Crazy Iron Inflation

When it come to action figure collecting. I prefer 5 or 6" figurines as I find that they look good for the size and pricing. However things are different now.

My Ironman collection only consist of 6" most of which happen to be at from Ironman movie 1 series. During that time, one 6" Ironman figure only cost me SGD $19.90.

When the second movie arrived, Ironman toys had scaled down to 3 3/4 and each cost SGD $18.90. While a handful of 6" was around SGD $26.90 (if my memories serve me well) and boy they were hot and flew off retail shelves before I can get a hold of it especially War Machine.

You can imagine my excitement when I saw the 6" War Machine and Hulk buster at ToysRus retail peg during my Sunday shopping. I was shocked by the price of 6" card packaging War Machine and even check with the staff to verify on the pricing. It was selling at SGD $49.90!!!

My immediate expression was like this...

*What the ...

It's not funny! Can you imagine from SGD $19.90 to SGD $49.90 at a short time span? The figure has no action, light, sound and it was still in card packaging and not a box! Has the cost of Iron I mean plastic increased? What's the justification? Better articulation and coloring? Please don't get me started on painting or coloring. 80% of that toy are plastic original color and the eyes and chest are using stickers!

If it was on a secondary / collector market or store then I can understand but they were on normal retail! That was the listed price!!

It was a distasteful experience. Even though I wanted a 6" War machine to complete my collection, I am not buying it. I was not alone to feel that that way. some of the toy collectors in Singapore felt the same way too. With that amount of money, I would have get a decent voyager class Transformers or other toys. Or just top up a few bucks I can get the Revoltech Ironman Mark VI!!

 With the pricing of marvel line, I fear the release of Thor and others to come will be peg to that price range. Remember consumer have a choice and sometime we have to make a stand and if pushes hard enough, collectors will drop on move on to other things.

Do you think the price is reasonable?


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