Dragonball Gadget No.6: Nyoibo

The Nyoibo aka as the Power Pole, is a weapon in the beginning of Dragon Ball series which young Goku often carry around. Handed down by Grandpa Gohan, Goku wouldn't let it leave his side.

The Nyoibo is a red wood-like magical staff which can grow any desire length by verbal command of the owner. The origin of the Nyoibo pole however was a pole which connect Korin tower to Kami's lookout.

As for the toys, toy maker came out with a number of it.

This Nyoibo toy can extend to extends to 50cm which also add up as a Marker.

Another "life size" by bandai. You can twist and turn the Nyoibo like Goku did!

Personally I prefer the pole of monkey king in the "Journey to the west" novel that come from the deep sea.


Snark said…
Oh shit! Now that's cool and stupidly gimmicky at the same time!
LEon said…
Snark, kids actually love this kind of thing. Some adults too. LOL
The kids will love this gadget! The costume worn with the kid makes the toy even more appealing.
LEon said…
Right on Dennis. If back in my childhood, I will kill to have that costume! LOL

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