Hasbro Transformers Soundwave MP09

Just a couple of weeks ago, Hasbro Transformers Master Pieces 09 series release Soundwave. Although TakaraTomy release the same Soundwave, Hasbro seems to out do it as they throw more add on to complete Soundwave.

I have the pleasure to do this toy review as my friend Mr. B thought it would be good I review it. I was thinking of having a look to decide if this Master Piece is worth the price tag that it has which is at SGD$250. Just look at the accessories that come along with Soundwave.

If you must know, this was a ToysRus Exclusive and it was a very big box!

Open the toy packaging and you can see all the display of the components in the box space. Too bad this display was hidden totally in the packaging. So for Mint in Box collectors, basically you can only see the box and not the content.

This is the Master Piece Soundwave. Generation One looking as I remember him.

Close up on Soundwave and you will notice his eyes are in yellow just like the G1 cartoon.

For the weapons, Soundwave comes with his blaster.

And Megatron rifle mode! Too bad this cannot transform.It has always fascinate me how Megatron can change his size in the cartoon. Oh! Even Soundwave in his disguise mode changes in size too!

Here is Soundwave in his disguise mode. For the younger generation, this was a media player and back in the 1980s, we use magnetic tape to play songs.You can see the forward, Play, Rewind and Stop and Pause button.

Master Piece Soundwave comes with 5 cassettes with cassettes covers.

The Cassettes can fit into the chest of Soundwave which is a cassette compartment.

Each of the cassettes will transform into Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Rumble, Frenzy and Ravage.

The figure comes with Energon cube which to me look like a plastic tank. If only they do some rainbow coloring like in the cartoon that resemble more of energon cubes.

Here is my opinion on this Master Piece Soundwave.

Although it comes with many accessories, I personally find the figure do not command that amount. Firstly the box and packaging is too big. As you can see if Soundwave was in disguise mode, it can have a smaller packaging.

Why a bigger packaging? To justify the price? Yes it organise well in the plastic box but the box is totally seal with no window. Who cares what the content inside? For Mint in Box collector that will be a pain too as the box take up space too!

For those who are collecting MP line would know the articulation is just simple and although the sole of Soundwave are diecast, nothing on the figure justify the price tag as it is not as big as I though it would be.

To prove my point, here is the Fall of Cybertron Soundwave in voyager class which I got it less than SDG$50. You can see the size different isn't a lot.

This figure just look good in standing certain positions and very limited position.

I agree with the economic of scales between Hasbro and TakaraTomy, this Hasbro version prove to be a better choice to pay SGD$250 and get the whole set of accessories. I have to add if you are to play with your Transformers like constantly transforming, Hasbro would be a better choice as the parts are more durable and you worry less about paint chip and all those stuff.

If I would put a price tag on how much I am willing to pay for this Soundwave. I would say around SGD$100 to $120. But that is just my opinion and this is my review. :)

Thanks Mr.B for your Soundwave for review! It is fun!


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