Danboard Model Kit

During my last week STGCC 2012, the only toy that I spend my dime on was a Model kit from Kotobukiya. It is no ordinary model kit, it is Danboard aka Danbo!!

As popular as he is. I have never owned a figure of it and since it is a model kit without a need of much painting, I decided to purchase a copy and when I open the box, I saw this interesting tribute of the character.

Regardless of the need for painting, Kotobukiya was generous in providing decal for the customer to do some customization to their model kit.

They even made this Danboard compatible with their own weapon ranges from other model kit which is quite hard to come by in Singapore.

The assemble time needed was less than an hour and this model kit give an option to make the head of the Danboard to be a card board by itself.

As a figure, there was a switch on the right side of the head which supposingly able to switch the light in the eye of Danboard.

To simulate that lighting effect, the make produce two eye shades which offer the owner choices to display the eye of Danboard. For me I go for the yellow.

The body joints was decent as the real character Danbo's costume also have limitation of movement. So we cannot expect more.

The finish product look exactly like the character in the Yotsuba Manga.

Noticed the hold on his hands are for weapons to be inserted if you have those weapons which comes separately.

As the cover shows Danboard can be sitting down, I have decided to try that pose and it kinda work...

The model kit Danboard had quite good balance that I managed to pose him in action.

I think it is high time for me to bring out my Revoltech Yotsuba and have a reunion.  Even the scale of both figure was matching!

I guess they have lots to catch up so let us give them so privacy. LOL

I am glad finally I have these two characters in my toy collection.

Have you got a Danboard too?


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