King Piccolo Punch!

Before Dragonball Z, there was Dragonball and I have a particular liking of that storyline when Goku was young and he went through the hardship of training and facing stronger enemy to gain more strength. One of the Epic battle was his first encounter with King Piccolo. That first battle, Goku barely survived as he was out matched and the battle was quick.

From that scene, a capsule was made by Bandai and I am amazed by the details for this Diorama.

First let's see the details of the first Piccolo aka King Piccolo. Piccolo was introduced in a aging form where he was released from a long imprisonment and he has a goal to collect all the Dragonball to restore his youth.

If you have read the story of Dragonball, you will know the King Piccolo was pure evil and he is beyond redemption. The symbol of "Mo" aka the devil or demon, he wore it with pride.

Son Gokun at this stage was still a kid but he has much potential due to his Saiyan bloodline.  He was wearing the first Dragonball when he met King Piccolo. 

Young Goku was under Master Roshi and wore his symbol and travel with his Nyoibo left behind by Goku's grandfather.His tail was not taken away yet and he was still unaware why he has a tailed and what effect do the full moon has on him when he has his tail.

Goku was very much out matched by King Piccolo but he face the battle with great courage. Although he lost this battle, he survived and return for a rematch with King Piccolo shortly.

King Piccolo may have won the battle but not the war.

With the attitude like Goku, you can never keep him down for long and he will return for more and he did. Eventually he defeated King Piccolo whom at his death uses his last strength to produce Piccolo whom will challenge Goku to take revenge and settle the score.

Overall I love this diorama because of the characters capture and coloring.  What about you?


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