.

Chimpanzee is one of the species of the Ape family. Now I want to clarify Chimpanzee is not a monkey. A monkey generally are smaller and has tail while the APE are bigger although some Ape can climb trees.

For this TakaraTomy Chimpanzee, it has both articulated arms and legs. Too bad the head has no articulation.

APE can stand up like a human with two legs and if he happen to walk, it would generally a short distance.

The feet of the Chimpanzee are amazing as it is very much like the hand with the ability to provide powerful grip to climb trees.

Generally the arms of the Chimpanzee are longer than the legs. The long arms enable them to swing from trees to trees.

Notice the fingers of the Chimpanzee are often in this position as they use their knuckles to walk on all fours. Chimpanzee are one of the rare animals that uses tools like human to solve everyday problem such as cracking nuts with rock or scoping ants with stick when his fingers are too board to be inserted into the holes of the ant nest.

The lifespan of a Chimpanzee on average is around 40 human years. They are social animals and often enjoy company and communication.

Due to the intelligent of Chimpanzee, human has kept them as pet and in some situation for lab testing. On one instance was a Chimpanzee name Ham which was sent for landing test of how the body (which is close to human) would react. Ham survived the test and lived 17 more years in a zoo. The good thing now many are against such animal testing.

I always believe animals should belong to their natural habitat which is out in the wild. I am all for more space for them to not only survive but to live happily in their own ways with minimal human interaction. I wished we human will spare some thoughts and not just keep animal as pet as Chimpanzee although very intelligent should not be kept as Pet in anyway or even make them as actor in any Hollywood movie.

The recent movie "The Rise of Planet of the Apes" was produced by computer graphic and not by any live animals which I am glad. Although the story was rather far fetch, I guess it stand for animals having their rights to live in this Planet as Human.

If you are a Chimpanzee fan, you should get this toys as this is one of the closet and best Chimpanzee toys you can ever asked for so far. The scale is good and the details are awesome. Too bad there is only one design and expression.

PS: I am not really those full animal lovers who do not eat meat but I just feel that we should spare a thought for animals to be themselves. If we continue to be inward looking to have more land for money, these animals will go extinct in our lifetime and the future generation will never get to see them again or at best under a restricted area called zoo and forever capture and lose their freedom.This in turn will cause our own extinction no doubt.


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