My 2012 Top 10 Reviewed Toys

The end of 2012 mark the end of "End of the World" hopefully but on this site it is time for us to go through the top 10 reviewed toys here at Open The Toy.

These top 10 are selected as they are some of the worthwhile toys that I enjoyed.

10. Thousand Sunny Grand Ship Model kit

I always love ship and wanted an opportunity to build one as a model kit. Not any kind of modern ship but a ship that have sails. I finally got a change to build one and that is from One Piece, the Thousand Sunny. You can read more about the detail of this ship on my review here.

9. Lego Death Star Tie fighter and Pilot

I always wanted a Death star but was not able to own one. Thanks to Lego, I finally have a mini-Deathstar and also the Empire's pilot and his Tie fighter. You can read more of the review here

8.  McDonald Hello Kitty

One of the highlight for Mcdonald Happy Meal is the four loveable Hello Kitty from McDonald. It was a craze to have mcDonalds just to collect Hamburglar, Grimace, Birdie and Ronald McDonald kitty but it was worth it.

7. Figma Michael Jackson Thriller

This figma Michael Jackson came late but to have a King of Pop (I am a fan of his) was totally worth it. The figure is articulated to do most of the pose of the songs but you have to use a stand to hold him into position.You can read more of this figure trying to do some of MJ Thriller pose.

6. S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Cyclone bike

Every hero need a vehicle and since I have a classic Kamen Rider 1, the next closest thing was to get him a bike and I did. It has wonderful details and look great with the rider. You can read more of it here

5. Gundam Knight BB model kit

I read some BB Gundam Knight in my earlier years and finally there is a model kit of him. Not only does it look great without painting, it has add on to change itself to be a centaur mode.

4.  S.H.Figuarts Dragonball Piccolo

I missed out the earlier release of this Piccolo from S.H.Figuarts and since everything that line is being web exclusive, I decided to get this before it is exclusive in time to come. I guess this could be the last figure of S.H.Figuarts for Dragonball as it is beyond affordability for me to get one now. This figure as all the Manga pose and I love it.

3. Pikachu Model kit

In the third position is the Pikachu model kit. I simply love this model kit as the Pikachu is so lifelike and easy to assemble. With only some outlining, Pikachu came alive. You can see for yourself how worth it this toy is

2. Classic Lion-O Thundercats

I always wanted a Lion-O from the old THundercats and I am thankful that they finally release a better version. I love the scale and all but the only down side was the Sword of Omen which is really rubbery. See the full review of the figure here.

1. Fall of Cybertron Soundwave

Finally the figure I think is worth it for review was the Fall of Cybertron soundwave which in robot mode have all the G1 look and instead of cassette, it uses disc. For the price and feature design. This figure won my heart and also the heart of my kid. :)

You may read the Top 10 of 2011, 2010 and 2009 if you like. :)

Till 2013, wish you guys a Happy New Year!!


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