White PS3 Super Slim for Christmas

Last Christmas I wrote a post funny post about somethings I wanted for Christmas last year. PS3 was one of the Christmas wishes for sometime and after some discussion on facebook, I finally get down to a game store and get one before Christmas.

The latest version was the fifth generation known as the Super Slim version. The former Slim version went out of stock and thus I get the latest version. I was surprised to see the White edition was out and without any hesitation, I got the White PS3 Super Slim!

Now this is not a limited edition but an alternate choice. Having a Wii at home, I decided on White to be consistence for my game console. :) I went for the 250GB which I think should be enough for me. If not maybe later I can upgrade the Harddisk to even SSD. Who knows. :)

The PS3 comes with Wireless function which allow you to connect to the network to install software or games updates. Pretty friendly.

Time to Open the Toy and by Toy I mean my PS3 console as in unbox not disassemble it. LOL

So here is it! The White PS3 Super Slim! Elegant and clean looking which comes with 2 USB ports in the front to charge the Wireless controllers.

All the format supported are labeled in the front such as Blu-ray, DVD, HDMI, DTS and others.

The logo of Sony stand out in chrome silver at left hand side of the console.

For connectivity at the back, it offer LAN, HDMI, Digital output for Audio, AV OUT and Power.

The accessories given were Power cord, AV cable and a USB cable. No HDMI. Sony should consider throwing in HDMI cable as that will offer the best video option to many who owned a LCD or LED HDTV.

As for the controller, it is in White and good to hold.

Maybe because it was White, the four trademark of PS buttons stand out in catchy colors. I am sure if you are a Playstation gamer and you closed your eyes, you will know where the position of each buttons are.

Some commented that the new design of the third generation of PS3 is cheap and flimsy as the disc compartment is on the top and you have to DIY to open it. 

That is half right as to open the disc compartment, you have to manually push open it a bit and later the spring action will help you to open it smoothly. The motion is still quite smooth and the user experience is not that bad as it sound.

Here is how the latched is being open look like. Does that look cheap to you?

Maybe because I owned the slim version of PS2 which also need manual opening but if the console is much cheaper because it has these automatic features, I would rather get a cheaper version as how often do a gamer had to open and load the game disc? I mean if I am into a game, it would take some time for me to keep playing until I get sick of that.

Another comment was the Super Slim cannot stand vertical on it's own as it is hard to balance. That was a myth until I tried it myself and for the first attempt the system have no issue balancing.

Unless there is earthquake, someone knocked the table or a strong wind, if not the Super Slim PS3 have no issue of standing vertically.

I have been letting it stand in this way till now and while I am playing game, I did not find anything is amiss.

Beside looking more slim and more "cheap", this version offers the most energy efficiency running at 190Watts (formal Slim is 250Watt to 200Watt). You can read more at Wiki for the specs.

If there is something wrong with this console, be sure that I will posting it here.

So that is my review on the PS3 Super Slim. I have been holding my thoughts for a few years to get a PS3 and finally I think good time to grab this generation as I can still see a future of 2 to 3 years for game console until the next generation cut in.

It is affordable now and some mature games to play. In fact there are so many mature titles that I have to play it when my kid is asleep. More of those titles later. LOL

Do you owned a PS3?


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