My thoughts on Model kit Contest

I have been following Gundam Model kit contest in Singapore for a couple of years and every year it is exciting and encouraging to see local entries getting better and better.

Just like this year GBWC 2012 Singapore, there are couple of good looking and also some massive model kit with great details. Looking at the entries, I can see the devotion the contestants have for their art pieces.

Sometime standing there taking photo and looking at the display, I got to hear comments by viewers and read about comments online on some of the works by the contestants. Everybody are entitled to their own opinion and today I am going to share with you my thoughts of such contest.

They said beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that is true in this topic when different people look into the art pieces of the contestant. Since it is a contest, there isn't very much fairness to start with. Why? Here are some reasons.

Everyone a Critic
Once you have enter a contest, brace yourself to be able to get good and bad comments about your work because in contest, there are surely to have Judges and your work will be judged. That link to the next point.

Face it, we have our preference knowing and unknowing. Just like when I see a particular model kit which have my favorite Gunpla, I will be more drawn to the entry because I like the characters. Of course if that entry is from someone I know, I will support more. So is this fair?

Point System
Those who does not know much about model kit making will admire the skills of the contestant more than those who have done some model kits. A easy way to put this is Noob like me will start off zero point and then when I look at the art pieces start to add points of what we see. While those more "experience" in model kit making will look at the art pieces started from 100 points and minus point along the way.

The Cup is Half Empty or Half Full?
Depending on which mindset you have, you can either appreciate or depreciate each entry.

If you are there to think about the effort, concept, details and creativity, chances are you will be more happy and spend more time to understand what is the contestant trying to communicate with you with their art pieces.

On the other hand if you having some experiences in emphasis on some basic of how to handle the model kits, chances are you spotted flaws and amplify some of the imperfection.

As for me, I always try to appreciate each entry and what is it trying to communicate and the effort and devotion of the contestant. What impress me most are not really the Open category but the Junior entries as it always amazed me their creative and sincere presentation.

As for contest, there will always be a handful of winners but I think what counts are the effort one put in to present their works with the time and resources they put in. I do hope all the contestant enjoyed themselves not only at the destination but the journey.

By the way, the result of the GBWC 2012 Singapore will be out on 25th November 2012 at 7PM at Compass point SengKang Singapore. Be there to encourage them as the winner will be representing Singapore to contest with other countries winners.


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