Hasbro Iron Man Mark 3 Review

Since Iron Man 3 is opening in this week, it is time for me to review the Iron Man Mark 3 from the first Iron Man movie...

It was still Mint in packaging in my collection. I have been waiting sometime to get this to review as I did review Mark 01 some time back.

The packaging is pretty standard as to have some data of the character and a photo on how the action Launching Repulsor Blast action works.

Mark 3 was one of the best suit in first Iron Man movie

Time to Open the Toy.

Out of packaging the figure look pretty decent and the color scheme and details were good.

To keep the sharp, they use stickers as the eye instead of hand painting. Save them the trouble to have quality works.

As this is the generation 1 of the Hasbro Iron Man, it has come quite a long way in the evolution of the toy series from 6 inches like this one to 3.75 inches... Maybe it is me but looking at this photo, it seems the factory did good painting on most of the parts of the toy.

If you look at the toy today, you would see such figures do not even have much paint on it. Even the back of the figure, you get to see how much coloring was put on these figure. You can tell by the glossiness of the figure.

In fact you can see the amount of glossiness on the figure. Those are really hand painted and I observed that the current series of Iron Man toys, you won't see the amount of paint on the figure.

As for action in action figure, Hasbro has included a spring like missile part that kids can try the features.

I do believe that is not Stark design but it's quite fun.

So this is Mark 03 from Iron Man 1 movies series from Hasbro and is one of the best value for the quality and price. If you are interested to read more, I have blog about the increase of pricing of Iron Man figure from Hasbro sometime back.

Meanwhile for Iron Man fans, go catch Iron Man 3 releasing this week!


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