More Yotsuba Coming!

If you are a Yotsuba fan, you will be good to know there are some Yotsuba toys coming in just a few months time! Firstly it is the biggest Yotsuba you have seen so far.

This is a Soft Vinyl version from Kaiyodo who also produce the previous revoltech yotsuba (total of 2 version from that line).

This is the biggest so far as Yotsuba is towering over 23cm! Here is the size comparison.

As a soft vinyl, this is very much a display figure and is schedule to release in Mid Dec 2012. Just in time for Christmas. 

 Somewhere in March 2013, following by Kotobukya Danboard, finally a model kit version of Yotsuba herself!!

With Multiple articulation and expression, this Yotsuba is totally a must get for Yotsuba fan!

If you have previously missed Yotsuba, these two toys would be a good choice to get. So look out for it!


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