Wizard of Oz Hello Kitty McDonalds Fairy Tales

The Hello Kitty McDonalds craze has started again and this time, it is the Fairy Tales series.

The story begin with the following

It is the Wizard of Oz and this time Kitty will dress as the Lion.

This whole classy packaging is like a Book of Fairy Tales with the title on the side of the book.

Just like the book when you open it, you see a window with the Lion Hello Kitty inside. This packaging will certainly encourage the collectors to keep in the box. For once this packaging is better the previous series which only come in sealed plastic bag.

Time to Open the Toy and see how is the Hello Kitty inside.

The design and the two tone colors works really well in the overall look of the Lion from the Wizard of Oz.

At the back, the main attraction was the Lion's mane. I have to say the touch sensation of the Lion's Mane on this plush feel really good. Soft and cuddling.

Now the eyes of the Lion found on the costume makes the Lion look dumb. The eyes look like sew on buttons.

While the Lion's mane felt good but the only missing I felt was there seems to left out the Lion tail in this figure.

The hood of the Lion costume can be taken out and here is how Hello Kitty will look....Just like a Hello Kitty.

In the fairy tales, the Lion set out the journey with Dorothy as he want to have courage in his life and at the end of the journey the Lion finally discover he has the courage all the long but he refused to believe in what he has.

Since I saw this Lion Hello Kitty. I wonder how Kitty will sound like if she trying to Roar like a Lion.

Have you got the Lion from Wizard of Oz already??


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