What I want for Christmas

Dear Santa,

I have not been getting much present from you for years. I know maybe because I have done some naughty and bad stuff. I couldn't help it as I am not a saint and sometime some people in my life just pissed me off from time to time.

However for the past one year, I have been a good boy. Thus I think this year I should deserve something nice from you. Since it is a tradition to write down what I wanted, I have prepare a list and I have checked it twice just to make sure in cases you ran out of some toys you can replace other in the list just for backup.

If I may here are what I wanted and why I wanted it.

1. PS3 - cost SGD$400.00
It is not something new in my previous year request to you. Last few years I wanted a PS3 to play Final Fantasy, Grand Thief Auto and God of War. Since there are more good games this year such as Uncharted 3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Batman: Arkham City. You know there were times I wanted to spend the money to get myself a PS3 until I took an arrow in the knee...

I know is lame but can I have a PS3 this Christmas?

Don't worry about 160GB or 320GB. Anyone I will not mind. However one year warranty from Sony is important. :P

No, Okay maybe it is too expensive for you. Let me go down the value a little.

2. Hot Toys Christopher Reeve SUPERMAN - Cost around SGD$300.00
This is the only Superman that I will acknowledge as the one true Superman and I will not accept any substitute! It's the late actor Christopher Reeve with good likeness of the man of Steel.

He was the first person I believe that man can fly... It is something I would like to believe just like I still believe in getting present from you Santa. If I could have it, this would be my first 12 inches figure in my collection.

Seriously Santa, I am not asking for limited edition or exclusive figure. It is just a regular Hottoys item...What? still too expensive for you? Hm...

3. Hasbro Ultimate fx lightsaber Luke Skywalker - Cost SGD$69.90
I would have asked for a Sith lightsaber but I know that that  is bad as you do not approve the darkside. I wouldn't believe that you, Santa actually give out Sith lightsaber toy as it will be against your code. That been said, I just wanted a Green lightsaber from Return of the Jedi. Remember it's Green Santa, not blue or purple!

I give you my word that  I will not hit anyone hard on the head if I have this lightsaber. Once I have this lightsaber, the circle will be complete as it will be my first decent Lightsaber that I owe... Although building one will be more fun but that will take years to master a Jedi to do so and searching such crystal will take ages and not to mention any more decent Jedi master to learn the way of the force...

So how about it Santa?

I hope to hear from you as Christmas is just days ahead.

Christmas don't be late!!

Always a very good boy,

PS: All above writing is fictional and it's purely written for entertainment value although the desire to have the above items is real. If you want to be my Santa, just drop me and let me know. Thank you in advance. :)


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